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  1. [2:47] Crazy cravings during period
  2. [6:57] Tap or Filtered Water
  3. [11:54] Training your tastebuds
  4. [18:07] Miracle Fruit/Berry
  5. [25:14] What to ask a potential trainer
  6. [36:14] Serious Sunbed Stress to Subvert SAD
  7. [44:35] Fat adaption, hunger, and time between meals
  8. [51:29] Paleo during TEOTWAWKI


1. Crazy cravings for non-paleo foods during my period, what the hell?

Kathryn says:

Hi guys,

I eat a paleo diet with some non-guilty cheat meals when I’m out socializing. I workout regularly (I’m a triathlete who moderately trains in my sport and trains with free weights 50% of the time) and in terms of body comp I am 5’7″ female, 130 pounds, fairly lean (meaning jeans fit great but I have a 2 pack, not a 6 pack).

My problem is that two days before my period I have a burning desire to stuff my face with chocolate and carbs. I try to eat dark chocolate, but I am never satisfied. Last month, I even made homemade pudding with dark chocolate, maple syrup, pastured cinnamon butter, and pastured heavy cream. Damn, it was good, but at the end of my pudding binge I was still unsatisfied.

What is a female body actually craving before and during periods? I would like to find out what nutrients my body is craving, so that I can supplement it with correct foods rather than raiding my cupboards like golum, that creepy dude from Lord of the Rings.



2. Tap or Filtered Water

Kai says:


First, thanks for the podcast and book.   It’s had a huge impact on my life.

My question is about reverse osmosis filtered water.   A bit outside the usual question stream, I know.

The tap water in my are has fluoride, chlorine and who knows what else in it.   To strip out all the crap I have a reverse osmosis filter on my tap.   This however removes everything including the minerals in the water.  Including magnesium and other such good stuff.

So the question:   Can food sources replace the minerals being pulled out of my water or should I just drink the good with the bad?

Just asking for opinion, not clinical advice.   😉



3. Any science behind “training your tastebuds?'”

Ashley says:

Hey Robb,

I have a million questions I want to ask you, but this one is of personal and professional interest to me (I’m looking to write an article on the subject) so I was wondering if you had any smart/medical/professional advice on this one.

I’ve heard a lot of nonsense from strict paleo-followers about how they’ve retrained their tastebuds to the point where junk food “tastes gross” and something like a carrot can taste almost “too sweet” (see what I mean by ridiculous?). I have experienced this myself, to an extent – after eating very strict paleo for a few months, I discovered that my cravings for said sweet things largely went away, and I was craving other, healthier options. Still, I could go a year without eating a piece of cake and the first moment that sweet, sweet ambrosia hits my lips it’s like it never went away. It doesn’t taste gross at all; and just like an addict, the more I indulge the more I want, and the more I crave it. Anyway, while I feel I have become more attuned to the subtle flavors and sweetness of natural foods, unadorned with sugar, MSG or cream sauces, I’m still skeptical about the whole “retraining your tastebuds” thing.

Is there science behind this? Is there any research out there about the legitimacy of actually adjusting your sense of taste, or is this a reaction that depends utterly on the person and their disposition towards sweet/salty, healthy/unhealthy, etc?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


4. Miracle Fruit/Berry

Ricardo says:

Hey Robb,

I’ve been doing a gluten-free, low omega-6, low fructose diet for a 3 years now and I’ve followed your podcast since the first episode. Sometimes I do zone out while listening to it and I wasn’t sure if you mentioned anything about Miracle Frooties.

I stumbled upon a product called Miracle Frooties a week ago. When you dissolve the tablet in your mouth, it coats it and changes the receptors on the tongue to perceive sour as sweet. Have you heard of this product and would it be a good alternative to satisfying the munchies with a healthy snack enhanced with Miracle Frooties? You think it is just as bad as other artificial sweeteners?

Also, you don’t need to include this part in the podcast, but what is your point of view on marijuana and its effects on long term health and strength training. I am just curious…



5. What to ask a potential trainer

Gmoney says:

Hey Guys –

Thanks to you both for living the dream for all of the rest of us.  It renders my humdrum, day-to-day existence much more meaningful and rewarding when I can live vicariously though your exploits.

Kidding aside, I’ve got some questions for Greg (Robb chime in too):  What are the essential training-based questions you think a prospective trainee should ask a trainer or gym before signing on?

That is, assuming one can get clarity on the financial issues and the logistical issues, how can a trainee best determine that a prospective trainer knows their stuff, understands and doesn’t object to the trainee’s goals, will work with the trainee to achive his goals, and won’t kill, maim, or injure the trainee in the process?

If it’s relevant to your answer: I’m a middle-aged guy, married with kids, work a desk job, been paleo for about 18 months, have no known health issues or challenges, and my primary performance goal is to enjoy a long, high quality, physically active life free of chronic, degenerative disease.


6. Serious Sunbed Stress to Subvert SAD

Chris says:

Dear Robb & Greg,

Apologies for the pathetic attempt to draw attention to this with the dodgy subject line but I guess I have to try something to get my question answered.

Bio – 42 year old ex-soldier living in Northern Ireland.  Been paleo / primal-ish for around 6 months, via SlimmingWorld, CutTheFatPodCast & my friend, a personal trainer.  Lost 2 1/2 stone in that time (that’s about 35 of your American pounds) and am now sitting at around 196 pounds.  At 6ft1 that is around as low as I want to go but have more work to do to get into 6 pack territory I suspect.  I carry over some “injuries” that currently prevent me training to my full potential (nothing dramatic; sore back, shoulder etc.).

However, none of that has anything to do with my question.  With paleo / primal, there are lots of references to Vitamin D and appropriate levels of sunlight.  Therein lies the problem for me.  So much of the paleo / primal vibe seems to be coming out of the parts of the world blessed with actual seasons, whereas I, living in Northern Ireland, have to put up with various degrees of rain and next to no sunlight, throughout the year.  It is especially bad now the winter is on its way in but to be honest, if we get 2 weeks of decent weather here then we are lucky (but, as my Granny used to say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes).

So, I have resorted to sunbeds….and get myself right royally burnt…

These sunbeds have moved on from when I last used them and I found myself burnt with 5 minutes exposure.  I have gone back today, after 2 weeks away, for a mere 3 minutes exposure and have that niggling doubt in my mind as to whether I am doing the right thing….after all, Grok didn’t lock himself in a ring of UV tubes now did he?  Conventional Wisdom is banging on how sunbeds are bad and how we should cover up….

I need to do something as I am sure I am impacted by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), especially in the Winter months.

Sure, my lifestyle has changes with the modified diet and re-introduction of exercise but my mood isn’t exactly on the up as a result.

Curious for any guidance you can provide and thanks for the great podcast / website etc. and many thanks from “across the pond”.


7. I’ve got to go *how* long??” <–That’s what she said…no this is not a sex question

Kate says:

Dear Robb & Greg (I wasn’t going to put this part, but figured Greg would appreciate my following proper letter etiquette)

One thing that struck me that Robb said in podcast 104, we should be able to manage a 6, 10, even 18hr swing w/o food fairly well…in his words, “it shouldn’t wreck us.” I know that I’ve come a long way from testing positive for hypoglycemia to being able to survive a couple hours btwn meals, but I don’t know if I could go more than 6hrs w/o eating and not get wrecked. And 18hrs?!… way!

It’s totally logical that we should be able to manage those things since there was definitely a point in time when our ancestors had to make do w/o food for a length of time, so we should still be able to do that. But I wonder if i’m not as fat-adapted as I need to be if I’m fairly certain I’d be in trouble if there was zero food around for a day or so.

To further improve fat-adaptation, I wonder if reducing carbs & upping the fat makes sense?…although Robb and others seem to be leaning to a moderate carb approach in non-metabolically deranged folks (I am not deranged). :-) Or maybe work up to being able to eat larger well-balanced meals so there’s enough fuel to go longer? (my meals are likely around 400 cals of paleo love) So Robb…what’s the “long & short of it?”

Some background, not sure how much of this is needed for the question, but here you go anyways:
-5’6” 137lb fitness trainer. went paleo in May of this  year.
-Tested positive for gluten intolerance 4 yrs ago & was doing gluten free w/ all the wonderful gluten free grains still jacking w/ my blood sugar levels (but all that’s out now that I’m paleo)
-Have been working on gut issues (likely)stemming back to not getting fed any breast milk as an infant(imagine the guilt trip I can use on my mother w/ that one!) that were helped by going GF, then going paleo, then cutting the nuts & eggs to almost zero. (am fully on board paleo…only doing corn tortillas maybe 2x/mth, if I had to pick a % as others are prone to do, let’s go w/ 96.3% paleo)
-Currently take probiotics/enzymes/etc, as well as fish oil. I also currently supplement for my adrenals w/ some Adrene-All & phosphotidal serine, per my naturopath’s guidance.
-Used to not be able to go any length of time w/o getting “hangry” (hungry+angry=hangry!) & now don’t get hangry until I hit the 4+hr mark of not eating…thus why I seriously doubt I could go longer w/o eating.
-Workouts: sprint workout 1x/wk; long, slow run 1x/wk; strength trng that combines big lifts w/ some stability-core work 3x/wk. No workout lasts longer than an hour. (it’s off season from endurance running where I run up to 1/2 marathon distances)

What can *a person* (gotta keep this somewhat impersonal so Robb doesn’t get fired up again about people asking for diagnoses’ over the internet)do in this instance to work at becoming more fat-adapted so I, I mean *a person like me*, could be more optimally fit, leaner, sexier & frankly, so I can boast about my insane fat-adapted body? THANKS!


8. Paleo during TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it)

Michael Says:

Hello, Rob and Greg. My apologies if this question has already been submitted and answered. I’m pretty sure that it has not, because I just finished listening to all of the podcasts, starting with the first one. (The psychotherapist stated that my prognosis is “marginal at best.” 😉

In planning for the coming financial meltdown / zombie Apocalypse, possibly the most affordable long-lasting foods to stock are rice and beans. Typically the recommended approach is to consume the older food stock, before it goes bad, and rotate in new bags of rice and beans. But in the opinion of several paleo authorities, those types of foods are problematic. What should the paleo survivor be stockpiling in his or her closet?

Thank you!

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  1. JSpradley says

    Paleo and TEOTWAWKI… worlds are colliding! lol

    Jack Spirko has been plugging The Paleo Solution a lot on his podcast at the Kinda cool how much overlap there can be between prepping, permaculture, and paleo.

  2. says

    Thanks for answering my question Robb!! ‘Eat more fat to up-regulate fat as fuel genes.’ Ok!
    I’d be curious to hear what you or other paleo folks are eating for their meals to see how my fat intake is stacking up to what I need to be doing to become better fat-adapted. As you remind us, ‘context matters’ so what the beastly Greg Everett needs to eat is different from me, but I’d love to hear what others are eating to get a gauge of how much fat you all are eating at each meal.

    A large portion of my meals center around a 1/3lb serving of 85% grass-fed ground beef and some vegetable cooked in bacon grease or c.oil or ghee…that should be enough fat for that meal, yes? If anyone else would comment on a typical meal they eat I’d love to read it and learn more about how much fat some of you are putting away each meal!

  3. Annoyed chick says

    I like your nutrition, keep your politics out. I had to chime in so you would get your annoyed chick thing out of the way. It’s just hard for me to understand how someone so smart can believe a philosophy that I find so incompatible with history and evidence. So think of it as a compliment. Anyways, what you said today wasn’t too political.

    I like libertarians much better than republicans. They are usually consistent at least.

    What if the pot is ingested through eating instead of smoked? I don’t do it anymore really, but when I did it occasionally back in the day it seemed to really help with stress for those of us who tend towards being stress cases. If I ever have the time and it becomes legal (when pigs fly) I would consider it, but not in smoke form.

    • Harvey says

      Actually, I love the libertarian politics. A side point would be, It’s your podcast Robb, say whatever the hell you want :)

    • darius says

      in California at least it’s easily obtainable in glycerin based tinctures and ointments. it would be very easy to infuse coconut oil with it and use it as an ointment.

    • Buffcoat says

      Paleo is the Ron Paul of nutrition. Both look to the past. Both are huge on the internet and sidelined by the communists that run the media. Both are in danger.

      • MattB says

        This whole paleo-libertarian link is absurd. Capitalism has clearly led to mass produced grain-fed meat and a million differently marketed brands of soda – this is what makes profit. The reason libertarianism resonates with people in the paleosphere is because many of y’all are narcissistic and would like to believe your personal selfishness is a virtue for the rest of society. Go back to the anthropological record and you will see that none of the idealized hunter-gatherer societies have markets or profit-motive directing their behavior; these are autarkic gift economies with a relatively equal distribution of wealth.

        For the record, many on the extreme left are just as critical of the Standard American Diet and vegetarianism/veganism. As a communist and paleo, I take offense to the assumed affinity between paleo and libertarianism. If anything, paleo has an affinity with left wing anarcho-primitivism.

        • JSpradley says

          Unregulated free market capitalism created grain subsidies from the state that allows CAFOs and HFCS to gain market superiority and lobby to shut out competition….. uh huh…

          • MattB says

            Obviously, many on the far left also oppose grain subsidies; this isn’t a solely libertarian position. Its also not like the Democratic and Republican parties are part of a communist conspiracy as Buffcoat implied.

            Its also magical thinking to believe abolishing subsidies will allow healthy products to compete on an equal plane with mass produced junk food products – its a natural tendency of capitalism to concentrate production processes into fewer and fewer firms over time. This tendency can be seen in many commodities that are not subsidized.

        • Harvey says

          “The reason libertarianism resonates with people in the paleosphere is because many of y’all are narcissistic and would like to believe your personal selfishness is a virtue for the rest of society.”

          This is just silly. Lumping people into a group and mind-reading everyone.

          If you’re so proud of communism, you should read the manifesto: Chapter 2:

          “9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries”

          Kind of lost your point on mass-producing food, huh?

          Communism is a sham that will always fail.

          • MattB says

            How does a Marx quote encouraging the consolidation of agriculture disprove my point that many Communists (who write in the 2000s, not the 1860s) critique grain subsidies? Communism isn’t an ideology of worshiping Karl Marx any more than libertarianism is the worshiping of Adam Smith or Milton Friedman, it disintegrated into Marx-worship in the post-war Soviet Union just like Chile under the Pinochet dictatorship disintegrated into Friedman-worship. But frankly, I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of Communist Party policies of the 20th century – I just wanted to challenge the assumed affinity between Libertarianism and Paleo and show that there are people on the far left who think paleo has an affinity with their ideology too.

            Also, I hardly think its “mind-reading everyone” to assert that many in the paleosphere are narcissistic – almost every other podcast has a question about how to get Brad Pitt’s abs.

  4. kem says

    As regards to teotwaki, live on a farm. We could live on the cattle eating low maintenance pasture for years. We save a bit of our vegetable seed and the fruit trees are productive. I think we could live reasonably well on the hares, rabbits, ducks and (ugh) possums whith which we share the property.

    I think a couple of rifles, a shotgun and plenty of ammunition would be the thing to have here.

    I haven’t read the rational optomist but I suspect it is the one Ridley book I wouldn’t enjoy reading. Nothing of his tops the “Origins of Virtue” imho.

  5. kem says

    Oh, and its visible light that seems to be the best treatment for SAD. Science Friday had a look last issue and John Briffa has traversed this ground repeatedly. Sunbeds do not seem to be effective.

  6. Michelle J says

    Hey Robb,

    I’ll start with my main question–How about putting together a Paleo Trainer’s Network?

    Here’s the background–I have been 99.9% Paleo for over a year and have been one of those people for whom it has worked but it hasn’t been enough. I still have fatigue, insulin resistant fat, menstrual cycle issues, sleep disturbances, etc even after my best attempts which included three months of automimmune protocol.

    Turns out I have possible hereditary hemachromatosis and Hashimoto’s. I am now a patient of Chris Kresser and am going through extensive blood work to verify. Basically every system of my body is out of whack :) I attribute the Paleo diet, smart exercise and attempts at stress management which keep me feeling as good as I do.

    After listening to you and Matt LeLonde and Kurt Harris and Chris Kresser talk about all of those ‘other people’ with autoimmune issues and metabolic derangement, come to find out I’m one of them!

    Thanks to you I was able to hop onto the Paleo Physician’s Network and found a GP in my area-I’m going to see him tomorrow. With my complex issues I was not going to my current doc who asked me after seeing me lose a ton of weight ‘does this mean I have to give up diet dr pepper if I want to lose weight too?’

    My personal journey includes losing 100 pounds over the past several years and becoming a personal trainer/gym owner. Staying active is my best medicine and I incorporate Paleo/Primal concepts in every aspect of my training and growth as a trainer.

    When you guys get questions about trainers I wonder if you hear me yelling: there are good trainers out here that aren’t morons and don’t have anything to do with Crossfit! You just need to know where to look–so, Paleo Trainers Network.

    If there needs to be an education/certification component, I’m in! I’m all for learning as much as there is to know about how we work on the inside and outside. The current certification programs are inadequate in my opinion so I’m all for a Paleo kick ass cert.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and, well, yourself! Your passionate pseudoscience has served me and my clients super well and I appreciate all that you do.

    Michelle J

    • says


      There are colleges out there that offer programs in holistic nutrition. would be a good site to check out for schools, or a simple google search. I do not know if a whole college program is something you are interested in however.

  7. Nathan says

    JSpradley beat me to mentioning Jack Spirko’s recent conversion.

    Re: coconut oil … when you eat a pure oil I’m wondering how much gets digested and how much passes through you? (I’ve never done the experiment :) )

    • says

      Yeah, Robb needs to get in touch with Jack Spirko. He’s been preaching Paleo a lot lately. Some of Jack’s internet marketing ideas might overlap with Robb’s entrepreneurial side too.

      I independently came up with the idea of storing coconut oil some months back. Reasonable price, keeps a long time, easy to cook with, tastes yummy… I’ve found that rotating through 3 containers works pretty well. At least 14 oz each – usually the 20 oz NOW Foods kind. Mucho shelf stable caloric goodness in a small amount of shelf space. Similarly, keep extra butter in the freezer.

      Bonus: If you’re rotating through a few extras, you can stock up when it’s on sale and never run out of it in the middle of cooking dinner. So your life is better even if no disaster occurs.

      On the politics, I’m not a big fan of debates. You’re not going to change anyone’s minds, and they aren’t going to change yours. Being calm and respectful goes a long way. Even better is to avoid offering an opinion unless it’s relevant to the subject at hand. Robb is doing fine there.

      Weed question: Since most of the long term bad stuff comes from combustion, what about an oil infusion? No smoke, more carefully controlled dosage. Theoretically of course – I prefer my brain fully functional and out of jail.

  8. Sabrina says

    What a B.S. response to the woman with “crazy” cravings at the start of her menstrual period. If craving chocolate during PMS were reason to get bloodwork done, the lab would be making a killing. Newsflash: Lots of women have increased appetite and food cravings in the days leading up to their periods. I would have preferred that you answer her question, rather than rambling on for five minutes about how babies are made, then telling this woman to get her blood checked for signs of “estrogen dominance,” like she’s a medical case.

    You can do better, guys. This response is of the same quality as folks on a certain online forum telling women to go off birth control to increase their WOD performance. Next time, why don’t you recommend electrical therapy to cure her hysterics? At least the Victorians got one thing right.


  9. Rob L. says

    I can’t believe that you missed the obvious solution to the zombie apocalypse diet problem: join the zombies. You’ll be eating a healthy all-brains diet, albeit from a largely grain-fed human population. In between kills, you’ll benefit form intermittent fasting, and maintain your functional fitness with a regime of shambling, grabbing and flesh-tearing.

  10. says


    In your SAD/Sun research, have you been in contact with Dr. Michael Holick? I’ve seen him speak in person, and I recall that he was doing resarch with tanning beds at some point. Seems to me that while he does not “advocate tanning”,he stated that tanning bulbs that emit UVB were preferable, while the UVA bulbs were more common (I’m going off memory). Considering some of his other comments concerning our development as a species in conjunction with UV exposure make me think that he’d be a friend of the Paleo camp in that respect.

  11. JL says

    Robb said on his twitter page that he hasn’t been on this website in months. Is that true? Is he kind of dropping off?

    • Amy Kubal says

      Not true! He’s been traveling and BUSY – but he checks in here quite a bit! He commented on a response to a post yesterday!! :)

  12. Tom says

    Paleo Preppers? Maybe it’s not Robb’s thing to go deep into the politics of this on his show but I’m definitely on board. If you want a Paleo perspective on Survival-ism and TEOTWAWKI from a Paleo prepper you should visit

    The host lost 70 pounds after switching to Paleo and mentions Robb in his podcasts regularly. Maybe it will satisfy that nagging feeling that you should do something given the state of things.

    BTW, I’m not affiliated with but I’m a regular listener.

  13. says

    Robb, I am new to paleo and to your podcast. I have been trying to listen to them in order and am now on episode 15. I get through one to three a day, depending on how many emergencies come up in my office.

    Would you suggest me listening to the new episodes when they come out, or just keep listening as I am right now?

    I have read several books and I follow tons of blogs. I like the way you word things. (Scary? 😉 ) By far you are my favorite paleo “guru”. Keep up the great work. :)

  14. Kitty says

    Hi Robb (assume the gushing praise and the overwhelming gratitude, which is very real, in the interests of keeping this short and hoping for a reply): I’ve heard your answer on PMS several times now and wondering if you could be persuaded to elaborate a bit further. Poliquin’s protocols for estrogen dominance seems suspect from a gut-health point of view, since they are dependent on taking a rice-bran and psyllium husk fibre along with the cal d-g and the DIM. Other than this protocol, it is not clear to me from your answer what other specific protocols you might recommend.

  15. Keith says

    I laugh when you make fun of marijuana users but you probably know that Cheech and Chong were not making fun of weed smokers, they were making fun of what squares thought weed smokers were up to.

    I am trying to get strong and making progress, I searched pub med for marijuana and testosterone and I got a bunch of conflicting studies. Some said marijuana has no effect on test levels others said it depresses test levels for 24 hours. Most of the studies were from the 80s and 90s.

    I am wondering if you based your answer in this podcast on any particular study. I like the effects of cannabis. But I would give it if it were an obstacle to getting stronger. Thanks

  16. z says

    Guys – enjoyed the podcast this week! On the R.O. water question – I have a RO filter and most days I add a few drops of Concentrace mineral drops and a pinch of sea salt to a glass of water. The sea salt keeps the water from passing right through in a hurry. I saw mineral product mentioned on MDA a while back:

    Keep us posted on your learnings on the sun bed. I’m thinking that is has to be possible. I live in the northern midwest and work in an office with very little natural light – I definitely need a boost!

  17. says

    Hi Robb and Greg,
    Thanks for that entertaining podcast. I really appreciate the food storage part, as my husband is LDS and having a years worth of food for every person in your home is part of the teachings, and I have been wondering about rice and beans. When we go to Costco we always pick up an extra package of canned food protein that will last, although now there are concerns about BPA.

    And I was going to complain on Facebook about how you weren’t libertarian enough, Robb! (kidding). I hope everything is OK in Reno with the fires. I am very sad that you are leaving Chico for good. :-(
    Thank you, Tanya

  18. Nick says

    Hey Robb,

    Keep the libertarian ideas coming! The podcast is awesome. We get nutrition, comedy, and free-market politics!


  19. says

    Intro discussion on coffee again (and I know Robb you probably hate being pinned down on this) makes me ask how hard is it to judge the cost/benefit of espresso..!

    Is it a terrible idea to have one shot of espresso in the morning on an empty stomach?

  20. says

    I know I’m behind and coming to this episode late, but I have to comment as a female libertarian and something of a survivalist. I love the libertarian rants and political side-tracks. Do not heed the naysayers. Rant on! Spun-up Robb is good stuff. :)

  21. Christin says

    I am a women and I’m *not* writing to say “keep the politics to yourself”
    I VERY much enjoyed the
    libertarian rant.
    You are right on!
    This was the first time I listened to your podcast and I loved it.
    I would listen more if that was your angle.
    I’m into stuff like nutrition, self improvement, libertarianism, self sufficiently and homesteading.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thank You!

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