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  1. [7:42] Dow’s Gluten Free Flour
  2. [15:27] Adjuvants
  3. [18:58] Spinal Decompression, Kettlebell Sport and Olympic Lifting
  4. [30:48] Ergogenic Effects of Baking Soda
  5. [35:30] Loud Noises While Sleeping
  6. [39:05] Piracetam and Smart Drugs
  7. [42:27] Aspirin for Colon Cancer Prevention
  8. [47:02] Green Tea and Folic Acid Absorption
  9. [50:51] 50 Rep Workout


 1. Better Living Through Chemistry – Dow’s Gluten Free Flour

Tom says:
Have you seen this commercial yet?

My brother told me about it and I looked it up.  The tag line in the literature on Dow’s site is “Can you imagine celebrating a birthday with no cake, eating a sandwich with no bread, or ordering a pizza with no crust?”

My answer is sadly… NO..  I tried eating Paleo and I sadly failed.  Pizza is just so fucking tasty. I lost 30 pounds and was feeling good, then I derailed after the Holidays and have unsuccessfully come back.  No fault to you guys.. I just am a slave to those delicious gluten’s.  As an American wanting a quick fix in a pill form I was hoping to hear something positive about this stuff…

Seriously though I was wondering what Robb, a Bio-Chemist, thought of this.  While not ideal it may be a step in the right direction of avoiding gluten’s.
I may not be eating an Ideal Paleo Lifestyle, I just can’t picture it with out a fucking Pizza or a goddamn sandwich now and again. Of course If I had to die at 90 instead of 100 that might be a good thing to say. I have a feeling if I keep going at my rate I’ll be lucky to get 60.

Anyway, was wondering what you thought of Dow’s attempt at Gluten Free Flour.


2. Adjuvants

Paul says:
I listen to the podcast every week in the gym, its like you guys are my personal trainers – thanks a lot! I wanted to get your opinion on adjuvants in vaccines and whether someone with autoimmune problems (my wife) should avoid them.


3. KB-sport and Squat-heavy for life

Ryan O. Says:
Old boys Robb + Greg,

Greetings… First let me say thank you and let you know that my family and I appreciate the work you do.  At the very minimum, your work has made us feel tapped into a community of like-minded thinkers.  You have also reminded us to take a humble, inquisitive, and self-determined approach to subjects of health and well-being.  Priceless.

I have two main questions.  1) Regarding Kettlebell Sport, and 2) regarding spinal decompression.  The latter first.

My friends and I want to squat+lift heavy for life.  How important is spinal-decompression for short term recovery/rehab, and long term health/spinal integrity?  Greg, what do you do with your lifters?

It seems that incrementaly loaded reverse hypers are the creme de la creme.  What protocol would you recommend in the absence of a reverse-hyper machine?
In a nutshell, how does one squat heavy for life and not sacrifice quality of life? Thank you, I am very curious.

KB sport is next.  I have a basic understanding of the fedorenko-method of KB sport training, and how various “fluid-style” approaches differ from various “hard-style” approaches in the KB training-sphere.  I like how Coach Valery Fedorenko places a premium on quality of movement and honing of efficient technique.  Unilateral versions of the snatch + C+J are used.  My observation is that many athletic traits are imparted from training using fedorenko-method protocols (traits such as improved fundamental motor recruitment, ability to absorb force, and knee+hip extension power).  How similar/different is KB sport from BB Olympic Weightlifting sport?

It’s obvious that the main difference in the goals of each sport is that one is concerned with highest possible weights and the other with highest reps.  How does this difference effect the extent to which certain athletic traits are developed?
Also, I have greatly appreciated your discussions on high-rep BB oly-lifting.  Where does high-rep KB oly-lifting fit in to this discussion?

Awesome.  Thanks for fielding these questions!  Shout out to the porter-fam!
((Bonus questions:
1)  Coach Fedorenko came up with the Pentathlon and its “quotient” as a more accessible KBsport.  Any thoughts on its usefulness as a measure of fitness?
2)  My wife and I tried the russian-baby-maker, and our baby came out Irish.  Do genetics have anything to do with this?
Thanks a bazillion!


4. Ergogenic effects of Baking Soda

Guillermo says:
Mark Sisson included this article on his “Weekend Link Love” news letter:

It talks about the effects of 22g of baking soda 60 minutes before a workout, and how the test subjects were able to increase their performance on an “Old School” Leg workout.

I also found this article on that same website:

Supercharging Creatine with Baking soda:

That article talks about the benefits of buffering your creatine with baking soda.

Well, that’s all good and dandy since baking soda is so cheap. On the other hand, Baking soda is also used as an antacid.

Will taking 22g of baking soda buffer the acidity of my stomach, and make my acid useless when it comes to digesting food?

I currently take an HCl supplement because I suspect that my stomach runs a little “cold”.

What’s your take? Should we try to buffer our creatine, or are the benefits counter productive since our stomach will not be able to digest food efficiently.  Not to mention that SEBO is sometimes caused because of low stomach acid.

Also, I am still waiting for the podcast episode where you and Greg switch podcast roles. I want to hear Greg pull sound advice from his ass and I want to hear Robb stumble, trying to read incoherent sentences.

Thanks for all your pseudo scientific help.


 5. Sirens in bed

Mark says:

Hey guys,

Keep up the awesome work!

Just a quicky on sleep…

My apartment is in noisy Central London, and whilst I’ve often heard you discuss the importance of a pitch-black room whilst sleeping, I’m yet to hear you talk about the importance of ‘quiet’.

On the streets below I have sirens going off every hour, loud traffic/neighbours, and although I’m rarely affected consciously by this (i.e. it’s not waking me up every hour), is this likely to be preventing me from getting quality sleep?

If so, short of sound-proofing the apartment, is there anything I could do?


P.s. You guys are making a HUGE difference to the quality of people’s lives, and although you hear it 1,000 times a day, I hope being reminded never grows old :)

6. Smart drugs!!

Charlie says:
Do you know much about the so-called smart drugs, specifically piracetam and the rest of the racetam family? Do you know of any natural (but still effective) ways to hit the same biochemistry?

I’m self-experimenting with piracetam plus lecithin for ADHD. It’s too soon to know if it’ll be effective though.

By the way, if you ever want to tinker with herbs and other bulk powders, capsule fillers are readily available online for about 20 bucks. Filling up the caps makes me feel like a drug dealer. Fun times!

7. Aspirin and Colon Cancer

Jim says:
I have a significant family history of colon cancer, and my gastro doc recommends that I take a low strength aspirin daily. What do you think of this recommendation, and is there a type of aspirin that doesn’t have a bunch of multisyllabic, crazy sounding additives?


8. Green tea and folic acid?

Amanda says:


I’ve recently begun trying to figure out the do’s and donts while pregnant. One of the things is green tea, something I drink quite a lot of. I’ve been finding info that suggests green tea inhibits the intake of folic acid. Does this mean that green tea is a big no no during pregnancy?

And in general, as an unpregnant person, would drinking several cups of green tea per day be depriving me of an important nutrient?

Reading done here:


9 Volume, intensity and wolverine (x-men)

Zack says:
Hi guys,
Thanks for the podcast etc… Like everyone else I want to bet big, strong and have the recovery time of wolverine; however, my testosterone levels aren’t 10000+. Anyways, higher reps at lower weights gets you big (i.e. 5×10) and big weight at low reps gets you strong (i.e. 5×1) but both leave you shitwrecked for days. Is there anyway to cheat the process and do something like 50×1 @85% of 1RM and still get volume and intensity without lactic acid build up? CFFB posted an article on Facebook last week in reference to this, but no ‘professionals’ commented. Thoughts? Stay classy gentlemen.


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  1. Tom says

    I asked the question about Gluten Free Flour by Dow.

    I should move to Chico, because the Gluten Free Pizza’s in Buffalo are horrible.

    Well until I can get a good gluten free pizza I’ll try to go from once a week to 1/2 times per month. Pizza is my crack as I’ve done fairly well resisting other glutons. I never eat pasta any more, but I do like my occasional stops for a sub.

    • RobbyJ says

      I’m with you, I started Paleo at the beginning of the year and so far Pizza and a nice footlong Sub are the two things I miss the most. Some of the best local pizza places in town have started offering a Gluten-free.. it’s from frozen crust and they only offer one size (often a personal “snack” sized pizza), but it’s a start!

      I don’t know why but something about a 12 topping pizza with fresh sauce and quality cheese still makes my mouth water!

  2. Melanie says

    Just wanted to say I’m so glad to hear someone say out loud how useless that stupid flu vaccine is. Comments like that keep me coming back for more.

  3. Ken Row says

    It’s a shame this broadcast is so laden with F-bombs. I’m always looking for info I can share with others, but with this much profanity, I’m limited.

    Can’t share it with my parents. Can’t share it with my wife (who absolutely hates the F-word). Can’t share it with my wife’s parents. Can’t share it with my kids (my wife would kill me).

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