The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 7

In unrelated news here is the link to the Super Mario MMA debut that we talked about in episode 6 (Thanks Steve)!  Well worth the 40 seconds it takes to watch the fight.

Download a transcript of Episode 7

Here is episode 7 for your enjoyment.  Happy Holidays!

Show Topics:

  1. Eggs & Autoimmune issues
  2. Menstrual Cycles
  3. “So Delicious” Unsweetened Coconut Milk
  4. Maintain bodyweight with strength increases
  5. Sugar Solution / Glucosamine / Paleo Priorities
  6. Birth Control
  7. Lose the last 10 pounds
  8. Paleo vs Zone
  9. Alkaline Water
  10. Parkinson’s & Paleo
  11. Low Carb & Dizziness

Show Notes: The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_7

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. Jason says

    Thanks for another episode. I get a little endorphin rush when a new one shows up.

    btw, you guys mentioned in an early podcast doing a whole episode devoted to supplements. I hope that’s still on the agenda. among things I’m interested in: vitamin d. I fear overdosing. Should I just get out in the sun and not worry about taking a supplement?

    thanks again for this wonderful show!

  2. Charley says

    Im not sure if its my feed, but i the show cut out at 30 minutes?

    Anyway, thanks for following up my questions about “So Delicious” coconut milk! The ice cream is RIDICULOUS GOOD…but not to paleo friendly.
    I just got done reading “Lights Out” it’s a must! i cut my carbs down to 50g a day, and pretty much eating freely on PRO and FAT. I’m dealing with a shoulder issue, witch as sidelined my WOD’s and limited me to a lower body routine but, i feel pretty great and haven’t gained any weight with doing this.

    Have a Great Holidays Guys…Thanks for all you do!

  3. Sage says

    What is your take on Poliquin’s recommendation of a ground flaxseed and ground fenugreek seed mixture in the morning for regularity when on a low carb paleo diet? Thank you!

  4. Ken says

    Hi Robb,
    Thanks for all the great info and the cool podcasts. My question is about “exertion headaches”. I have recently (about 1 week) started getting headaches while working out. (one time it was during light front squats-135# another time it was while doing double unders) I used to get them once in a while doing multi-rep heavy lifts. I haven’t had any for over a year. I’ve heard that these could be diet related. Do you have any experience with this phenomenon (either personally or with your athletes)? Also do you have any recomendations for reducing or eliminating these headaches. They are really painful and cause me to take long rests during WODs when they show up. Typically they show up at the beginning of the workout, within the first two minutes.

    My background info:
    I’ve been a main site crossfitter for 18 months, started a strict zone diet last March and then switched to a strict vegan zone for the summer (as a trial) and have been doing Paleo (unmeasured) since Oct 1. Overall I feel great and performance numbers have been increasing since going paleo.
    I’m 46/M/5’11″/188lbs have lost about 30 lbs in 18 months. I’m a former smoker. For reference I have a 5:32 Fran, 350 Deadlift, 350 BackSquat, 6 minute mile.
    Any insight from you or anyone reading this blog would be appreciated.
    Thanks Ken

  5. Andy Deas says

    Clara –

    You are totally right about So Delicious unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage not having any sweeteners. The point I was trying to make was that many of their other products are sweetened and that folks should definitely read the labels before buying. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. miss spinach says

    Thanks for another great podcast and for going further on the eggs and autoimmunity issues.

    Have you come across this website? Kind of a useful list; hopefully it doesn’t make people overly paranoid.

    I wonder if some people who have trouble leaning out are dealing mostly with autoimmune issues and less so with insulin issues. During times in my life when I had trouble leaning out, I wasn’t necessarily eating anything that would stimulate insulin, no large amounts of fruit, grains, or other junk, but I was eating nuts and eggs…..Take out the remaining gut irritants (and resulting stress response in the body, i.e. cortisol) and I leaned out even on more calories overall. Funny how all this stuff works.

  7. Anu says


    Love your podcasts – I’m always eagerly awaiting the next one to see what topics you’ll be discussing.

    So, here’s what I’m wondering about and hope you can shed some light on it. How much damage, what type of damage is done when I go off paleo for a week or two – say due to family vacations / celebrations/ travel, etc. where I am unable to observe my usual paleo method (vegetarian paleo) of eating? While I eat as much vegetables and good fat as I can, there’s a good amount of rice and flatbreads (typical Indian food and what’s considered “normal” Indian food in my family) on the menu. When I switch back to paleo, how long does it take for the body to return to the steady state it was before? How bad will the detox period be? I’m mentally prepared for it and WILL be reverting to paleo from Jan 2nd onwards.


    • says

      We had a similr question in one of the early podcasts…there is no real answer to this. A week fo off the rails eating is not going to kill you. And if it is just what you have to deal with…best not to stress it and just enjoy the variety.

  8. Ben says

    When you said, whole whipping cream is good in coffee, I agree. However, you mentioned that most whipping cream is homogenized. I have not tried raw cream before but I’m wondering if that means the Organic Pastures Raw Cream does not mix well in coffee because it’s raw and not homogenized? Thanks.

  9. says


    Best thing to do is have your levels tested then determine if you need to supplement. At the levels of vitamin D I see people suggest I wouldn’t be worried about hitting a toxic level. The key is test and supplement, test again after a month.

  10. Andrea Grant says

    Hey Robb

    Alzheimer’s & Type 3:

    I saw one of your seminar videos where you talked about the Alzheimer’s being Type 3 diabetes. Can you touch on that in one of your podcasts? A couple reasons for my question. From the heriditary standpoint, my father comes from a family of 9 kids – 3 of which have been diagnosed (Dad being one) another sibling we suspect has Alzheimer’s. So my obvious concern is to do whatever I can to minimize my chance of getting it. And is there something that can/should be done to help my Dad (he was diagnosed 2 years ago).

    “Recommended” Carb consumption in the elderly:

    I’ve been “working” on my mother and trying to get her to make dietary changes. Discussed Zone with her. Discussed Paleo with her. Her rebuttal has been/continues to be was doctor recommendations that the elderly need to consume carbs by way of grains etc. Can you shed any light on why this is the recommendation? What is the appropriate rebuttal?

    Thanks – I am loving your podcast!!!! To bad it has a “inappropriate” rating that’s blocking it from my work network. Good thing for the ol’ wireless aircard! Wouldn’t want work to get in the way of nutritional education! LOL

  11. IanG says

    Another great episode Robb and Andy! The levels were great today, very easy to listen to. I also listen to JJ’s crossfit podcast and the levels are just so bad, my ears can barely take it…glad you guys have it figured out while you are still in the single digits!

    One thing that might help on the podcast is to mention specifically how people can submit questions to be answered, I think most of us are very familiar with your website but as your podcast grows making that clear might help get a wider variety of questions for people that just happen across it on iTunes.

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait for the intro music!


  12. John A. says


    Thanks for answering my last question.

    I just got some krill oil, epa/dha levels are about 1/2 normal fish oil. Thoughts on this? Is it indeed “48x more potent”?

    Happy Holiday, best to you and Nicki!


  13. Erik says

    Just a small technical note on a great podcast: Andy, your keyboard clatter while Robb speaks is loud as hell and once I started noticing it, could not ignore it. Intrusive!

  14. Jules says

    @Ken – I asked Kelly Starrett quite a bit about these as one of our friends was going through some intense stuff (mostly when doing OHS). From a physiolgoical perspective, I’d say make sure you’re working on lenthening your spine, work on your shoulder flexibility, and keep the shoulders back, neck in line (i.e. not looking up at the ceiling in front squats) etc. Tweaks in positioning could be impacting the blood flow. Just my two cents. Here are some examples of what he’s talking about:

    Robb – as always, fracking good stuff.

    Hope you and the lovely Nicki have an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and a 2010 that brings: 1.) your book to publication (woo-hoo!), 2.) more success for NorCal S&C, 3.) nothing but good, positive stuff for you and Nicki!

  15. Jay says

    Robb and Andy,

    Question for a quick response on the blog or podcast. I’m getting killed on fish oil costs (about $100/month from Zone Labs). I have nothing against them but then I heard you mention in one of your previous podcasts that mercury (which Sears touts as the reason his is so awesome) really isn’t an issue in fish oil. Any brand good to go or should I stick with the high quality stuff?


    • says

      could you please get me the refrence in which Sears claims there is mercury in fish oil?
      To answer your question, just roll with Kirkland, its good enough. PLEASE do track that refrence down, be it written or video.

  16. Kyle says


    I would love to see a podcast on common counter arguments to paleo nutrition (similar to Crodains article, but more in depth) and good rebuttals (so I can lay the verbal smack down on the nasysayers).

    In other words, as a trainer, when we recommend this type of nutrition and the client says “well, my doctor says…”, what are some of these common worries? And what should the appropriate response be? Im sure you have many different examples of this from your clinical experience.

    • says

      Just saw that. Lyle is kinda funny…no one in thei right mind has said there is “one” paleo diet…his commentary seems almost plucked form Cordain’s intro’s of several papers. Lyle seems to be painting and overly broad interpertation of a paleo diet…I think in a similar vein of Mike Boyle not liking Squats…soembody needs to be different.

      What I’d liek to see is his commentary on why we are seeing so much alleviation of autoimmune issues with grain free diets and what other theory besides evolutionary medicine preducts this? And liek I always say, tinker with stuff, see what works.

  17. Ian CFATL says

    I was wondering about your experience with allergies. I have allergies to dogs and cats and dust and feel just destroyed when I am exposed to them for a while. Certainly affecting my performance in the gym and being all inflamed in my nose, eyes sneezing etc.

    Is there any ways that this might be affected by my diet? or anything specific in terms of supplements or deficiencies that might be a factor? I am quite on point with my Paleo.

    ps. love the podcast, and I have been following all the goings on in regards to HQ and I am very sorry about how it has all played out.

  18. says

    I have never had an encounter with irregularity on paleo and quite the opposite. I have clients (typically female) who have struggled with regularity for as long as they can remember and are nervous about taking grains out of their diet because…How will they get enough fiber NOW?!?! Once they start paleo it comes easily. They are always super happy about this, as you can imagine. I have attributed this to the fat content causing things to just “roll” better and plenty of bulk from veggies…thoughts on the fat part Robb?

  19. Greg Boyd says

    I know we are always talking up the benefits of grass fed beef. I came up with another solution that has really helped. A coworker offered to harvest a deer for me if I would pay for the processing. I could not be happier. The meat is delicious and VERY affordable. The processing cost $.50/lb+ $16.00 to skin. So I got over 50# of venison for $42.00. If any of you know of a hunter they are usually happy to help you out if they can. For the record, I’m in TN. Thanks for podcasts Robb and Andy. Keep up the good work.

  20. Matt says

    Robb and Andy –
    I’ve been looking for the specific brand of sardines you guys recommended a few podcasts ago and is also found in Robb’s Food Shopping List for On Ramp Clients (see the FAQ).
    I couldn’t find them at Trader Joe’s or anywhere else. Unfortunately, the Bela Olhao brand is no longer available in the US b/c the company who imported them, Blue Galleon, is out of business.

  21. Matt says

    From the OmegaRX Zone:
    “Finally, non-pharmaceutical grade fish oil should be considered the sewer of the sea. Anything that is water insoluble, such as PCB’s, DDT, and organic mercury compounds will be found in crude fish oil. To remove these chemicals takes extensive processing and it usually takes 100 gallons of health food grade fish oil to make one gallon of pharmaceutical grade fish oil. “

    • says

      I’d like to see the chemical engineering specs on that conversion. Also, it’s oddly self serving to scare people to buy the most expensive fish oil imaginable, then turn around and sell people gluten fortified baked goods.

  22. says

    Regarding Sears, fish oil, and mercury:

    “Unfortunately, all fish oils are inherently contaminated with toxins. These toxins significantly degrade the tremendous health benefits of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil. For years, the supplement industry assumed that the consumer was not sophisticated enough to ask the probing questions concerning the quality of a finished fish oil product. Fortunately, this has all changed with the introduction of the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) 5-Star Testing Program.”

    “Of all the toxins in fish oil, mercury may be the easiest to remove. This is why the IFOS program does not award a star for lowered mercury levels. However, the IFOS testing equipment can measure mercury levels to a much lower concentration than is generally reported by health-food grade fish oil producer. Any fish oil that contains more than 10 ppb of mercury should be considered unfit for human consumption.”

  23. says

    Hi Robb,

    I attended your Nutrition Cert in Edmonton ALberta, thoroughly enjoyed your and Cert and enjoy listening to your podcast. I was wondering if your thoughts on Green Smoothies, I recently added them to my diet, and have noticed some interesting things. Coffee cravings have withered substantially and typically I try to have one with a good protien source, but on the odd occasion when I don’t grab some protien, I am amazed how long I can go without hunger being as there is so little calories in the smoothie. The just of the smoothie is that your body can absorb the nutrient easier from the greens. A typical smoothie (that I make) is a cup of blueberries (frozen organic), a couple of good handfuls (pretty much stuff a blender full) of spinich, Kale, Romain (one of these), a couple of tea spoons of Olive oil, and water. So basically very Paleo, except protien.

    Your thought on getting carbs this way, and any thought on your body taking advantage of the greens better after blending?

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work, can’t wait for your book!!

  24. Rachel says

    Hi Robb –

    Do you have any thoughts on the therapeutic use of probiotics? I’ve eliminated dairy (I was down to high protein greek yogurt) and am considering adding back in a powdered probiotic for the immunity boosting and digestive benefits. But I’m hesitant to spend the money and energy if it’s not that beneficial.



  25. CJ says


    Thanks again for another great podcast. Really good stuff.

    Two random questions I had: 1) Can you dumb down the topic of autoimmune issues? Particularly as it relates to inflammation? I’d love to see you dig deeper into this toppic. 2) What do you eat on a daily/weekly basis? Are you a simplistic “repeat” kinda person or do you like to make yourself fancy paleo meals?

    Thanks again. Keep it up!

  26. Ben Wheeler says


    I know I have bugged you about this before (sorry!), but are you going to comment more on your stance with cod liver oil? Possibly in the supplement podcast? I know you have stated that the Vit A inhibits the Vit D, but is this just in general or is it due to the fact that standard cod liver oil has such a high ratio of Vit A: Vit D. The top of the line brands seem to have a better ratio (Less A, More D). Does Cordain have any papers on this topic? I cannot seem to track them down, as I have been looking for more info on the subject since you told me about your dinner with Cordain, when we met at the seminar in Toronto.

    Here is some commentary from Chris Masterjohn on the possible interference Vit A might have on Vit D.

    This is a paper that Cordain has cited but I am unable to read the full text.

    I personally don’t take cod liver oil. I crush fish oil & Vit D seperately, it is just a topic that I find interesting and the knowledge seems useful for folks who are currently taking Cod liver oil. Thanks again Robb!

  27. Buck says


    Could you recommend some reading from Pavel Tsatsouline that coincides with what you were talking about in episode 7.

    Thanks for everything you do Robb.

    • says

      What was that topic specifically? I like most all of his material. Dragon Door gets a little over the top in it;s marketing but the products are EXCELLENT and ultimately worht th money.

  28. kevin says

    I am new to paleo and have been crossfitting about 6months.It seems alot of your questions are for the geeked out people.Good stuff but as your podcast gets more popular there will be more people like me just starting to learn. Can you make any suggestions for people over 50 years old. Right now even with scaled work outs I am having to do 1 on 3 off just to recover. Also, how do you add the fat to each meal.iam hearing nuts avacado and you mentioned coconut chips. My breakfast is usually 4 eggs and either a apple or some spinach. is the oil I cook in count or should I add more. I take a spoon full of fish oil for breakfast also. does that count. with out weighing and measuring ,how much fat should I eat.(5″11,195lbs 18-20body fat)

  29. Kirk says

    Hey – love your podcast. I was wondering if you could explain the acid vs alkaline nature of foods on a future podcast. It is a concept i have heard about, but never really been able to grasp.

    Thanks very much and keep those podcasts coming!

  30. Jon says

    I have to say I was a little disappointed with the opening of this week’s otherwise excellent podcast. I was really looking forward to Robb’s comment about what had not happened to him – past episodes have opened with mentions of how you guys haven’t gotten kicked off the air, how no one has cut Robb’s brake lines, or the rendition crew didn’t come to get him… I thought it was a weekly feature! (e.g. Andy – Hey Robb, how’s it going? Robb – Good, Super Mario didn’t pound me into a pulp this week, so I’m doing pretty well.) Come on, guys! If you’re not going to have porn music for an intro, we need some cool hook at the opening of the show.

    Otherwise, keep up the awesome work – thanks for all the great info!

  31. eden says

    After explaining my non-gluten diet to my mom, she let me know about teff flour. Some quick searches were saying that it has no gluten, but I was wondering if it would fit into a low carb (<50g-70g per day), no gluten diet? Anything that would be an issue in regards to an immunodeficiency? Thanks.

    • says

      Teff is still carby and it DOES have gluten like proteins. By all means give it a shot, but I do not really see this as a great long term option. Give it a shot, let me know what your experience is.

  32. says

    “tinker with stuff and see if it works”

    You aren’t implying that everyone should try things out on their own and then make a logical decision on whether or not it is good for them are you? Thats some type of nerve you’ve got. Don’t you know the party line is WAM. Never mind those first lines of Fitness in 100 words(the paleo sounding part). WAM baby, WAM!

    BTW, have you seen these vids. Paleo in a NutShell

    • says

      Yea, the Paleo In a Nutshell is legit.

      Your line aout the WAM makes me chuckle and think back to the BBS. I had just described Glen Cordoza, our IFC lightweight MMA champ who weight 175 lbs, C&J’s 275-290, Snatches 225, turns a 470 LEGIT Fight Gone bad…brown belt BJJ, A level Thai game…I said glen was eating an unweighed, unmeasured Paleo gig, protein + Carbs PWO etc. I said he had been setitng PR’s monthsly on this program of fight training, OL’ng and gymnastics. Russel Berger raised his hand and asked “Why don;t you weigh and measure so he gets better performance?” I just looked at Russel, mouth agape and finally asked “What EXACTLY W would YOU change to “imporve” Glen’s performance?” “At present it seems to be working VERY well and frankly I have no idea where I would take it to improve it” I think I said somehting about Numerology in closing. Funny to remember. Now.

  33. Drew Barquist says


    I recently switched over to eating eggs as a main source of my protein throughout the day, because they’re a cheap source. I often eat more than 20 eggs a day, and I was just wondering if all that cholesterol would have a negative effect in any way (inflammation maybe?) I usually try to go for the Omega 3 enriched ones, and am on a generally low carb (6-10 blks) paleo diet. Any input would be awesome.

    • says

      I THINK it;s probably ok but I;d really like to see more variety than that. You ae beggin for an egg allergy eating that many eggs…tru of eating any protein source to exclussion of others.

  34. Jay says


    Reference: The Anti-Inflamation Zone p. 77 section titled “Buyer Beware: Fish Oil Contamination”

    second paragraph “Fish are simply at the end of the food chain in the ocean. The bigger the fish, the more toxins it contains (remember, tuna is a pretty big fish even though the size of the tuna can is small). Since these contaminants are fat soluble, they all end up in the fish oil.”

    You probably have the book or can check it out at the library but it talks all about it from p. 77-85. In black and white.


    • says

      Thanks Jay-
      Another perfect example that Barry Sears either has a shitty editor for his books or forgot his chemistry. Mercury is like the least fat soluble item you can find. It adhears to protein. Even LOW quality fish oil has inadequate protein content to provide any significant mercury load. Whoel fish like Ahi tuna? Yes. Fish oil, BULL SHIT.

      If Mat Lalonde reads this he is likely to have an aneurism.

  35. Tim E says

    Hey Robb,

    long -time reader here from Australia.

    Sadly, a good friend of mine lost his battle with depression last friday, and took his own life. This made me do some research on the ways that he had been treating his depression. I knew that he connected a lot of it with his diet, but I only recently found this site:

    have you come across this organisation, or the use of Paleo food in treating metabolic, immunologic, neurologic, digestive disorders that often affect the mind? I know you talk about autoimmune disease, but this seems a little different. I also know they don’t explicitly recommend Paleo, but they’re almost there..

    • says

      Tim…Damn I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with the site you refrenced. I have been on an email list of folks like Prof. cordain and we have talked about eerythign from depression to schizophrenia being diet induced, or very heavily influenced. it works, it matters.

      My condolences…what a loss.

  36. Donna K says

    Hi Robb

    Thought I would check in with you about a small change I made (that you suggested) that might help some of your female readers.

    I cut down–way down on fruit. That is it. I replaced the fruit breakfasts with a huge salad with protein or roasted vegetables. Still haven’t eaten an egg though will have eggs on xmas morning and will see how I feel.

    I think as a transition step–having fruit is great–but for me–tweaking my diet after eating whole unprocessed foods for years–really worked. I also know it is something I can sustain. And if occasionally I have fruit–fine! But before I was eating 4 apples or a bowl of watermelon for breakfast –no wonder I was sleepy!

    Yesterday we experimented with making kimchi– I don’t know your thoughts on it but in my experiment of one:) I am psyched I have something new to add to the menu.

    You rock Robb. Thanks again. Come to the Bay Area!!!

  37. Stephan says

    Robb – I was wondering what your take on random eating throughout the day would be if for example, one would roll a die and the number could relate to the number of meals they would eat for the day or it could translate into the number of blocks (Paleo foods of course) they would eat per meal. If using blocks, the larger person could use all six sides where a smaller person could say 4 =1block, 5= 2blocks, 6 = 3 blocks. OR is this just a flat out silly idea and not worhty of expermiting with?

  38. says


    if a female supplements with 150mg iodine/day for menstrual cycles – how long should she give it before concluding its not the thyroid issue? three weeks? 2months?

    thanks for all the podcasts! will be re-listening during holiday transit. hope you have some planned downtime for the holidays!

  39. ChrisJ says

    After reading the Matt Lalonde post, I’m going to experiment with Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU/day), Magnesium (350mg/day) & keep on with 2Tbsp/Day of Carlson Fish Oil. Does this seem like a good direction?

  40. TomC says

    Question for the podcast:

    You tend to speak highly about the use of coconut as a fat source, but it seems like coconut is a rather exotic food from an evolutionary standpoint. It probably was not widely consumed until neolithic times and even then was probably available to only a small group of humans. Just because we haven’t eaten it for hundreds of thousands of years does not mean it is bad for us, but I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the matter.

  41. Jason says

    Another Omega-3 question (well, a series of interrelated questions. Sorry for the length). From things you’ve said on the podcast (and things I’ve read), it seems that we want to maintain an Omega-3/Omega-6 balance (is that 1:1?). You mention .5-1g of O-3 per 10lbs body weight as a daily prescription. Is this a baseline of what the human body needs or is that designed to offset Omega-6 consumption? If one is eating Paleo (or Paleo + dairy) but from quality sources, does that change the needs (e.g., When I eat beef, what if I am eating only grass-fed beef (and pasture-fed dairy too)). Also, I am assuming that it’s easy to get enough Omega-6. To sum up: clearly, the human body needs us to consume both EFAs. What’s the minimum of each that the body needs? Beyond that, is everything fine as long as they are in a rough balance? If so, why is the body able to handle the additional load without issue? Can I overcompensate with O-3 and damage my inflammatory response (what are scenarios in which that would be a bad thing)?

    Background: I’ve only switched my diet in the last 4 weeks (bad cholesterol ratios were my motivation) so I’m still in the midst of acclimating, etc. I’m shooting for ~30g of carbs a day, 175g of protein (I weigh ~175), but I’m not WAM (except for carbs), just keeping a dairy and making sure I’m in the ballpark. I’m about 22% body fat right now, so I look forward to that changing as a side effect of improving my cholesterol ratios (I retest in 4 weeks, that is, 8 weeks into this process).

    Thanks again for the great podcast.

  42. Mike D says


    Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday and new year. You’ve given so much to this community and you’ve completely changed my outlook on what I put into my body. It’s gotten so bad that I die a little inside when I see my 10month of old niece eating breads!

    Keep fighting the good fight and keep the podcasts coming, I look forward to them every week! OH and I can’t wait for the book.

  43. Jon Levy says

    Dear Robb,

    My dad was interested in learning more about the Paleo Diet, so he downloaded The Paleo Solution Episode 1. I started to listen to it with him, but we soon realized it assumed a basic knowledge of the how and why of the diet, of which he knows nothing. (PWO nutrition is far down the road for him.) Is there a particular episode or part of an episode meant for the Paleo newbie? If not, is there an article or book (Cordain’s?) or other source you recommend to get started?


    P.S. I was visiting an out-of-town CF affiliate today, and I would guess that as many people as there are that have shown support through online comments after the BBSBS (new word?), there are even more out there that continue to go about their business silently but know that you are in the right.

    P.P.S. Sorry if my question has already been answered.

    • says

      We will do a Basic Paleo/ho to get started episode asap. We have a few already done and in que but we can hit that ASAP. Thanks for clueing me in on that and for the kind words of support.

  44. Mike says

    I just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and wish you all the best in 2010.
    Thank you for all you have done through your site and for the incredible podcasts you have been doing lately! Keep it up, get that book done and get back on the road soon!

  45. Scott L says

    Hey Robb,

    Thanks for tackling my question about gaining strength without size. You mentioned Glen Cordoza and his training, does he more or less use his fight training for Metcon? Metcon is my weakness so if I decrease my volume by cutting mainsite WOD’s I think that my metcon will suffer. I am not on the ice enough to maintain it, so I have to rely on my workouts. I think that one of the problems I had with CFFB was the shorter metcon workouts decreased my capacity, while increasing my strength. I don’t think that fatigue was a factor in my feeling slugish either as I did taper prior to competition. Was off CFFB for a month prior, doing reduced volume mainsite WOD’s. Strength isn’t my main priority as I feel my strength is OK, can always use more though (1032lb CF total @215BW), however I would like to increase my power ie. oly lifts.

    My problem is I like CrossFit style workouts for metcon, however if the volume and intensity are causing size gain where can I get my metcon? 1-2 CFE workouts a week? Reduce CrossFit metcon to 1-2X per week? Any ideas would be appreciated.

    The podcasts are great. You and Andy have a great Christmas season.

    • says

      Frankly, I’m A little stumped. I’d be inclined to think the CFFB stuff would be your best bet for hockey, i really do not see classic “endurance” work benefittign you either. I STILL hate you for having a problem of gaining too much muscle from all this!! I’d really need to see yur exact food, schedule etc to make a more informed recommendation here as you seem to not follow the norms on this. It’s jsut rare that I do not see benefit from speed/power development.

      I’d honestly prefer to see you follow somehtign like CFFB and then do a day of on-ice suicides or similar conditioning. Again thoguh, i think i;d need to see more to offer more.

  46. Brad L says


    Hope all is well with you…In conversation with my mom over the kitchen counter we got to talking about artificial sweetener and insulin spike. Do you address it in one of the podcasts or where can I get a bit of info on it? Also, my mom was telling me about a natural sweetener that she grows in her garden called stevia. The leaves are sweet, and evidently its marketed as well (Truvia)…I would assume it produces the same response??? Thanks!

    • says

      We do talk about sweetners…forget which podcast. Yep, stevia acts similarly. I fthe individual ahs weight or bloog sugar problems, i’d largely steer clear.

  47. says


    Just wanted to say, as a guy who has ALWAYS struggled with nutrition, this podcast has been a godsend. I subscribed just a few weeks back and picked up all the episodes and have been slowly but surely making my way through them. just over two weeks ago i buckled down and began tracking my food and putting sincere effort into getting my weight and nutrition under control (at 31, i’m 5’8″ and 265 lbs – and that’s after losing 20 plus lbs.) i do crossfit at a box, 4-5 times a week for about 7 months now, and though weight loss hasn’t been my primary concern, it became glaringly obvious I just wouldn’t make much progress on many things we do without simply dropping some lbs. well, in the two weeks, i’ve dropped 10 lbs! here’s the kicker: i’ve been using your podcast as a tool to help keep me on track. on the way to and from work and to and from the gym i listen to the podcast, and i’ve found it helps keep me really focused on nutrition and less concerned about eating the gnarliest thing i can find (food addiction is as bad as any out there!) It’s keeping nutrition at the forefront of my mind, reminding me of the what, why and how of what i’m trying to do, and teaching me to boot. i say all that just to say it’s an incredible resource, greatly appreciated and i sincerely hope you continue to make it available.

    cheers and happy holidays!

  48. Jason Seib says

    More gold, Robb. Thanks again for our call on Tuesday. I look forward to many more, as long as you can make time for me. We can’t wait to host your new cert. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    Jason Seib
    CrossFit Clackamas

  49. Jim R says

    Thank you so much for the podcast and your web site. I love it and appreciate the wealth of information. I am new to paleo but am cheating a little through the holidays. My question is this: My wife has Grave’s Disease and is fairly close to balancing things out, but not quite there. I am convinced that paleo is what she needs but do not have the words to convince her. Could you please offer some words of wisdom to convince her?

    • says

      Graves is an autoimmune issue. We have seen remarkable improvements in a variety of folks with autoimmunity by adopting paleo. I cna think of 3 folsk we have worked with who have seen remarkable improvements with Graves. You never know till you try, but she has the potential of actually putting the problem into remission. Worst case scenario she is “just” healthier, but still managing Graves.

      Happy Holidays!!

  50. Jon C says

    Robb, I truley enjoy your site and podcasts and this is going to come as a shock, but I’m a vegetarian. My wife and I are both actually(she doesn’t eat any dairy either since she is lactose intolerent). We started it out as an experiment about two years ago because my has cystic fibrosis and was having a very hard time digesting any kind of meat. Her digestion got better, still not the best though due to IBS, diabetes and complications with the CF. We have both recently switched our views to more of an ethical reason to not eat meat, don’t worry I’m not the type to throw red paint and tell people meat is murder, I don’t push my beliefes on anyone. Now that I have all that background out of the way, I have two questions:
    1. What can help out my wifes digestion? She does eat grains (I tell her to limit it, but she doesn’t listen to me to often), beans nuts, fruits and vegetables, tofu, tempeh, quinoa and we have stoped eating rice.
    2. With her conditions, I know fish oil would be benifical, what is a good replacement?
    I know these are pretty anti paleo questions, but we have been eating all natural foods now, which is at least a good start. Thanks

  51. miss spinach says

    Robb and Scott,

    Happy Holidays!

    This was a very interesting segment of the podcast. I’m curious about the high class headache of putting on too much muscle from the female perspective, for someone who can’t get too bulky because the main non-crossfit sport is dance, gymnastics, or similar, where power and agility and bursts of speed are important and keeping in a “weight class” (of sorts) is important as well.

    I’m wondering if too many CF main page style metcons, or if an unweighed and unmeasured approach could potentially overbuild this category of female athlete. If dropping the dairy doesn’t keep growth in check, what could be done with the training or feeding? I’m curious about trying the MEBB approach.

    Also for the female athletes out there…a non-hormonal IUD is THE way to go for contraception. Don’t want to mess with those synthetic hormones because they wreak total havoc in the body!


  52. says

    Thanks Jon Levy for putting my thoughts into words, add my request for the basics. So far I’m reading it between the lines of the more detailed questions. Not too hard, though!

    Is there an online resource where we newbies in our garages can find the nutrition packet that you send to new clients before they begin their Onramp?

    Thanks for giving us the benefit of your expertise. You’re a treasure.



  53. Jay says

    Hey Robb,
    Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are great!
    I have a question regarding strength lifts and metcon programming.
    I recently ordered the Primal Blueprint by Marks Sisson and it seems really solid, and very based in evolutionary living, however he recommends keeping full out efforts to less than ten minutes in total per week (two five minute all out efforts per week). His main premise is lift heavy 3x per week using Olympic Lifts or basic barbell stuff ala Mark Rippetoe, mostly 5×5 rep/set scheme and 3 lifts per session. Then he recommends Tabatta sprints 2x per week, or a full out effort for five minutes 2x per week (he mentions crossfit metcons). I was just wondering what your opinion is on this approach? Is this too little metcon? Too much lifting? Thanks for your help! Happy Holidays!

    • says

      I like it in that you will not feel beat to death on that schedule. Will it prep you for the CF games? Likely not, butI think it;s a fun, sustainable schedule.

  54. Kevin Burns says


    Not sure what your background on the subject is but a podcast addressing the gut-mind link would be interesting, especially concerning autism.

    Thanks !

  55. George says

    Robb, been catching up with the podcasts while I’ve been hunting (how Paleo is that?) and I have to say, I can completely understand why you were dropped from the CF certs…because you aren’t full of silly bullshit, and that seems to be what CF is selling these days.

    I look forward very much to reading your books, I plan on getting both, even if it means for the second one I need to study.

    I’ll be posting a review shortly on iTunes, because you deserve it.

    Some comments:

    Don’t pounce on your keyboard. Learn to tap keys lightly while you are recording.

    Try not to move your head so much that it changes the sound quality – if you are using a stand alone mic, I suggest changing to a headset and using a push to talk button to remove all the background noise (as a gamer I can tell you this is much, much nicer than a hot mic).

    Try to not use as many technical terms. While I understand why you do (it is very technical stuff) at least explain what the term you are using means, or post a reference in the podcast reference notes. The only thing I ever learned from L. Ron Hubbard (scary I know that I actually read Dianetics) was that people skip blindly by words they don’t understand and this is bad for true comprehension. You are doing the community that listens to you a disservice if they can’t understand what you are saying as the complete communication loop is severed when a word such as “ecanosoids” pops up in the conversation and people don’t know what those are. I think it would help immensely!

  56. Ian says

    Hey Robb, I was doing some reading of Vince Gironda tonight. If you don’t know who he was, he was an old time bodybuilder and a big proponet of the high fat, low carb diet. Anyway, in his book “unleashing the wild physique” he recommends that a high carb meal be eaten every 3 or 4 days. Says it helps with body composition. He recommends pasta, potatoes, fruit. Have you or any of your clients or collegues ever played with something like this, and if so what’s your take on it??

  57. Steven says

    Robb & Andy,

    I have noticed on subsequent shows outside of the fish oil, D3 and magnesium you guys have also been mentioning Zinc as another supplement to look at in the leaning out process.

    What is the dosage on the zinc that you guys recommend?



  58. Dennis R says

    Just wondering about the coconut milk, everything I find in stores including Thai Kitchen and the “So Delicious” mentioned here contain Guar Gum…should i be looking for coconut milk sans Guar Gum, and any suggestions?

  59. Scott L says

    Hey Robb,

    Hope the holidays treated you well. If it makes you feel any better I am pissed that I outweigh you by 40-50 lbs yet you can outlift me. I have to say that I am a bit stumped also, I thought that CFFB would be great for hockey. More strength, speed and power what every hockey player (contact sport athlete wants). However, for some reason with me as I lost my metcon I seemed to lose some on ice performance. I do recall feeling better on the ice previous to the CFFB with just mainsite WODs. That has not been the case since September though. I think I am going to WAM paleo (a la 42 ways to skin the zone)to see what I am eating and try to drop some weight that way. I am also thinking about reducing my volume somewhat (was .com 5 on 2 off)maybe MEBB 3X per week with once additional metcon with no workout on days I am on the ice and we’ll see what happens. Thanks for all the advice and the great podcasts.


  60. Jesse says


    Dr. Corrdain does not really address coconut in his book. It is just listed under “bad oils.” I just recently started reading the blog and listening to the podcasts. I was looking for the definitive reasons or some sources why coconut is beneficial. Dr. Corrdain suggests avoiding SFA. I did some quick literature research. I found some benefits in immune health and blood lipids. I was just wondering if you could address why you are pro coconut? Do you have a suggestion for adding it into my diet?

  61. Melissa says

    Hi Robb
    Do you ever worry all this information may turn out to be incorrect?
    I have done some research however it is so difficult to comprehend the “eat as many eggs a day as you want” (within reason) when each egg has the DAILY RDI of cholesterol. Scary stuff when you already have borderline cholesterol.
    My point is – people (the general public) are putting a lot of trust in you.
    I am a total novice to Paleo and I am learning as much as I can as I go.
    A balanced diet has always seemed to me the most ideal approach to life and nutrition however I have PCOS which also points to a low carb diet….so for me, all the signs are heading in one direction.
    I was just wondering how you can be really, really sure…..

    • says

      No, they are not putting “trust”in me! the y should be tracking biomarker before and after trying paleo. things seem to “always” get better.

      And your “borderline” cholesterol…borderline for what? Putting you on a statin? Are you aware womeen with higher cholesterol live LONGER?

      And Melissa, all I know iss I was DYING before, not dying as fast now! if I found out, unequivocally that paleo was ging to “kill” me at age 60 I’d not change as I;d have 20 more years of amazing productivity. I trust evolution and science,and my personal experience, not the government.

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