The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 3

And now back to regularly scheduled programming – here is the third episode of the Paleolithic Solution.  We went a little over our target time this week, but if you can make it to the end you will hear the recipe for the legendary NorCal Margarita (aka Better Drinking Through Chemistry).
Show Notes – The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_3

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


  1. David Velez says

    Hey Robb! Love your site/insight into nutrition, I cant thank you enough for all the genius you bestow on us regularly. My professors think I’m a genius just from the things I can remember learning from you and your site. I’m doing Paleo/Zone plus dairy. 4 block meals plus 2 block snacks, and for extra fat, I’m going to add whole milk. My question is: How much milk should I add? I know CFFB recommends drinking a gallon of whole milk a day. I’m 28/5’7″/165, my body comp is great (thanks to John and CFFB) but I really want to get stronger. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    • says

      David- It depends on your goals. If you just want to get stronger, you do not really need the dairy. If you want to get both big and strong…well, drink that milk! it really depends on your ultimate goals.

  2. James R says

    Even though you had so much drama from this weekend, thanks for taking the time to put out another “Solution”. I am loading this one to my PDA for the long drive to the in-laws for Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Steven says

    First, thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this. I have learned so much from these past three programs and look forward to future programs.

    As to your query regarding program length I think that the one hour time frame is perfect. It allows you to cover a fair amount of ground in a fair amount of detail without feeling rushed.

    I listen to the program at work so it certainly makes my day go by much easier as I work on projects!

    Thanks again!

  4. Jeff C. says

    Robb and Andy – I am blown away by the quality information in your podcasts. I can learn a lot quickly, which I like. In terms of length I think an hour is a good ballpark, but since these aren’t live “catch it or miss it” types of broadcasts it doesn’t really matter to me if they go longer because I can simply pause and finish the rest later if I am pressed for time.

    I was thinking about the question from episode 3 about needing less sleep on the Paleo diet. One thing I noticed almost immediately when I switched to a Paleo diet from Vegetarianism is that I could fall asleep faster and had less restless tossing and turning nights. Nothing like a good dose of carbs right before bed to make the heart pump and the brain race. That said, I doubt her sleep would be improved so much as to get away with only 5 hours (that is probably mostly due to the screwed up circadian rythyms that come from shift work) but I think in general getting 7.5-8 hours of real quality sleep is going to feel about the same as 9-10 hours of tossing and turning sleep that comes after having Ben and Jerrys for dessert or 6 beers during the evening.

  5. Steve says

    I loved the whole 66 mins of the Podcast. The more I hear the more I want to read your book.

    The thing that struck me is your people at your gym only workout three to four times a week which is way different than the 3 on and 1 off from the main site.

    Can you give little information on how to adapt the main site WODs Schedule to your WODs Schedule or can you recommend an affiliate which follows your workout schedule. Where I live I have no good CrossFit centers available to me, so I work out on my own.

    Thanks for all the information.

    • says

      Our programming looks NOTHING like the main site WOD. Look to catalyst athletics, crossfit football, and the fitness conduit for effective, intelligent programming.

  6. Bert Hendrickx says


    This is so brilliant. I am so stoked you guys started the podcasts. I’m a little disappointed as I registered for the January Cert in Ouray, I have to come from Belgium so I won’t cancel the Cert but I hope it still will be interesting without your knowledge.

    I started Crossfit January 2009 and overtrained myself about 3 months ago because of my love for Crossfit and I am still recovering of this. I felt dizzy for about 4-5 weeks and my sleep was terrible the 2 weeks before this. I rested for a week at that time and started training again, but this was way too early. Now after 2 months I’m just taking it really easy and I give myself 3 months to fully recover.

    I feel about 80% right now, I’m eating Paleo, using 8g of fish oil per day, taking multivitamine (Nutrilite Double X). Is it ok to start strength training again for 3x per week and maybe 1 metcon or should I rest for a few weeks more?


  7. Donna Dyson says

    Hey Robb,

    When does the podcast get posted on itunes? I like to listen to it on my way to work. btw, Loving the podcasts.

  8. Kevin says

    Really loved episode 3. In terms of time I think you nailed it with an hour, I agree with the previous poster that this is a good time frame to tackle the questions posed without feeling too rushed. I for one would rather have the information thoroughly explained than partially explained at the sake of saving a few minutes. It would be great if the link to the mp3 could be posted again (like with episode 2). This opens a media player on my computer where I can pause the podcast and rewind on certain key points.

    I was also all ears when you said that you’ve see people train 2-4x a week with very little met-con lean out and see good performance. I train 4x per week soccer, mostly conditioning which is, you could say metcon. Trying to balance this with my affiliates programming is tricky. I try to stick with the 3 on 1 off philosophy. If I go for an evening workout and I see a metcon posted, sometimes I just want to turn around and walk out after my hour long morning training session with my club. I feel like I might be shooting myself in the foot from a body comp position by doing too much metcon conditioning, but I face a connundrum with the affiliate. The question is, try it and see if it works? Or try and see what the WOD is and skip if it involves some metabolic conditioning? Stuff like Murph kills my performance on the field to an extent, just a feeling of being run down. I have a feeling I know what your going to say, but I feel like a bit of a wimp skipping out on a work out.

  9. David Velez says

    I think the longer the show—>the more we learn—> the better! I am SOOO thankful for the NorCal Margarita recipe, I will definitely be making them for Thanksgiving!! Quick question Robb: I’m going to visit my family in my horrible horrible hometown of Yuba City right after school gets out on Dec.14, I’ll be there for a week and would LOVE to get a workout in at NorCal S&C. Will you happen to be around those days??

  10. Kris says

    This series of podcasts has been great so far! Please keep them coming!

    It is interesting to note how some people (myself included) dig holes for themselves but objectively can’t see they are neck deep!

    “I’m on a limited cal diet, zero carbs, doing 3 chipper wod’s a week on top of my other CF wods, plus I do one MEBB strength day a week, I do IF 3 days a week, just cut out diet coke cold turkey…do you think i should add some LISS cardio to bump up the intensity?”

    It hasn’t been until recently I’ve learned the value of taking small steps (to ensure bigger steps later on) and dialing-back the gung-ho approach (to keep from burning out).

    Everyone wants results yesterday and damn, it is a hard lesson to learn to cap one’s excitement and drive, but I think a lot of people take the ‘what doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger’ adage a bit too far.

    In any case, pod casts have been great! Looking forward to more and definitely looking forward to the book release!

  11. David Velez says

    My goals are to be Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger at everything. For specific goals, here they are: 1) Run a 4.4 40yd dash. [Currently at 4.7] 2) Bench 300 lbs. [Currently at 205] 3) Deadlift 500 lbs. [Currently at 385] 4) Do 100 kipping pullups. [Currently at 45] 5) Run a 5:30 mile. [Currently at 6:41 6) Clean and Jerk 250lbs [Currently at 175] 7) Dunk a basketball

    I’m not worried one bit about body composition because I’m naturally very lean (thanks mom and dad!) If you were to ask me which goal I want to obtain the most, its dunk a basketball. I am only 5’7″ 165 so that might take some work, but I could die a happy man if I could dunk a basketball.

  12. Tim says

    Robb and Andy, thanks so much for the podcast! Make them as long as you like; I enjoy listening to them on the drive in to work and have to do that more then one hour a week.

    Robb you have written a ton of great stuff on Diabetes, my brother is a type 1 and I have been sending him to your site, but don’t know how much he has taken in yet.

    Could you guys do a podcast on Diabetes as if you where talking to the Diabetic? That way I could just email him the link, rather than trying to argue with a life long expert in diabetes that is a lawyer. A cop out on my part I know, you guys are just so good at this.


  13. Kevin says

    Also, Robb, I was wondering fi you could make a recommendation on Salmon Jerky. I’m having a hard time finding any paleo friendly.


  14. Mark says

    Anytime you are able to do an hour show, please do. Great content! There is a lot of stuff to cover and I’ll take as much as I can get. Thanks guys, it’s really great that you continue to offer this stuff for free!

  15. says

    Robb, Just finished the podcast. This is a terrific resource. I am happy with whatever time length you do the podcasts for, it is such a great service that you do for all of us. I am so impressed with the breadth of topics you covered — hypothyroidism to kidney stones…

    I’ve been dealing with the hypothyroid issue for about 5 years now (turning 28 next month). The misinformation that is given to thyroid patients by the majority of internists and even endocronologists is amazing. I think that if I had attacked this right away with a gluten/dairy/legume free paleo diet, I may have stopped the damage. I am on this type of diet now (because of your seminar) and it has improved most every aspect of my health and fitness, but not the hypothyroidism.

    After trying diet change first, I found a doc that was not stuck in the 70s and pursues alternate therapies for hypothyoidism. She found that my thyroid was not converting T4 to T3 and took me off Levoxil (T4 only). She also found that my reverse T3 levels at receptor sites were abnormally high. To fix this, she put me on compounded T3 for a few months and when rT3 normalized we moved to Armour. Switching from Levoxil has helped substantially because it was elevating my liver enzymes and raising my blood pressure (not to mention, not alleviating hypothyroid symptoms!)

    Final thoughts:
    1. Hypothyroidism sucks because you are dealing with nuances in treatment and balance is hard to find.
    2. Find a doc who appreciates your paleo nutrition and can work alongside of that to enhance your quality of life.
    3. If you are hypothyroid, work your tail off to catch it early and treat it properly because lack of energy, hair loss, weight gain, and sex drive of a rock are not the best qualities of a person (especially a 28 year old male!).

  16. Jay says

    Hey Robb,
    I haven’t listened to the last three podcasts because I haven’t had time yet but if you haven’t covered Vitmain D yet could you answer a few questions of mine the next podcast?
    If you have to supplement Vitamin D, which I do because I live in a place where it snows and rains from November to May, what is the best way to supplement? I noticed most Vitamin D supplements are derived from dairy or cod liver but the cod liver oil also has a lot of vitamin A in it. Enough that if one wanted to take a lot of vitamin D they would OD vit. A.
    What are the dose ranges for vitamin D, roughly of course? I’ve heard 2000IU to as much as 10000IU.
    I’ve also heard that supplementing Vitamin D is not effective and that only way to get Vit. D is from the sun. I read this on the Nutrition Data website when they were talking about D to prevent swine flu and how some Australian researchers found supplementing was not effective but being in the sun was. Thanks Robb!

  17. Sage says

    Is the D3 dosage of 2000 I.U. applicable for everyone, or is it dependent upon body weight in a similar manner to fish oil? Thank you!

  18. Mike says


    Incredible info as always! I think an hour or even more is better, as it lets you get more in depth into the topics.
    I do have a few questions/ideas for some possible topics that I’ll probably email once I get them coherently down on paper and weed out the ones I’ve either answered for myself or that you probably already get a ton of.
    I feel your pain with the slow typing speed and high error rate in that regard.

  19. Sébastien says

    Hey Rob, thanks for all the good stuff you’re putting out.

    I have a question concerning eggs. My choice right now is either:

    1- Higher in omega-3, not free range, not local, not organic
    2- Free range, local, not organic, no added omega-3
    3- Organic, free range, not local, no added omega-3

    I would tend to go with choice 2 since its easy and somewhat cheap for me to get them and my understanding is that being free range helps the egg to have a better omega-3 ratio naturally. Also, its not organic, but I think its pretty close to it. True organic eggs around here are very expensive and not local.

    Anyways, would you still rather go with choice 1 then 2 just for the benefits of the omega-3.

    I might seem a bit anal with this, but I suspect some kind of sensitivity to eggs so I want to make sure I get the best stuff I can get especially since its something I eat every day.

    Thanks in advance

  20. Lauren says

    I love all the info but I think a half our or even 45 minutes would be easier to take time out to listen to.

    I love that you talked about the women trainers at your gym only working out 2-4 times a week. I too noticed that when I went from zone to just paleo I was under a ton of stress and by default I downed my WODs to 2-3 times a week and I saw a huge improvement in body comp and I dropped about 5 extra pounds I hadn’t been able to get off.

    Also one of the things I love about not counting calories and eating till you are full is that it brings people back into their BODIES as opposed to their heads, the next day’s events etc. It is crucial to leave out the counting a measuring if anyone ever wants to really achieve a sense of ” how much food does my body need right now and what kind of food?” This is what I try to instill in my clients. I notice when my body is telling me that I need more veggies or when if I need more protein, or if I ate too much grain etc. Straight Zone or just simply counting calories does nothing for this. The Paleo way of eating is all about a higher awareness of what you put in your body and I love it for that. Because I don’t even have to explain that to people, they just start eating Paleo and they automatically start becoming more present and aware of themselves.
    Great info!

  21. says

    Hi Robb,
    Thanks again for getting great info out to so many, love hearing your podcasts and learning more great stuff.

    Just a few things from my experience to comment on.
    Re sleep: too few calories and I wake up a lot. 1200 cals for this women does seem low. That is usually the minimum I do and I’m way smaller.
    Magnesium – fantastic – has worked with lots of clients to get a good sleep.
    Also great for growing pains in kids (plus muscle cramps etc)

    RE the adjustment period to lower carb being really bad in some people:
    When I first had clients complaining how they felt worse, not better after switching to Zone eating I emailed Sears for his input.
    I typically had people who were tired, headachey, constipated and any inflammatory process they tended to get, flared up whether is was sore joints, asthma, eczema etc.
    He explained it as Arachidonic acid release, typically strored in large amounts in metabolically deranged and inflamed people (as in ‘Toxic Fat’)
    The large release of AA pours a lot of building blocks of pro-inflammatory hormones out and consequently they build lots of these groups of hormones which is why all the symptoms. (I note that they are all linked to the increase in pro-inflammatory homone groups, that each person typically tends to)

    Interestingly before this happens nearly all clients feel great for the first 2 or 3 days after they change their diet. Then they come crashing down as AA levels increase. I explain that how they felt in the first couple of days is how they will feel after the initial 3 weeks once they’ve seen this period through.
    Sears recommended the best way to conteract this AA release is a ton of Omega 3. Usually just keep adding it until they get less symptoms. In my experience it does work to lesson symptoms in clients.
    The other thing that usually reverses it quickly is adding more carbs, and then cutting them down more slowly. But I recommend people try to see it through and take heaps of fish oil if they can. The first week is usually the worst and symptoms get less after that.

    You were also talking about people who might have trouble going Paleo. I had one client who got sick – IBS and vomiting and feeling really ill, eating red meat and egg yolks. I did a little research and found this link:
    Knowing she was Australian – I checked out her history and sure enough she was from a tick infested area of Sydney, and had suffered bites. She can tolerate egg whites, white meat and fish though.

  22. Justin says

    I could listen to you talk about this stuff all day everyday. I don’t necessarily have any suggestions for length, but I will say, “the more the merrier”. I am quite literally visibly upset when these end. If you keep talkin’ I’ll keep listenin’. Honestly, I think you should have your own live streaming, radio talk show…All Robb All the Time! Seriously though, it would be nice to have the ability to go back and listen to certain sections without having to listen to the podcast in its entirety every time.

    Thanks for everything that you’ve taught me and I’m really looking forward to your book.

  23. Simon Fellows says

    Roberto Aye Carumba..i come to Engrund as Da and Step Ma are a bit sick and wallop..what do i miss ?!

    Ye know i’m glad you’re not with CwossFit.
    You’ve always been alarmingly available(OK not in the gay sense..well alright slightly) to those who read you and CF has always stuck me as nowt but a money making thang.
    For me twaining(thats trianing for those of a pedant bent !) is about feeling ace and having a nice and clear mind/brain/fried eggs.If i don’t look like Bradley Twitt in Snatch then i’m not bothered.
    It sounds like many of the oiks thus commenting have a little too much testosterone cascading thru their system.Gadzooks maybe even elevated glucocorts ????
    I accordingly suggest handbags at 30 paces, Stilleto wearing seconds and if the bags faily to morally wound eye gouging with a bright red nail varnish ?
    Good idea ..i thought not.

    Would you truly wanna work for a bunch of folks ? Thought not.
    You strike me as an altogether decent bloke and assuredly you’ll do fine without the weight that they would bring to yr association.

    email incase its been deleted.


  24. says

    Great episode!

    Love to listen to it! 30 – 60 min length is perfect!

    Do you have any plans on putting up a trip to Scandinavia or Europe holding some nutrition workshop/ cert? Would be great!

  25. Chuck O says

    Thanks for keeping this cast going! Question for both of you dealing with Coconut Milk. I live in Wisconsin, and it takes forever to get new products in our local health store, anyway i came upon coconut milk by “SO DELICIOUS” the unsweetened type. Anyway, whats the skinny on this? I was reading it loaded up with 65% MCFA’s.
    I’m just tired on getting my fat’s from nuts and looking for a change!
    Thanks so much guy’s ! Happy Turkey day….i’m going to destroy some bird now!

  26. Amanda says

    Robb & Andy

    An enormous thanks for tackling my long winded blog post saturated with issues and questions. I’m definitely taking everything on board and will be vey interested to
    see how the coming weeks fair out with more food, less metcons and quality sleep.

    Every week I eagerly anticipate another super charged podcast, it’s priceless.

    Thansk again,


  27. Ian says

    Great podcast Robb! I too like the longer episodes. So much great info. It is awesome! I was particulary interested in the part where you mentioned that Jolie Gentry went from 10 blocks WAM to about 26 blocks protein unweighed.

    I have been playing around with the idea of going unweighed unmeasured for awhile. Is this what you do? I find I am much more satisfied when I eat till I am content……

  28. says

    BTW, It would be very convenient if you could subcribe to the podcast in Itunes even though a big part of me feels that Apple (skynet) is displaying a bit a the same control-freakish-behavior like CFHQ at the moment.

  29. Ian McLeish says

    Hey Robb, do you have any suggestions for a killer case of chronic medial epicondylitis? I have tried resting it, anti inflammatories, cortisone shots, nothing works. I am going to try acupuncture next. Any experience with that?

      • Jim says

        Did you ever come up with more thoughts about this?

        I’m in a very similar position to the person you were responding to, except mine is lateral, not medial, epicondylitis. I’m taking 4 tsps fish oil a day at the moment. What counts as “massive”?

        I’ve tried physical therapy, ice, NSAIDs (stopped months ago since I doubt it’s inflammation), steroid shots (stopped months ago for same reason and because it seems to make these sorts of injuries worse), “flossing” with a voodoo band, stretching – nothing helps. Currently doing eccentric exercises for it, which I started a week ago, but still no change in the condition. Going for acupuncture in a few weeks, since I suspect re-injuring the tissue will prompt more collagen growth.

        What do you think?

  30. Jay says

    Hey Robb,
    When you sart your own nutrition seminars can you come to Vancouver? It might also be cool to have two day seminars for thos interested. I’d definitely pay more to have a two day seminar.

  31. Jeremy Myers says

    It was great to meet you at the Blackbox summit. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information in the podcast format. Just finished listening to all three back to back, so length isn’t an issue for me when the content is of such great quality.

  32. Ben Wheeler says


    Great as always my man. I was extremely disappointed to wake up Monday morning to find no podcast. But that was due to obvious reasons. Besides that, is there a post in the works regarding the folks who swear they can’t get enough carbs from paleo sources to fuel long activity? I think the post should have a title and two words: Sweat Potatoes. I remember you mentioning that you were going to put that one to bed. I believe it was mentioned in the post regarding a note from the Rutman.

    Also want to just give you and some folks feedback on supplementing with Vit D, because it is mentioned in the podcast. I have been on 10,000 IU for the past 2 weeks, I upped the dose from 5,000 after running on that for 2 weeks prior.(For the folks who think….holy shit thats alot. Read Steven Low’s article over at Eat, Move, Improve (linked off Robb’s page), and all of the relevant info Steven links.) I consume No dairy, not nearly enough fish and am getting close to zilch as far as decent sun (just moved to Vancouver Island 1 month ago, it has rained non-stop) I have added a bit more fat post workout and backed off the carbs accordingly, adding in the Vit D then.

    Results: improved recovery, sleeping more soundly and gained significant muscle in a short period from what I can tell (hovering at or below 175 before, getting close to pushing 180 now, staying lean-roughly 8% bf) Most importantly I just feel “better” throughout the day. This is nearly exactly what Steven reported when he started. I do not think it can be overstated the importance of adequate Vit D. Will most likely give it another 2 weeks at this dosage, than back off to 5,000 IU and see how I am feeling. It might just be that I run better at 10,000 IU’s during the winter months. Will have to wait see.

    Looking forward to the next podcast Robb!

  33. Alicia Zhuang says

    Thanks for another fantastic podcast Andy/Robb! Was glued to your show throughout. Have been having sleep issues while on zinc + B6 magnesium and will try some Natural Calm soon.

  34. says

    Rob, I am struggling to get high doses of oils. I am using Barleans and my math says 4tbsp is 2grams. I don’t know if I can manage 20 tbsp! Any ideas? We would LOVE to host anything you are doing on nutrition so if you are heading East let me know!

  35. Emily Maisannes says

    What fantastic content. No matter how much I read, watch, and listen, I always seem to hear new nuggets that I haven’t heard before or somehow missed or didn’t assimilate along the way.

    I recently had an allergic reaction to a massively stressful day. It caused me to have an outbreak of hives that covered roughly 10% of my body. My dermatologist prescribed prednisone. My question is what are the short and long term effects on athletic performance of prednisone and why? I did notice a very distinct and sharp decline in performance in my WODs.

  36. Jason says


    I’ve seen your name connected around the CrossFit universe to the nutrition side of things but never really looked into you that much…just recently I started CF Football and they talk about the Paleo + Dairy so I started looking into it all. I came across your website and I can tell you I am impressed with what you have going on here, especially the podcasts. In addition to going through your entire site & posts w/ comments, I listened to all three last night consecutively and the amount of info you pack in there is incredible…you are doing a great service to all of us that can’t attend your cert’s…ahh I mean seminars…!

    I’ve been doing the Paleo + dairy (GOMAD) and CFFB for almost 2 months and have recently stopped doing it (Nov. 16th) as I was getting FAAAAAT and always tired…plus I had achieved my goals of hitting Rip’s intermediate athlete benchmarks for Dead, Squat & power clean @ 3×5 (I know…his charts are 1 RM but hitting it the level with 3×5 was my goal) although my pushes, bench & press, are still weak…

    So…this leads me to my question…I am very interested in the Athlete’s Zone (bought the Perf. Menu Golden Ratio & 42 Ways) and after reviewing Matt’s blog post, I’d be very excited to do it. I’ve tinkered around with Bill’s spreadsheet and figured out some basic things but still have a question mark…..

    You suggest using Zone Paleo (calorie restriction) to lean out and then switch over to Athlete’s…buuutt…if I start Athlete’s now (~ 15% BF) will it help me to lean out? Will it be better at 1x, 3x, 5x fat? I basically want to do the lower carbs side of things (like Matt) to get the benefits from using fats but I’m not sure if that is the most beneficial? If you don’t recommend athletes right away…I’d probably be looking for the quickest way to strip off the fat and get onto Athlete’s…

    Anyways, sorry for the long post but I know reading through these comments I like to read through the longer posts and then look at the answers you give…cause they generally answer most my questions!!!

    Keep up the good work Robb & crew…and I second Jay’s post…come to Vancouver!!!!


  37. says

    Taking 2grams Barleans FISH. Like the liquid but looking for something I will not have to take as much of…20 tbsp. is ALLOT! Carlsons? I was taking Flax and I tolerated higher doses, but it lacks DHA. My imflamation is off the charts. I am working my way to Paleo. I have Olives, Feta, Deli Turkey and Turkey Sausage to get ride of.

  38. Kim says

    Just another “love the podcast” comment.

    Oh! By the way, will the eventual book have a bibliography? Do you have reading recommendations now? I bought “Metabolism at a Glance” based on Doug McGuff’s recommendations in “Body by Science” and I’ve enjoyed it, but I could do with something with more practical interpretation. A kind soul just bought me an exercise physiology text off of Amazon, but it hasn’t arrived yet…

  39. Ian McLeish says

    Thanks Robb. What are your thoughts on more frequent feedings and a boosted metabolic rate, is that all bs or is there any truth to it?

    • says

      Thee was study comparing 3 vs 6 meals per day with body comp and the 3 meals appeared to be better. For mass gain one may need to eat more frequently but with what we know about intermittent fasting and insulin sensitivity it makes sense to give the system some down time.

  40. Steven says


    What is your feeling on Animal Omega as a supplement?

    Outside of the eating change to paleo the only supplmentation I have been taking are the Animal Pak, Animal Omega, and Animal Flex.

    I will however be looking into the Natural Calm when I order. Thanks for heads up on that one.

    Thanks for taking the time.


    • says

      Well…It does not delineate how much EPA/DHA it contains, the main n-3 appears to come from flax, I’m nervous supplementing anyones n-6’s (appropriate cases benefit greatly from GLA but as a shotgun approach, no).

      Just eyeballing it I cannot say I’m a fan.

  41. Kim says

    Looking forward to the burly bibliography!

    I have a copy of the PPLP but to be honest haven’t taken much of a look at it…I was kind of like “oh, a mass market diet book, how nerdy can it be?” But I’ll correct that ASAP.

  42. Alex Darr says

    Hey Robb,

    I really really love these Pealeo Solution Podcasts. One thing, the level difference between you two is way off. It makes for a fun game trying to guess when you’re about to talk so I crank down the volume. I’m not sure if anyone else brought this up, but I didn’t see it in the comments.

    But these Paleo Solutions have me kinda confused on the milk/dairy issue. I am textbook “McSkinny Britches” or whatever you called him.

    Age 18 – 6’3″ 135#
    Age 19 – 6’4″ 145# (A summer of training hard in the pool, added a little mass. Plus I think the inch indicates a small growth spurt.)
    Age 21 – 6″4″ 155# (Maybe some latent effects of the growth spurt.)
    Age 22 – 165# (Training several hours every day of the week through the summer – lifting, running, rock climbing.)
    Age 24 – 180# (I’ve been dedicated to a lifting routine and gone semi-paleo)

    I’d love to get some of those 30 lbs of mass a guy like me can add, that you talked about in an earlier podcast. But, I was thrown when you even recommended “milk.” I thought that was a huuuge nono. And then in this weeks podcast you kind of support that position by calling dairy the most inflammatory thing you can think of. Could you please reconcile for me briefly. Also, in the past week I’ve been adding dairy, I think it’s made my acne get bad. It’s hard to say because my acne is generally cyclical: a good week and a break-out week, but it’s pretty f’n bad right now. Should I give milk a couple more weeks?

    In short: I want to cram on some good pounds, I want my face to not look like crap, and dairy scares me. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for all of your amazing information!

  43. says

    A Tbsp. (3 tsp.) of any oil is ~15 grams. If you are taking a Tbsp. of fish oil (assuming it is all fish oil), then that is 15g of fish oil.

    EPA & DHA (think of these as the “active ingredients” of fish oil) typically compose anywhere from 30-80% of the actual amount of fish oil.

    If you take ***20 Tbsp.*** of fish oil a day for any length of time, you better not ever hurt yourself, because you won’t be able to stop the bleeding.

    A Tbsp. a day of good fish oil is plenty enough for just about anyone IMO.

    Robb, Barlean’s does make a fish oil now…

    • says

      I would never formulate a product like that. Short chain N-6’s, supplemental n-9’s (olive oil anyone?)

      That stuff looks like it has about a gram of epa/dah per tablespoon. They give a retarded fucking serving size of t TEASPOONS!? Tehre are 3 teaspoons in a table spoon, why not make your standard serving a tabelspoon?

      So, this thing looks like it has a bunch of other crap in it, its a lame lable…maybe I need to eat some breakfast, I’m feeling a little cranky!

  44. Steven says


    Thanks for your insight. I will adjust over to a nordic naturals or a similar product as recommended on the show.


  45. Steven says

    I dont have access to the podcasts at home but if memory serves you stated that a desirable ratio was 1g to 10lbs of body weight. This would put me around 26 grams per day. Now this my lean body weight not total body weight.

    Looking at the Nordic Naturals and if i am caculating this correctly has 1.1g per serving. I will be honest $120 a week is not the most desirable scenario just for fish oil but that is what it is.

    If i am not caculating that correctly please let me know.

    My goals at this point are body comp ultimately leading to better performance in martial arts. I have switched over to paleo (have in the past put fell off due to work stress and injuries). After listening to your casts i am getting my carbs between 50 and 75 per day as well as the hit of fiah oil. Including regular training i have also added S&C and metcon using protocls from ross training.

    Thank again for your continued assisstance. I hope at some point to set up an actual consult with you.


    • says

      The 10g level is for SICK people!!! half that or even less for the general populace. Are you talking about the liquid or the caps? liquid is much less expensive than the caps.

  46. says

    Berardi recommended 1g fish oil per % bf up to 30 grams for 4-6 weeks in the lean eating program… I guess the superloading is supposed to kickstart things.

    Garrett: Barleans it is loaded with glycerin, which at least according to Dr. Gerard Judd isn’t the best thing for tooth health (unless it’s very small amounts… ie Tooth Soap has small amounts of glycerin produced during saponification but not enough to coat the teeth with residue and prevent re-enamilization.)

  47. Mark - Indy says

    Regarding the podcast length of time, um…I’m willing to listen to as long a presentation as you guys wanna talk. Even if the sample questions don’t pertain specifically to me, I’m still learning a helluva lot. It’s interesting stuff, and I’m thankful that you guys are doing this.

    I saw your comment above regarding your disdain for 3-6-9 oil supplementation, and I recently switched (based on your recommendation) from Nordic Nats cod liver oil to Nordic Nats “Complete 3.6.9”. Are you telling me I bought the wrong $50 bottle of fish juice?!?! Argh…did I?

    • says

      Yea, ‘m not really a fan. I think its kind of a shady marketing ploy to sell sub-optimal stuff at a premium price. Looks like this could use a blog post of it;s own.

  48. Raerae says

    Hi Rob & Andy
    Just to let you know 1:05hrs of podcasting is definately not too long, in fact I could listen for a lot longer! Really enjoying the info/knowledge that you’re sharing. Very green to the Crossfit lifestyle so these podcasts are helpful with the research to understand why I NEED to make a change.

    CrossFitNZ Greenie

  49. Steve says

    You wanted feedback on time duration for the podcast. You can talk for days and we will all listen. Keep it up. Also can you talk about the eating for bloodtype diet. I have people in my gym talking about this more but know nothing about it

  50. Ian says

    Robb, I’ve got a question that maybe you guys can tackle during the podcast this week and it revolves around stress.

    First a little background: I’m 31, 5’11 175-180 lbs and 8% bf. I’m eating paleo 20 blocks 3x fat with 15 blocks carbs deleted and each carb block replaced with 3 fat blocks. carb sources are all vegetables and fat sources are coming from meat/eggs (mostly organic grass fed), coconut and coconut oil, so my cals are around 2500/day.

    My performance has been good as I just busted out a 3:40 fran with kettlebells, but I feel like I have gained a bit around my midsection. I have been under alot of stress with school lately although my sleep (8-9 hours) and diet have been good (i usually have a cheat meal once/week). I can’t believe that 2500 cals/low carb/paleo is enough to gain fat, but could it be that or would you guess stress? or maybe undereating? I just don’t know…

    Also, if it is due to stress would it not be too smart to cut calories back in an attempt to lean up a bit?


  51. Steven says


    I attempted to post something last night in response to your question on how much per day. I was doing it from my phone so I have no idea if it ever made it through or not. So I will try again, if I am rehashing something you already have seen I apologize.

    Yes, I am talking about capsules.

    After running some numbers I am looking at taking 6.6 grams per day. I believe that I am also getting an additional 1.3 grams per day of Omega 3 from Omega 3 enriched eggs. (Hard boiled at breakfast) So, this would make a total of 7.9 grams per day.

    I would not consider myself ill. But I am what I would consider “insulin resistant” as described in your podcasts considering where and how I carry excess bodyfat. As I stated before I am getting my daily carb intake between 50-75 grams per day and as well as the fish oil. Just wanting to make sure I am not doing to little or to much to assist in my goals. I am not expecting any instaneous or quick fix type results I am just wanting to do the right thing and understand what I am doing.

    Again thank you for your time.


  52. Ben Wheeler says


    Keep rocking the paleo+fish oil and get as MUCH SLEEP as possible, in the darkest room possible and you will be well on your way my friend!


  53. Mark - Indy says

    So during the MNF game last night, I told the bartender to make me a Norcal Margarita. He looked puzzled, and then asked, “Did you say No Cal Margarita?” I repeated it slowly and he said he’d never heard of it. I laughed and said,”Dooooode, it’s all over the web and it’s the rage of the west coast!”

    I need to move outta Indiana.

  54. Steve says

    Really enjoying the podcast. There’s a couple of questions I’ve had about paleo that you might be able to settle for me.

    Does hormesis have a role in diet? Is hormesis possibly an argument for including non-paleo foods (e.g., wheat, legumes, potatoes, dairy) in our diet occasionally? Does the stress of ingesting some amount of gluten or other antinutrients from these sources stimulate any kind of favorable response?

    Even if there is no benefit to eating any amount of non-paleo foods, will cutting these foods from our diet completely lead to a greater sensitivity or intolerance for them? For example, for those of us who aren’t obviously gluten-intolerant (I know this a debatable concept), does eating bread occasionally help us to maintain some degree of tolerance for it?

    I ask because, even when I eat more toward the strict paleo end of the diet continuum, I will occasionally eat a slice of bread or some potatoes thinking it will help me to maintain some ability to eat them without discomfort. I really have no idea if this is a valid idea or not. I’ve read a number of strict low-carb/paleo blogger posts along the lines of “I ate some bread yesterday and suffered cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, felt hungover, and gained 5 lbs”. Their conclusion is usually “just goes to show you how bad carbs are”, but I find myself thinking “you were just taken out by a slice of white bread!” 😉

  55. says

    Mark, odds are if you aren’t frequenting a bar located next door to a CF box, the bartenders aren’t going to know what a NorCal Margarita are.

    I just give the bartenders the recipe, and they’re more than happy to make it for me

  56. Marie says

    Hey Robb.

    Great Podcast as usual. I know you briefly addressed the issue of menstrual cycles. I have some questions about that. I have been CrossFitting intensely for about a year now. I have played around with many approaches to my diet. Right now I am at 11 blocks protein, 40+ blocks of fat, and 3-4 blocks carbs. Recently I have switched over mostly paleo (and I love it!) except for 1.5 cups of raw goats milk after WODs. I am considering going unweighted and unmeasured thanks to all the positive stories/info I am hearing on your site. I am 5’1″ and 128lbs. My goal is to qualify and go to the 2010 games, and that is what I am training for.

    Back to the menstrual cycle stuff… Mine can be patchy at times. Like maybe once every 2-3 months. Do you think switching to an unweighted unmeasured approach would help? Sometimes I worry that my food intake is a bit to minimal for the efforts I put out on WODs. However, back when I ate much freely (in my powerlifting days before getting into CrossFit) I still was patchy at time. And I had a much higher body fat percentage. Could it be hormone imbalance or some other disorder? Would biosignautre give me any insight into this. I am lucky and live by Scott Hagnas in Portland, OR. I know he does biosignature.

  57. kevin says

    Rob, please touch on milk vs goats milk. I eat paleo with the exception of 1/4 cup goats milk in my coffee. and a bite of dark chocolate after dinner.Does that little bit really make a difference.

  58. Diego says

    Robb & Andy,

    Outstanding job on the Podcast. Can’t get enough and I’m encouraging everyone I know who is interested in their health to listen.
    As far as length – 35 – 45 minutes seems to be the magic number. I listen to at least a dozen different podcasts and once you get closer to the 1 hour range you tend to start losing listeners. Of course us fanatics could listen all day, but it’s those that are debating whether this lifestyle is for them are the ones who’s attention you want to hold.
    Regarding eating too much of a good thing (eg eggs & broccoli) – boy did that hit home. I eat upwards of 25 eggs a week and 1 large serving of broccoli a day. Guess I need to change some things up. The broccoli shouldn’t be too much of a problem but hard boiled eggs for breakfast are so damn convenient. Why does eating healthy have to be so damn hard & time consuming?

    Keep up the great work!

  59. Daniel says

    I have been enjoying the podcasts. Just finished #3. For me, the length of the podcast doesn’t matter. One hour is not too long. The only suggestion I have is the voice level. Rob’s volume is good, but Andy’s is somewhat quiet. I listen to these with headphones where there is significant background noise. If I turn up the volume to hear Andy, Rob comes in loud. It would be helpful if the volume for the two voices was closer to the same. Thanks.

  60. Kyle F says

    hey Robb,

    I think it would help out people that want to skip through your podcasts to only listen on certain parts if you put the time next to each topic on the Show Notes. For instance,

    5. Email Question from Lisa – 21:12

    That way I can go right to it!

    Thanks for all the info. Sorry to hear about HQ.

  61. Johanna says

    LOVE the radio! There is soo much good information, I have a notebook handy to write stuff down!
    I think 45 min. is a good length. This episode i just stopped midway and came back to it when I had more time, but that point was at 40-45 min. I could listen to you talk all day. So much good information.

    This may be a dumb question: When you say dairy free does that include cooking with butter? Does butter have no part in a paleo diet or is it one of those things to leave out for a time and re-introduce once things are better?

  62. Nick says

    I just wanted to throw my experience in about the NorCal Margarita. As far as Im concerned that is just got to be the best drink ever concocted. I spent the weekend helping a friend move from SoCal to Gilbert, AZ. On Saturday night we went out drinking and I ended up having 5 of these drinks. Couple that with a total cheat night with a ton of hot wings and a crap load of pizza, and I was setting myself up for disaster. By the time I crashed (ok, I passed out) I was thinking “I am going to be hurting tomorrow for sure!” I woke up 5 hours later without so much as a headache! Not only that, but in another 7 hours I would be playing one of the best pickup soccer games I have ever played. Im not saying that I performed well BECAUSE of drinking, but despite having what amounts to 10 shots of tequila, I felt like I hadnt been drinking at all!

    Now, my curiosity is piqued. What can I attribute my lack of a hangover to? Is it the way that the drink is prepared? Is it in the mix or combination of chemicals?

    Anyways, thanks for a great drink recipe and for all of the other extremely useful information you present.

  63. says

    0.50 Are Omega-3 enriched eggs worth it?
    5.20 How to feel when starting Paleo? How long does it take to change from burning sugar to burning fat?
    9.03 Paleo: Hardcore or Gradual Implementation?
    11.38 Need less sleep on low-carb?
    25.50 Thoughts on IF
    29.47 Bodyfat setpoint, thoughts on changing it
    31.25 Fat around the midsection still, overtraining?
    41.06 Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
    48.40 Undiagnosed IBS, can Paleo help?
    53.52 Kidney Stones, causes and Paleo
    1.03.53 Norcal Margarita recipe

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