TRF: Home Cooking! Butternut Squash ala Pressure Cooker!

Hey Everyone!

Something that I have not helped folks enough with IMO is the basics. I’m pretty handy in the kitchen, have assumed everyone else is and have fallen-down in helping more people eat paleo and thus improve their performance, health and longevity. I’d give myself and “A” for information, a “C-” for application. Well, to help bring that deficient category up I started doing The Road Forager to help people navigate eating paleo/lowcarb/gluten free on the road. Given my travel schedule that will be easy to keep rolling and folks seem to like that well enough.

Ok, so what about when we are at home? How do we avoid boredom? How do we jazz things up? How do we feed and water ourselves in a time efficient manner? Well, that’s where The Road Forager: Home Cooking comes in. This is almost as good of an acronym as the AHCCZ from 42 Ways to skin the Zone! I’ll do my best to help y’all navigate the how-to’s of time efficient, tasty, nutritious meals. I may sneak in a few drink recipes too. The NorCal Margarita is awesome, but there is more to the world than tequila, lime juice and soda water. Let me know what you think, let me know where you struggle, and together we can help a lot of people live better lives.


Apparently I do not know the difference between Acorn and butternut squash! I do not know if that means I need more, or less coffee.

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  1. Debbie says

    Robb, I just got your book and am about half way through the read. I finally realized that I have been a celiac since about the age of 20. I was told it was an ulcer and nerves. I am now 55 and have Hashimoto decease. no gall bladder and had SVT/oblasion. I wanted to cry but was mostly angry that I have spent a life time trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I also have the benign allergies, to tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon…etc.

    My question to you…can I fix this? how long will it take and what can I expect? Any particular foods you would eat? I want the last half of my life spent WELL! Please give me a direction and guidance. I truly would appreciate it. Do you think I should talk to one of your consultants? I am just sickened with what this has done to my body.

    Thank you

    • says

      You can get damn healthy in a month! Just run grain, legume, dairy free. GEt some pro-biotics. Give it a month, I doubt you will need a consultation. Healing is easy when we set our selves up for success.

  2. Steven says


    The fundamental videos and articles are fantastic in concept and your excecution is spot on so please keep them coming. Also the geek speak is much appreciated. :)


  3. Tonya says

    I love my pressure cooker. I was cursing my husband last night for throwing out our microwave. I think it’s been 4 years now. Yeah, I hold a grudge. Anyway, he’s the main cook in our household, but he’s off slaying the mighty white tail or something. He calls it bow hunting. So I got home with the kid a bit late and was starving and I of course planned nothing for dinner and I was jonesing for some carbs and a sweet potato sounded just right. I cooked half a big sweet potato in about 10 minutes total, 5 min on high pressure. It probably could have used another minute. Next I threw in some broccoli and just let it come up to high pressure. I quick released the steam both times. Considering it would have taken at least 45 minutes in my oven, I consider this a success. I ate this with some leftover meat. Yum yum!

  4. Geoff Else says


    You just gave me reason to rummage around in my parent’s basement for their 80’s vintage avacado colored pressure cooker.

    Another plus: kids love the pressure release valve…at least I did. It makes the science of cooking that much cooler.

    Can I cook “Five Fries” in there?

  5. shesoverthere says

    If you have the store “Tuesday Morning” in your area, you might want to check out their cooking section. I always find amazing deals on things like pressure cookers, dutch ovens (Le Creuset), and sometimes I’ve found knives.
    If you want even better deals, and are willing to compromise quality, check out “Smart and Final.” They have a commercial cooking section that has everything- and an added bonus, Smart and Final has a large selection of “To Go” type containers that come in handy for lunches and snacks (if you don’t mind the absence of re-use.)
    On a side note, if you’re willing to spend the money, check out the Fissler line of pressure cookers. Although a bit pricy, they have a ton of accessories and you can use them for canning seasonal vegetables.

  6. Johnmichael says

    Ooohh I saw a mokka pot! I must say that’s my favorite way to imbibe the bean. Videos are great. Keep it coming.


  7. Christina says

    NICE! I never thought about using a pressure cooker when it’s hot. It’s noce to know that there are other things outside of Salads without overheating your home during the hot summer nights. :)

    How much would you say one of those puppies cost? I was looking into a dutch oven to prepare some short ribs this weekend and looked at the $90.00 price tag (at Target). Hopefully a pressure cooker is less than that. :)

  8. Betsy says

    I’m jealous of you farmers market prices. I priced one of those babies at the store last week and it was going to cost EIGHT dollars! Hope they show up in the farmers market soon.

  9. says

    Good idea. I’ve been listening to early episodes while piano refinishing (part of my gig) and tried the recipe you gave: brown up some grass-fed beef add some kale, some coconut milk and cook it all down. So tonight we finally tried kale. Mmmmm, yummy!




  10. daniel says

    Robb, any reason to prefer the pressure cooker over a microwave? I just cook my squash (and much else, sweet potatoes for example) by putting in a glass bowl on high for about 10 minutes. Comes out great and is super easy (even easier than a pressure cooker).

    • says

      seems legit to me. I can cook a ton of food in the Pressure cooker. I’ll put up a video making soup and you will see how versatile and easy it is. Your method sounds great too.

  11. Kyle Collins says

    Thanks. This is the type of video I’d really like to see more of since I don’t know anything about cooking.

  12. Carol B says

    The pressure cooker is one of the top kitchen gadgets in our world of paleo cuisine at home…cooking meats quickly to tenderness requires more liquid since it takes about double the time than that of veggies…BUT, you can have tender protein on the table in 30 minutes or less…I make my own chicken stock and try to find clean beef broth for the liquid depending on what type of meat I am cooking. Also, I have 2 pressure cookers that use liquid up at 2 very different rates…the Presto is the best…and not expensive…

      • IDRISCKY says

        You don’t need a skillet(pressure-cooker) for that. Just brown the meat in the 4 quart pressure-cooker. If you have a lot of meat you’ll need to brown in batches, but you’d probably need to do that with a skillet as well.

        Check out ‘The Big Chili’ episode of ‘Good Eats’. Alton Brown show a good example of browning meat in a pressure-cooker.

  13. Alex says

    I tried this this weekend (with BUTTERNUT squash – :) and it was a great way to cook it! So much squash in so little time. Only problem is that now I have a ton of cooked squash that I want to eat…

    About halfway through the book and loving it. I have been doing “primal/paleo” for a while now, but this really puts it all in perspective and is helping me tweak those things that I just wasn’t doing right (or resisting! it’s futile!). Anyway, great stuff!

  14. Lydia says

    Hi Robb,
    I bought the book based on Tim’s blogpost. I’ve always believed in you are what you eat, especially after a nearly 10 year long struggle with endometriosis and IBS.

    You may be interested to hear that 4 years ago I met a dietician who told me that for my particular flavor of IBS, most carbs were not good, as I was unable to digest them and this was causing me issues. She recommended that I eat plenty of home prepared fresh meat and fish and vegetables and as little carbs as I liked. She also told me to avoid anything with preservatives as well.

    I never quite shook the IBS though. I was not aware that going totally grain free was an option. I’m reading up on the diet and science and am getting ready to give it a try. After all, what is 30 days in a lifetime!

    Anyway do you have any specific recommendations to deal with the fact that my hormonal production is altered due to having had a full hysterectomy?


    • says

      That is pretty interesting about the dietician, she almost had the whole picture.

      You might look into a functional medicine doc or a naturopath if they practice in your state. You will need some bloodwork and then weigh the cost/benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement.

      Keep me posted on your progress.

  15. Justin De Quim says

    My Son you need a trivet for el cooker of pwessure..also try cooking el meat in there after a slight sear and using stock instead of h20….comes oot very nicely with tant. taste sensations.

    And also as iam Justin De Quim you too can be like El Robb, Justin De Pressure !

    For and on behalf of JDQ,

    Rod Milking

  16. Deanne says

    At the age of 54 I had never attempted to use a pressure cooker. All the tales of how you can blow up the kitchen if you don’t know what you are doing prevented me from taking the leap. I love this video. Even I could do that! I am going out tonight to buy one. I have nuked butternut squash as well as baked it and they both take longer than this and it never comes out as moist looking either. I think this is an optimum way to cook this squash and even acorn I bet:)
    Hey Robb, could you do some recipes that use tougher cuts of meat which tend to be leaner when you can’t afford grass fed meat with an autoimmune hook to it? Trying to do the autoimmune version of this diet and not only is flavor lacking so are recipes. Keep doing these videos!

  17. says

    One of my client forwarded link to your Post TRF: Home Cooking! Butternut Squash ala Pressure Cooker! on Tuesday.Your post is a nice one.Please Keep it up .I Love reading on squash fitness.

  18. Saoirse says

    I was looking for a guide to cook Bnut squash in a pressure cooker (making homemade baby food for the twins) and came across your site. I ended up spending 45 minutes browsing – what a fantastic data source! I’ve just ordered your book and look forward to reading more about how to transform my already “healthy” diet and start the twins off right! Many thanks!

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