The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 43

Back with episode 43.  We are now recording these a few days before they post so they can be as relevant as possible so be patient if there is any lag time due to scheduling conflicts.

Here is the links that Robb mentinos regarding the Whole9 and their Whole30 “Change Your Life in 30 Days” program.

Show Topics:

  1. Worried About Friend
  2. Antioxidant Supplementation
  3. Resources for Diabetics
  4. Soy, Grains, & Dairy
  5. Antihistamines
  6. Supplements
  7. Seafood while Pregnant
  8. Losing Fat, but Not Gaining Muscle
  9. PWO Nutrition
  10. Eleuthero

Show Notes – The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_43

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. Mark R. says

    0. Intro
    1. Worried About Friend 2.51
    2. Antioxidant Supplementation 9.17
    3. Resources for Diabetics 18.07
    4. Soy, Grains, & Dairy 21.47
    5. Antihistamines 28.10
    6. Supplements 30.47
    7. Seafood while Pregnant 38.40
    8. Losing Fat, but Not Gaining Muscle 42.03
    9. PWO Nutrition 47.14
    10. Eleuthero 50.07

  2. Chunny says

    Thanks Robb and Andy for another episode. I listen to you guys on my commute to and from work. And so far…no accidents! Chalk that up with that guy who listens to you while eating dinner. No accidents and no indigestion can’t be wrong!

    Onto my question–my mother suffers from night leg cramps (aka charley horse) after eating beef during the day. She does not suffer leg cramps on any other nights…only on the nights that she eaten beef for dinner or lunch. I’ve googled the typical prescription for nocturnal leg cramps. Most seem to prescribe drinking more water citing dehydration as the cause or the supplemental intake of potassium/magnesium/calcium and citing inadequate minerals as the cause. The fact that my mother only has cramps after eating beef seems to suggest that none of these are the real issue.

    Nothing on the interwebz really seems to diagnose consumption of beef as a cause of leg cramps. My mother takes vitamin D and fish oil daily. I was trying to encourage her to add more beef in her diet but the leg cramping issue is a major barrier. I’m in the process of sourcing some high quality local grass-fed beef to see if that helps. Maybe get some Natural Calm to see if that also helps (side-bar: I assume you guys only suggest the unflavoured Natural Calm product as the flavoured ones contain stevia?).

    Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks guys!

    P.S. I’m a faithful listener from up here in Vancouver, Canada…Robb maybe you can still live the dream that the number of listeners up in Canada is still in the single digits. Living the dream baby! Bring the Paleo Solution book tour up to Vancouver when you get a chance…look forward to meeting you in person!

  3. Crimson says

    Hi Andy and Robb! *insert something clever and witty that grooms the hosts to love me and want to answer my question* ^_^
    I’m not sure how much info you would need for this question. I’m strict gluten/grain/diary/soy free for about four years now. I am happy with my paleo style diet and body composition.
    So here I am happy that gluten AND benadryl were mentioned in podcast 43. I was wondering if you would answer me a riddle about my serious gluten reactions and the use of benadryl. I’ve been wanting to ask you this for some time. I guess this just booted me into action…
    My experience during a gluten reaction is when I get gluten in my system, with in hours I am doubled over with intestinal pain followed by among things that are considered TMI, joint pains, brain fog and headaches. This is every time I am exposed to gluten.
    I was having a particularly nasty episode and took benadryl just to knock my ass out so that I wouldn’t have to be awake during most of this process. To my complete surprise, the pain stopped! The rest of the reaction goes on as usual. But being rid of the pain was a HUGE relief to me. I’ll take what I can get.
    Since this experience. I checked forums and found that I am not the only person that has found that benadryl helps with pain from gluten.

    So, my question is what gives? How is it that benadryl can stop the intestinal pain that comes with gluten exposure?
    I’m sure it has much to do with the immune response. But I would absolutely love to have it explained.

    Also before I sign off… I’d like to say that you should NOT hold back from saying that gluten could be a large portion of the issues that people experience. There are too many that do not consider it as a possibility and sadly find out way too late in life that they have celiac disease or worse. If they have the opportunity and information to rid gluten from the diet to see if they feel better, they should. It is one of those situations where it is best to know that you have a small issue before it becomes a much larger and harder to manage problem.
    In other words… don’t take any guff from these people.

    Thank you so much for all the great info that you supply here. We do appreciate it!

    Cheers and thank you!


  4. says

    Re type 2 diabetes examples – Drew Carey who has had 80 lbs weight loss, also notes that he completely reversed T2D
    Here is what he said in an article:
    “I was diabetic with Type-2 diabetes.”

    Not anymore. After Carey embarked on a strict regime, shaving his diet of carbohydrates and hitting the gym religiously, he dropped 80 lbs. since January and says, “I’m not diabetic anymore. No medication needed.”

    How did he reverse diabetes?

    “No carbs,” Carey says. “I have cheated a couple times, but basically no carbs, not even a cracker. No bread at all. No pizza, nothing. No corn, no beans, no starches of any kind. Egg whites in the morning or like, Greek yogurt, cut some fruit.”

    He snacks on fruit, and for dinner he’ll have grilled chicken and steamed vegetables and water. “I don’t drink anything but water,” he says. “No coffee, no tea, no soda.”

    (Note lack of grains, legumes, sugars, starches, synthetic stuff),,20406175,00.html

    Another great example from Paleonu
    “Amazing Type 2 Diabetes Result”

  5. says

    Re seafood while pregnant: Chris Kresser at The Healthy Skeptic has some interesting thoughts on the safety of fish.

    His conclusions:

    – Selenium protects against mercury toxicity, and 16 of the 25 highest dietary sources of selenium are ocean fish

    – If a fish contains higher levels of selenium than mercury, it is safe to eat
    Most species of commonly eaten fish in the U.S. have more selenium than mercury

    – Fish are not significant sources of PCBs and dioxins when compared to meat, dairy or vegetables

    – The benefits of eating fish regularly far outweigh the potential risks, which are neglible

    – Pregnant mothers and young children should eat 2-3 servings of oily ocean fish each week

  6. says

    Hey Robb,

    Short but sweet (actually salty): What are you thoughts on 1) soy sauce and 2) gluten-free temari? Does fermentation make soy, wheat, or both any better?

    I miss having soy sauce on my eggs, but I can take the hit for my health (don’t try and take away my sriracha, though).

    Thanks a bunch, pumped I get the book in ~18 days.

  7. Bryan T says

    Quick question, just need a yes or no. I’m thinking about using my large exercise ball as a desk chair? I have terrible posture in my current desk chair.

  8. Bryan T says

    Oh snap, my cat questioned was answered this week. Thank you. I’m going to look into the benadryl vs claritin thing. I was doing chocolate milk post workout but I had to cut that, I noticed once the cats moved in my allergies spun out of control on days I would drink milk.

  9. Jeff says

    Whats your take on poliquin’s supplement line? I know you like his training and diet philosophies, but for a guy with a very very extensive supplement line (altho not MLM), how many of his recommendations (protocols) do you think are the best way to achieve your goals, and how much is simply stuff to increase his revenue? Or do you think most of his stuff is legit, but by selling it under his brands he’s able to make some $$ of his recommendations.

  10. says

    Robb… another awesome podcast. Cant get enough of these. Waiting to get my hand on the book!!

    I sent you an email through the contact me page with a question but I wasnt sure if that’s the best way to contact you. So here it is again.

    Hey Robb,
    I have an interesting question for you which you could may be use on the podcast.

    So I have been on a leaning out phase and I have been eating 2 meals a day (Leangains type IF) with no calorie counting (but my guess is I’m somewhere between 1500-1900cals everyday). I just ensure that I my protein is ~ 1gm/lbs of bodyweight and my carbs are less than 50grams. It’s been about 7 weeks and I’ve lost a ~ 8-9lbs. My body composition is pretty lean right now (9-10% BF) and my strength hadn’t dropped much. In the last week I noticed that my strength dropped pretty significantly… especially yesterday when I didn’t even have the motivation to squat and press. (I lift 3 days a week and do metcons of varying intensity other days with 1 day of rest per week)

    I figured I’ve been running pretty low on fuel which could have led to low leptin levels. It had also been 10 days since my carb-up. So last night I decided to load up with primal/paleo foods… and ate a LOT. As a matter of fact this is what I ate…
    ~ 4 chicken wings
    ~ 6-8oz jerk chicken
    ~ 4-6oz jerk salmon
    ~ 2 cups veggies (squash, broccoli, carrots, green beans)
    ~ 1 cup fried plantains (not the junk food.. the Caribbean style)
    – 1 apple, 5-6 strawberries
    – 1 oz cheese
    – 2-3 tbls almond butter
    – 1/4 cup macadamia nuts
    – 1 scoop whey protein powder + 1-2tbls coconut milk

    Now that’s a 2500calorie meal (or bigger) and I’m a pretty small guy (148lbs @ 5’7″ and 27yrs old). Note that the meal was not too high in carbs.

    I wake up this morning…
    – I’m starving
    – Hardly any bloat and weight was ~1/4-1/2lbs more than yesterday morning (may be the lack of carbs?)
    – No urgency to take a dump either.

    What’s happening here? Why would I wake up like I could eat a whole cow when I just ate a truckload of food last night? Where did all that food go?

    Thank you much for all the great work!

  11. Tim says


    what is your take on grits (corn meal)? I’m an endurance athlete and I try to get most of my carbs from sweet potato and rice now that I’ve learned legumes and Quinoa are not the healthiest things for my intestines. I have a family history of celiac so I’ve been mostly gluten free for years. I can eat small amounts of oats but daily consumption of oats gives me discomfort. I try not to eat too much fruit as I’ve never been a big fan of fructose. I try to have a big carb day every 3-4 days…. its something that helps me recover from my training and keeps me from feeling run down. I train 30+hours a week 300-400 miles a week on the bike, 30-50miles running, and 10-15k yards swimming per week. thanks!

  12. Scott S says

    So after listening to Webisode 43 and your delightful explanation of the bioaccumulation of methylmercury, I am convinced you are the Reaper’s lackie and have just served me a subpoena to appear in his court looming death! I happen to eat my fair share of canned tuna WEEKLY…which prior to listening to your descriptive death sentence, I thought was an affordable way of ‘tripping the Paleo-fantastic’. Basically what I heard was; eating Deadliest Catch harvested canned tuna = suckling mercury straight from the chemistry class thermometer. I’m serious when I say I eat alot of tuna, like at least a can a day. Should I cut out intake of canned tuna, or am I just going ‘Mad Hatter’ from the mercury crossing the blood-brain barrier? My cerebral granule layer would appreciate some guidence on a propper Paleo-safe substitute. Keep preaching the word!

  13. Ricky H. says


    I tried sending this earlier but it doesn’t seem to have gone through.

    Last March, I had blood work done as part of my 40th birthday physical. This was done fasting 12 hours before. Numbers did not make my doctor happy and he tried to put me on meds for cholesterol and blood pressure to which I declined. I had just found your site and wasn’t “all in” yet. Since then I have been much better, maybe 80% paleo. When I’ve cheated I have cheated big though. Old habits of sugar drinks and processed junk for a couple days then back to the good stuff (paleo). At the time of the blood work I was about 220 pounds, now I’m still 215 on 5’11”. I am often stressed, no particular reason just sort of my personality I think. Play tennis 2-3 X week, lift 2-3 X week and run 3 X week.

    My question is : Looking at these results, can you give me any advice on what will help them be better when I go back for more blood work on 11/16 and what cconcerns you most when you look at these numbers. Thanks for all you do!

    The numbers are listed below :

    TC – 259
    LDL – 152
    HDL – 44
    Tris – 205
    III a+b – 26.80
    LDL IVb – 2.1
    HDL2b – 12
    Apo B – 156
    Apo B Ultra Particle – 114
    Lp (a) Extended – 18
    Homocysteine – 12.1
    CRP – 2.2
    Fibrinogen – 297
    Insulin – 15

  14. NH Mike says

    Stoked for the book. In this episode you refer to getting on paleo for 3 months and look feel perform better with improved bio markers etc., in response to the over stressed friend question. I have been following the podcast since january strict paleo no gluten lean out formula and dropped 40 lbs, so look feel perform all going great, But . . . I just got a blood test for insurance and I was a little shocked and maybe have some bigger problems because my A1C was 5.1 which you refer to in an early podcast as highly problematic.

    I’m 6’3″ 220 less than 15% BF (in the tank). Fasted blood work:
    Fructosamine 1.88
    A1C 5.1
    Creatinine 1.42
    total bilirubin 1.39
    total protein 7.4
    Cholesterol 244
    HDL 80.2
    LDL 154
    VLDL 9
    Triglicerides 49

    Re listened to podcast 19 re bloodwork but still hoping you could tell me what’s up with the bio-markers when everything else is cranking along smoothly. I can’t be that bad because qualified for the super preferred rates, but based on the podcast info, my bio-markers suck. They must have been way worse before. On the bright side I don’t have HIV and have no coke or nicotine in my system, so its not all hookers and blow for me. . .

    Like you said before I probably look pretty good compared to the metabolically deranged general population getting life insurance. Any thoughts?

  15. says

    Hey guys!
    I had a queston re: the Underground Wellness interview. robb you had mentioned what sounded like an upper limit to protein ingestion, but I’m not quite sure if I misunderstood that. Given the success of IF with huge amounts of protein relatively speaking, how does that fit in?
    Also curious for your thoughts on treadmill desks. I’ve recently begun working from home and have set up my workstation on my treadmill. I’m walking at 1.2 ish mph at 1-2% incline and able to fully type and work, for about 5-6 hrs, with standing the remainder of the day. With such a low intensity, I can’t imagine that there would be any detrimental effects like cortisol increase, but was curious for your thoughts.
    BTW-I decided to scratch the next figure show, and am doing well with IF @ 14 hrs fasting, 10 hrs feeding window, unweighed Paleo+dairy. And chocolate ice cram on weekends. Maintaining body comp well with this, so thank you. No real progress on convincing the taller half to improve his food intake, but still working on it. Looking forward to receiving my preorder of the book.

  16. Suzanne says

    Hi Robb,
    Another great podcast – I just started The Whole 30 on Monday, so the timing was great! I have been catching up on some old podcasts – in Episode 38 you mentioned a supplement that OPT recommends for “wired and tired” / cortisol issues. I am in Calgary so it would be easy for me to go and pick some up. Can you please let me know which one it is as it’s not apparent from his website.

    I also thought you might be interested to know that shows your book as “temporarily out of stock” and Chapters (our largest Canadian bookstore) shows it as “Temporarily Unavailable to Order New”. I did preorder through as I wanted to ensure I got it as soon as possible (and to up your rating of course) and Chapters carrying it would be hit and miss.

    Thanks for EVERYTHING you do Robb. You are changing lives!

  17. Mike Molloy says

    RE: Bryan / Cat Allergy question

    I’m with Robb on this one… get all the other inflammatory stimulation out of your system and you should see some benefits here.

    Quercetin: I’ve heard of it, but never played with it myself. No recommendation one way or another.

    Might want to up your Vitamin D intake if you’re not taking supplements already. Some studies show that having good vitamin D levels allow for proper immune function without unnecessary additional inflammation. Those studies were done w/ infection though, so this is a correlative observation.

  18. Rob says

    Robb, Great Job on the interview with UW. Hey quick question I was wondering your thoughts on Julie Ross and the Mood Cure. I have a family meeber that is on Prozac for depression and is always complaining about being tired. I am tring to convert them to full on Paleo as the meals that I cook for both of us fall into this category but I can not control all of their meals (bread). Ross says that the food is the most important first step but I am thinking the Amino Acids she recommends may be needed? Thanks for any info you have on this.

  19. Martin says


    Any concern that very low carb/paleo can exacerbate already existing adrenal fatigue? Would like to get rid of midsection girth while healing my adrenals. Is this even possible?

  20. Matt Lentzner says


    I was thinking of equating eating gluten with smoking cigarettes. Both are not poisonous in small doses (excepting celiacs), but cause long term, accumulating damage. And we know nicotene from cigarettes is highly addictive, but I suspect gluten may be very addictive as well. Some people seem to love their baked goods just a little too much.

    Seems like an easy analogy to make to get the message across to a layman. You can explain their “six slice a day” habit and how each slice is equivalent to x number of cigarettes.

    Wondering if you have any comments.



  21. Mical says

    Hi guys!
    I was wondering what was the difference in Omega 3’s between DHA and EPA? When looking at both the Nordic Naturals and Carlson’s brands, I noticed that Fish Oil has higher levels of EPA, and Cod Liver Oil has higher levels of DHA, proportionally. Does that make any kind of difference?

  22. Peter says

    Robb and Andy:
    Love the podcast and am totally addicted. When I’ve got the ear buds in, everyone thinks I’m jamming but really I’m listening to you guys.
    At my annual physical last month, my doctor noticed elevated liver enzymes and sent me for an ultrasound. It turns out I’ve got fatty liver, which has got me stumped.
    I eat a strict Paleo diet with no nuts and very little fruit. I’ve added grass-fed butter and have no more than two glasses of wine a week. I don’t cheat since I’ve got an autoimmune thyroid condition. Since my last physical I bought a side of grass-fed beef and eat that for most of my meals. Maybe 3 meals a week are industrial meat, such as chicken, grilled pork ribs, or bacon, and I eat a couple of cans of wild caught fish a week. My workouts are Mark Sisson-type minimalist–lift heavy things 2x week and sprint 2x week. I’m about 10% BF.
    Here are the potential problems. Since my last physical I started drinking a can of coconut milk per day and upped my fish oil to .25g per 10 lbs of body weight. My doctor thinks the coconut oil is the problem. I suspect I’m getting too many O-3 PUFAs. What do you think? Thanks for everything.

  23. Nick B. says

    Maybe a good supplement to add on the ever elusive and ominous ” Paleolithic Solution Episode “” Supplement Podcast”…..: Cissus Quadrangularis

  24. says

    Rob & Andy,
    Let’s start it off right I have been listening to the podcast since episode 1 so I really may be one of the original 6, sorry Andy I will be at the seminar in Brooklyn this weekend and cant wait for it and the book.
    I am currently on a ketogenic diet. Last mont I did intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day for 6 days of the week. I don’t know if that was a good or bad idea but I can tell you I felt great and continue to feel great on the ketogenic diet too. I have tried everything during the course of my life from Vegetarianism to Atkins and I can honestly say at 53 I have never felt better! I definitely do not sleep enough but everything else I believe I have dialed in. My Question? To me this all makes sense and the proof is in the results so what is mainstream’s argument over what seems to me as compelling proof that this diet is far better than anything they recommend? What about the scientific proof what is their argument? I found in life if something does not make sense if you throw money into the picture it clears it up, is it about money or livelihoods? All I can say in my laboratory, my body, the proof is obvious what do they need to get their head out of their ass oh I mean sand? Thanks for all the valuable information it has changed my life!

  25. Tane says

    Robb & Andy,
    I’ve been away for about a month, so am catching up on the podcasts (I’ve been in Europe- lots of history, not so much WiFi), imagine my surprise to hear one of my comments leading the podcast! Especially as it wasn’t actually a question. Still, in true Robb Wolf fashion, it still took about 15 minutes to answer the non-question.
    Here is a link to the book “By The Sword”:
    It is as infotaining as the podcast. The pregnancy comment was aimed at the unusually high incidence at Norcal- I wouldn’t let my girlfirend (or mother, for that matter) train there without a chaperone.
    In the (unlikely) event of a Chico barcrawl, I’m not sure I would last any longer- after 9 months in Saudi, I recently went to a wedding in Poland, where they budgeted for 3 bottles of vodka per man, woman and child. I drank myself back into the Paleolithic Era (or possibly further to before we evolved the rudiments of language and tool-use [e.g. hotel key cards]).
    Happily, I will be moving to the UK in January, hopefully in time for a seminar/book tour.
    Also, I think that I have worked out how you can really monetise the whole Paleo-thing.
    Death To Gluten!
    (P.S. It is actually pronounced “Taa-nay”- it is a very uncommon name outside New Zealand, although there is an American actress called Tane McClure- which is weird as it means “man/husband”)

  26. reader says

    your web hosting service is a crapper. All night it was reporting “Error establishing a database connection”. Your site was completely unavailable. I’ve seen that happen on many other days, too. You should switch. Why pay them when they have such inferior service?

  27. says

    Here’s a question for you. One of my students is a wild food forager. He actually teaches primitive living skills professionally. He said wild rice collection time is about to happen. He collects in a weekend the supply he uses throughout the year. He invited me to come out gathering. My initial response was, “I don’t do grains”. But then I started thinking, if carbs are useful Post Work Out….. These are local, seasonal, and free. What’s the comparison between Sweet Potatoes and actual foraged WILD rice (not a bag that says wild rice at whole foods). Worth using PWO or just stick with Yams? If it matters we live in Maine (no idea as to regional differences in Wild Rice strains, just in case)
    Jay Jack

  28. says

    I just finished reading your book and it was GREAT! I thought I wouldn’t learn anything new because I have been listening to your podcast every week since the beginning. You told us in Brooklyn that it was something you were proud of and you were right! Where can I write the review on Amazon I looked several time for a link but could not find it.

  29. says

    Hey Robb,

    Thanks for an awesome seminar yesterday, and also for the for the review copy of the book. I’m reading it right now and I love it. A review is forthcoming.

    I forgot to ask what your take is on assessing clients’ status in terms of micronutrient deficiencies. Magnesium supplementation seems to be in your general tool kit, but do you think that there value in digging further and look for say iodine, zink, copper deficiencies etc, and try to correct those?

    If so, do you have any thoughts about the lingual neuro testing protocol for determining deficiencies? (Legit or hocus pokus?)

  30. David says

    hi robb and andy. thanks for all of the good info and humor. i never hear about listeners from north carolina – so i must be your #1 tarheel fan.

    another question about sweeteners. what are your thoughts about erythritol? unlike most other sugar alcohols, it’s metabolized mostly in the liver and therefore doesn’t cause much (if any) gi upset and i have seen it published in many sources that it has a glycemic index of ‘0’.

    i have a sweet tooth so i’m always looking to something i can add to my diet while still trying to lean out.

    thanks again,

    p.s. get a kindle edition of your book!! please!

  31. Jason End says

    I didn’t see this in the notes, regarding Q #10:
    Ortho Molecular Products
    Adren-All and Adapten-All (I think Robb was referring to one of these. They both have similar ingredients).

    They’re available in the US from

  32. Frank says

    Yeah to reiterate what Jason said…which Siberian Ginseng product was Robb talking about?…I thought it was supposed to be in the show notes or a link.

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