The Paleo Solution – Episode 62 (Everyday Paleo)

Sarah Fragoso from EverydayPaleo stops by to answer your questions about kids, families, and Paleo.

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Show Topics:

  1. Keeping Paleo Fun
  2. School Lunches
  3. Pizza Day At School
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Breastfeeding Part 2
  6. Starting A Family Paleo
  7. Kids & Cooking
  8. Any Specific Problems Women Notice
  9. How To Do Paleo Without Being Neurotic
  10. How To Handle Kids At School
  11. Day Care Workers
  12. Kid Doesn’t like Veggies
  13. PMS / Teens

Show Topics – The_Paleo_Solution_Episode_62

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  1. says

    just wanted to say that im really excited to listen to this: i have a 3.5 year old neice who is amazingly robust, well-behaved, smart, etc considering the food choices that my brother and sister in law make for her. Anyway, we chat nonchalantly about how i eat/live and they are indeed open minded but of course the question often arises regarding child rearing, daycare, etc. Being a single 31 year old (on the move though!) im usually somewhat stymied and just feel unqualified to preach. Anyway, this podcast is perfect. Im forwarding to them and looking forward to their response. Great idea.

  2. Paleo Peter Peterson says

    A very GENTLE suggestion: try stopping with the “cool” at every pause. Just a mild suggestion. :)

  3. josh says

    I continue to look forward to you podcasts
    – bought your book
    Always looking for insight into living more
    fully, with Joy and vitality !

    You guys ROCK !

    Josh in NEVADA age 66

  4. says

    Show Topics:

    Keeping Paleo Fun 5.07
    School Lunches 8.53
    Pizza Day At School 12.40
    Breastfeeding 14.50
    Breastfeeding Part 19.30
    Starting A Family Paleo 25.11
    Kids & Cooking 29.51
    Any Specific Problems Women Notice 31.35
    How To Do Paleo Without Being Neurotic 33.20
    How To Handle Kids At School 37.52
    Day Care Workers 46.23
    Kid Doesn’t like Veggies 48.45
    PMS / Teens 52.32/54.04

    • Mishaal says

      Great podcast as usual. Could I also suggest that each question is added as a chapter? This would allow us to easily go directly to what interests us the most and quickly go back through previous podcasts to listen to specific questions/answers again.

  5. Jay says

    Hey Robb, I have a doozy of a question for you and was hoping you might be able to get to it in a podcast.
    So I recently read Body By Science by Doug McGuff and had some questions around it. It claims to be completely based on the scientific literature and lists an impressive array of studies in the notes to back up the claims. It also gives the fair warning that a lot of the content flies in the face of the conventional thinking on strength/fitness training but is not based on theory or ideas or fads but on the accumulation of sound scientific research on exercise and strength training. Yet I still feel that there is some research out there that is counter to the points they make. I say this not having actually read the research that is counter to their claims but just based on hearing/reading of it.
    1. They claim the best way to get strong is through moderately heavy weight moved really slowly until failure, and around 90 seconds total work. I understood that failure was not required for significant strength gains, just heavy weights near your 1rm. 5×5, 5×3 or 1,1,1,1,1,1,1 type deals. This is clearly completely the opposite of what Body By Science says.
    2. They claim Nautilis machines are the best way to get strong, yet I just read on a study that showed that a 100kg backsquat is greater than a 200kg leg press. Plus every single person I’ve ever heard speak about strength says that you can leg press 200lbs and won’t be able to squat 200lbs but you can squat 200lbs and leg press at least 200lbs or more. To their credit they give their workout in a free weight version as well but still claim the machines are better. Again, they’re recommendations seem counter to the other stuff I’ve read that is also supposed to be based on science.
    3. They claim that getting stronger gives you bigger muscles and bigger muscles makes you stronger. I am sure I read that strength and muscle are not completely inter related and that you can be strong and not big and can be big but not strong. Bodybuilders come to mind in that they are big but not necessarily strong. I think there’s a table in Rip’s book that shows the relationship between strength gains and rep range and weight. It seems to show lighter weight and more reps is hypertrophy and heavier weight and lower reps is strength, and I was under the impression it was not his table per say but borrowed from the scientific literature. This however would be science counter to the science in Body By Science.
    4. They claim that the research shows that stretching doesn’t increase your flexibility and doesn’t help strength at all and in fact makes you weaker. I am sure I read a post on GymnasticBodies about a study that showed that a stretching program and a strength program together gives faster strength gains then a strength program alone. It also seems that my physiotherapist would be wrong when she gives me stretching exercises to increase flexibility, according to the Body By Science guys.
    5. They claim that the scientific studies show that strength training more than once a week not only has no effect, training more than once per week actually slows down your progress and in some cases causes you to lose strength. The HIT/SS crowd seems to be the only people who use this once per week schedule so is their science sound and everyone else is doing too much and progressing more slowly than they could?
    6. They claim that there are no exercises in a gym that transfer to real life activities, no matter how similar to something in real life; that everything is skill specific and must be trained as such, and that cross training has been scientifically debunked. So having a 100lb weighted pullup will not make you a good climber. You will get some generic strength that will transfer a bit, but you will still suck at climbing unless you climb. Or, just because you have a 150lb shoulder press doesn’t mean you can put a 100lb log overhead. You would have to practice getting logs overhead, not barbells. This one I have less issue with as I remember in the games this past year the workout where the competitors had to move the sandbags down the stairs, across the court, and back up the stairs struck me as interesting. I remember a few athletes having trouble moving the wheelbarrows, throwing the bags back up the other side, and climbing the wall, which surprised me. This made me think about the skill component and how it might need to be developed to efficiently use their strength. I know Erwan talks about skill work developing capacity at the same time. So I wanted to know you’re take on this, both from what the scientific literature actually says about skills, strength transference, etc. and from your coaching experience.
    7. And in the same vein, if I have specific skill goals, like doing MovNat, would I be best served just doing MovNat and I would get the necessary strength and conditioning at the same time? Or do I still need to supplement with lifting, sprinting, gymnastics, CrossFit, etc.?

    • says

      1. Look at how the majority of successful strength athletes trains. Anyone doing super-slow? No? Guess why.

      2. Comparing weights on machines to free weight is bogus – you already figured that out. Also, from a health and long jeopardy standpoint it is the whole body training a free weight squat provides and not the unnatural and never 100% adjustable movements of a nautilus machine you should be looking for.

      3. I’ve written a paper (for a german BB magazine) that touched on the relation between strength and size – from a review of the literature: strength comes first, size follows. I remember a specific study where they did a hypertrophy oriented training and observed a 10-14 day bias between strength gains and size gains

      4. stretching (the usual way) probably won’t make you stronger, but it will keep you flexible, which is of particular importance for someone who is strength training and not using the full rom on every move. My personal take on stretching is – do it seperately or leave it out (just personal opinion) – make sure not to stretch pre-exercise (will make you weaker)

      5. there are numerous studies showing that multiple sets and frequent training (not overtraining) is the way to go for both strength and hypertrophy. I still have to see non-drug-using athletes that will grow BETTER on a PERMANENT once a week schedule < think this does not exist

      6. Most exercises transfer to real life, the question is just to what extend. this is not my area of expertise, but generally you can build a strength and conditioning base on top of which you "just" have to add the right techniques.

      7. cannot comment on that one, because I am not into crossfit-stuff

      • Jay says

        Dr. Andro,
        MovNat is something else completely different from CrossFit, just to let you know. Thanks for the thorough reply on everything else though.

  6. Helen says

    Don’t change a thing. You and Andy do a awesome job with the podcasts & you are being who you are, two fun, happy guys with life saving knowledge, who are willing to take time out to share this knowledge to help others like me! What a awesome human being! Your book rocks too.

  7. Trevor says

    I have a question about the planet box and I may email them to ask this question to. Do they have an adult version (without the cute kids design) of the planet box lunch box?

    I’m single male 37. I like the idea of the lunch box product but showing up at my workplace with a kids lunch box might get me in trouble. Like my co-workers in the shop picking on me and then I have kick their butt. And then I go to jail. And then I have to do prison workouts. Ok, I won’t actually pound them but I probably need a bigger size box.

    P.S. I get bugged about not eating Fast Food at lunch but I feel better eating Paleo anyway. My come backs usually instantly appear when the smokers are coughing up a lung every morning. lol

  8. Marcus says

    About keeping menus interesting/different: I maintain a
    weekly menu on Google Docs. It’s a spreadsheet with a new tab for
    each week. My wife and I do this mainly for budgeting/shopping. On
    the weekend we plan the following week’s menu and shop to fulfill
    that menu. During the week, things can easily move around (e.g.
    monday’s meal don’t sound so good so cook wed’s meal instead). One
    huge benefit to doing this is the historic record keeping. When I
    feel lazy about coming up with new food or uninspired I can go back
    to previous weeks and see what we ate. I usually forget about
    something that I like which we have had in the past and it is like
    it’s new all over again.

  9. Kathleen says

    Just a comment regarding the Daycare worker segment. As a
    director of a daycare center in Massachusetts, our state
    regulations require all teachers to take a USDA recommended
    Nutrition for Children Workshop. While I can’t speak for that
    particular worker, I want to point out that it actually is part of
    our job to ensure that all children in our care are being given
    nutritionally balanced meals. Instead of criticizing the worker for
    questioning what the child eats for breakfast, it could have been
    used as a “teachable moment” to educate them about the benefits of
    a Paleo diet. Trust me when I say that as teachers we don’t
    necessarily want to be the “food police”, but with childhood
    obesity on the rise, the government is mandating compliance if not
    from parents directly, then through childcare centers.

  10. Sarah la Rosa says

    Thanks Sarah! I think your great attitude (remaining
    positive, focusing on the kids on what they can help with or have)
    really is what makes you such a success in my mind. Thanks for
    sharing with all of us. p.s. and a great side effect of you
    involving the children so heavily is the fact that you spend a lot
    of quality time with them. My mom brought me into the kitchen early
    and I have a lot of fond memories of helping make stuff with

  11. says

    thought this would be the worst / most boring of all
    podcasts, simply because none of the topics touched really bothers
    me (single, no kids)… but by some means you kept me listening AND
    I did not fall off the stair-master snoring 😉 in spite of that,
    more exercise, nutrition and supplement related stuff on the next
    podcast would be highly appreciated

  12. says

    Greta episode guys (and gal)! Although I must say, I wish I had known who Sarah Fragoso was *before* the show!

    I know you dropped her name a few times here and there, but I had no idea what the show would be about and now it has left me with some more questions!

    Next time a guest speaker will be on, when you invite questions for him/her, it would be great to know a bit about them, in order to get psyched and send in some appropriate questions. And i KNOW I could’ve looked her up on Google but in my own lazy defence, I don’t believe I would have spelled her last name correctly! 😉

    Other than that, keep up the great work guys, the podcasts are totally awesome and inspiring!

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Joel B. says

    Thanks for addressing my question regarding daycare. Or maybe concern would be more descriptive of what I submitted. I think maybe I did have the answers and just needed a voice of reason to calm the frustration of junky daycare food. It also helps hearing from other parents who not only eat this way, but have kids older than mine so I can learn and acknowledge the kid phases (e.g. 2-3 yr old’s eating styles). You teased that being in your book, so I am also looking forward to that. So, thanks again.

    Oh, and Andy…I am pretty sure you were teasing Robb when you said after my Q & A that people are poking holes or something to that effect. But it was not my intent to try to find holes in anything. I should have chosen my words better perhaps. Thanks to you both for doing this. Love it!

  14. R.C. says

    Well I’m not really sure where to post a question for a possible candidate to show up as a podcast question, so I’d appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction for that, I’d be very greatful. Just incase THIS is the right place for it, this is my question.
    I like many others are very short on income these days, but are in completely capable of still trying my best to be fit and live a healthier happy life, but my concern is trying to get the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to the paleo diet shopping list. In a perfect financial situation I’d be more then happy to buy everything on the paleo food guide list, but like many people I’m tight on cash and finances. I’ve been on the diet for about 3 weeks now and have been feeling better then ever. I’ve pretty much been buying the standard meats, grass fed ground beef, free range chicken, pork ( including Bacon ) and eggs. Also Ur standard veggies including spinach which I love, and some fruits and nuts for the ocassional snack. But with money getting tighter and tighter these days I’m not completely sure which foods I should try to focus most on when I shop, or which foods will be least likely to effect my health negatively if I decide to subtract them from my low budget shopping list. To give you a better idea has to what my goals are ill give you a little info to help your answer along. I’m a 25 year old male, 6’0″ tall, 160lbs ( was 170 before the diet switch) and I’m a pretty descent athlete. Played football in high school and have always been on the slim side of body types. I’m just aiming to get stronger by doing circuits, interval training and I occasionly run just to help my self stay lean on my resting days between my weight lifting schedule. I have a lot of active friends so I wanna be ready for just about anything. Which is tough with friends like Marcus brown and his nephew Gavin Rhoads who is my best Friend and has been on the paleo diet for almost a year now. Hope this question wasn’t to demanding, but i figured with this recent shrinking economy that there must be a lot of people wondering the same thing I am. Thanks Rob and Andy. Looking forward to hopefully hearing my question Answered on the podcast. Thanks!

  15. John says

    What are your thoughts on high dose (80g/day) use of l-glutamine to accelerate gut repair?

    Never had super high functioning digestion, but I think I completely derailed it six months ago when I tried to do GOMAD again for a strength cycle… and miscalculated my total caloric intake by a solid 1,000 calories (was eating WAY more than I thought).

    Things have been in various degrees of “not good” since then. Did a paleo challenge in October and it helped… but didn’t really fix it. Things got worse again during the holidays. Digestive enzymes seemed to help to a point, but never really finished the job either. Further specifics on my October experience (if helpful) in the two links below.

    Thoughts? Much thanks in advance, keep up the good works with podcast, book, blog, etc.

    (General results and review)

    (Sample food intake)

      • John says

        Comes from Now Sports, listed as gluten free. To be honest, I just started a five day cycle of it this morning. The taste was so awful I wanted a second opinion. I’ll stick out the week and see what happens. Starting back on strict paleo again, so should have a good compare/contrast.

        Thanks for the (frighteningly) speedy reply, I’ll let you know the results.

          • John says

            Seems like you may be right. Well, I knew you were, just surprised at the immediacy. The 5 day protocol left me feeling better than I have in somewhere between 6 months and a year. Only exception was a stress induced binge on ice cream the night of day two that gave immediate (but short lived) problems the next morning. Dairy is without a doubt on my very punny shit-list.

            The surprising part was that in the course of a weekend I went pretty much back to where I started. I thought my worst indiscretions were some coconut milk ice cream, some (moderated) dried mango slices, and two gin and tonics, but something is definitely screwy again.

            Time to start up the food log again and batten down the hatches.

  16. says

    Hi Sarah (and Robb and Andy) I just NOW got a chance to
    listen to the podcast. Thanks sooo much for answering my questions
    about lunches and the lunch box idea. Your tips and suggestions as
    always were great! I’ve gone to plantbox and ordered the lunch box
    and my daughter was totally stoked about the magnets… 😉 I got a
    request for cookies tonight and so we are trying some from your
    site – Nutty Cookies. I’m sure they will be fab!! Thanks again!
    Loved the podcast guys! Shantel

  17. says

    Fat doesn’t make you fat, bad nutrition & lack of activity do. Healthy fats assistance fat loss: they satiate and slow down digestion. Eat healthy fats with each meal: fish oil, olive oil, mixed nuts.

  18. says

    Although it doesn’t seem as a big deal for normal sleepers, snoring can critically affect snorers’ life, especially kids. These always tend to avoid situations where they sleep beside others because they simply bother them.

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