Gestational Diabetes

Another one of our clients is pregnant…actually several are but that just seems to happen around here. Tweak people’s diet, get them exercising…folks get randy and babies happen. One of these expecting mom’s went in for some pregnancy related tests, one of which was an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. People are tending towards the fat and diabetic but a startling number of expectant mom’s are being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This is bad for both mom and baby from an epigenics perspective as baby is now predisposed to obesity, depression…all the fun that goes with high insulin levels. If you peruse the gestational diabetes link the line will go “we don’t know what causes gestational diabetes…” Well, some people don’t! The placenta directs a huge amount of control over both fetus and can sieve omega-3’s out of the moms body for the fetal brain development ( this is the cause of post partum depression BTW) and it exerts some powerful hormonal control over the mom’s physiology. One of these controls is a transitory state of insulin resistance. Why would biology want to do this? If the mom is a bit LESS insulin sensitive than the baby, the baby will be insured a steady supply of glucose and other nutrients. If the mom becomes MORE insulin sensitive than the baby it may be difficult for the little-whipper-snapper to receive adequate nutrients. Normally this situation is not a problem but add modern refined foods and this weird notion among many women that “I’m pregnant…I can EAT ANYTHING AND GET AS FAT AS I WANT!!”…well, the combo of a really bad modern diet coupled with an ancient biological mechanism results in diabetic moms and HUGE, over weight babies.

So back to our NorCal Mom. She has been PERFECT with her food. She has gained normal amounts of weight, looks and feels great and is kicking ass in classes. The problem? Her standard check-up included an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) because this has become standard practice due to the skyrocketing number of diabetic moms…still with me? Well, our NorCal mom did horribly on the OGTT. The 100g of pure glucose completely fucked her up (carb crash, shakes and borderline diabetic shock) and she needs to do a follow up in which they give her 150g of glucose! What the heck is going on here? She has been eating a RELATIVELY low carb diet. Mainly veggies, protein, good fats…not much fruit because….she does not feel good eating it. She does not tolerate it well. This is one of those wacky effects of a low carb diet, you REALLY notice how much effect sugar has on your system. This is the reason why the ADA recommends a 60% carbohydrate diet…people who eat a lot of carbs handle these carbs relatively better than someone who is eating low carb…from the perspective of the old OGTT. What the retards in our medical establishment are missing (top of the list the clueless vegans) is the need to look at blood glucose OVER TIME and see what is happening. How we do this is by looking at the Hb1AC. What this test shows is how much glucose is sticking to red blood cells…this tells us our average systemic glycation rate (sugar sticking to protein) and is a great indicator of how well our blood sugar is controlled.

So, I recommended to our NorCal mom that she have her doc run a simple Hb1Ac instead of the follow up OGTT. It was kinda cool because at THAT moment I had 2 pharmacists and a Clinical Lab Scientist there (also clients) standing there listening to the conversation. I asked their opinion on the suggestion and the consensus was: Hb1Ac is a much better indicator of diabetic risk than OGTT and will not induce insulin shock!

Take good care of your expecting mom’s.

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  1. says

    Well written Robb. I’ve heard nothing but great things about your site and thought I’d chec it out. I like your passion for accuracy and intelligence.

    Hey Mike!
    Thanks for the kind words! I’m trying to stay consistent on this thing…lots of ideas, not enough time!

  2. says

    I have a question about muscle recovery for you if you have just a little time. Do you have an email address I can send it to?

    robb at norcalsc dot com

    You are always welcome to post questions here as well.

  3. Jeralee says

    Robb, this is exactly the reason I don’t feel comfortable taking any sort of drug from any doctor anymore, and why I’m completely skeptical of the necessity of any type of test when there is more than one available. Kudos for treading these waters.

    I recently went to the dentist and requested N20 (because I’m a scaredy-cat with needles) because the first appointment ended abruptly with me passing out, then vomiting profusely after coming-to because of the anesthetic. At the second try, they did (or rather, did not do) two things that totally scared me: 1) they asked me merely to confirm that I ate breakfast (yes/no, not what did I eat) so that I would supposedly not throw up or feel nauseous from the nitrous and 2) they did not ask me how much I weighed, then continued to administer both the N20 and the anesthetic in “standard” amounts. Without going through a giant schpeal describing that I do a WOD 5-6 times a week, or how I rarely eat more than 30g of carbs on a daily basis (going against what is likely all this medical professional and her techies know about nutrition), I don’t know how it is possible to get adequate personal medical treatment anymore.

    For example, if I do a blood draw for so-called “standard” tests at a general practitioner, they promptly give me a cup of orange juice afterward, which makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack (much like your new mom and the OGTT, I imagine). I also told one doctor that I was not on any type of medication at all and they were genuinely surprised. “Really? None at all?” This is disconcerting to me. If I say “fish oil” and “pro-biotics,” I get the weird looks and the raised eyebrows, but no further questions and no notes are even written in my file. Also, I swear to god if I ever get my cholesterol tested and they tell me it’s abnormal, therefore I should stop eating so many eggs, decrease my salt and take a statin…someone will be punched in the face.

    Perhaps the best solution is just to lie blatantly and claim “I am a diabetic!” Somehow, apparently, doctors seem to understand diabetes (or, at least they pretend). This saves myself the detailed explanation (doomed to be ignored anyway) and see if they treat me any differently by asking me about my nutrition and exercise habits. (My fear with that is the next time I pass out, they will think I’m going into diabetic shock instead of just fainting and pump me full of insulin.) At the very least it might prompt a discussion. I’d rather be called a liar than be the victim of malpractice, that’s for sure.

    Wouldn’t it be really awesome if doctors and nutritionists would, you know, communicate and cross-pollinate their knowledge bases? Maybe spend less time being risk averse and more time getting to know their clients for the root causes of their problems instead of treating only the symptoms? Or maybe the most pressing question is: how do we (the general public) know when a test may be skewed or a drug may hurt us because of the way we eat? I do not have a medical background to pass this sort of judgment; though I do have a healthy dose of skepticism in my corner.

    Thanks for the great post (and for the email awhile back.)

    P.S.: For those of us academics who loves us some parenthetical documentation, perhaps, in your infinite free time, you could start a reference list on your sidebar for papers and books and such? You have so much good info here that your credibility can only be strengthened by referencing your sources and pointing people further in the right direction. I’d love to see the Omega-3 PPD info, for example.

    Hey Jeralee!
    It’s a tough gig this medical stuff. health professionals are overwhelmed by people who do nothing and take no personal accountability…when someone like you rolls through the door I think it’s scarier than the usual Zombies for some damn reason! Weird.

    I’m working on a refrence/reading list, both to support the site and for the pending CrossFit Nutrition Seminars. I’m terrible at refrencing much of this stuff…Iread a lot and sometimes it just shuts the whole writng process down trying to track all the goodies down…I’m working on it!
    Thanks for the humor and kind words.

  4. Joel says

    Hi Robb! Great article. I hesitate to comment two days in a row, but your answer may help others as well.

    My wife is pregnant with our 2nd and I prior to acheiving that status I suggested she start taking some of my fish oil (I have been taking Kirkland caps). She didn’t want to start until after having our 2nd kid.

    What is the best approach in this kind of situation. Would it be adviseable to start in early term pregnancy? If so, at what dose? Or, would it be better to wait until after birth or even after nursing is completed to start? I was going to bring it up at the first mid-wife appointment anyway, but I would really value your input, if you don’t mind!

    Thanks much!

    The n-3’s are SOOOO critical to fetal brain development it seems irresponsible NOT to supplement. Obviously that is an individual and significant decision…but man, the information is really compelling. Check this stuff out:

    In very simple terms the omega 3’s are THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE BRAIN. The fetus desperately needs these n-3’s and will take them from the mom if inadequate levels are in the diet. You are simply not going to find a negative review of n-3 supplementation and pregnancy.

  5. Joel says

    Thanks so much, Robb! I have sent her those links, as well as this site, and will be following up with her in person tonight! :)

    When we had the first kid on the way, I put a good dose of ground flax in breakfast every morning. But I haven’t been doing that this time. Maybe a coincidence, but she is reporting some nausea this pregnancy and didn’t have any in the first.

    Anyway, thanks very much for the information! I feel like an idiot for not doing a google on my own before. Good news is, it is still very early!!

    Awesome Joel! Keep in mind, flax has VERY” low conversion to EPA/DHA…if that WAS helping it’s a pretty solid sign of deficiency.

  6. says

    Here’s the deal, I did a hopper wod at CF unlimited on (sunday 22 june.)
    3 rounds for time:
    Run 400M
    30 Thrusters @ 95
    30 Pullups.
    20 minute cap.

    After that, to support another team member in his heat, I paced him in his thrusters to keep him going.
    All said and done I did 180 95# thrusters that day.
    DOMS like a MOFO. Hurst to move, quads just want to fall apart.

    Mike-Makes sense…I’ve experienced a little uptick like this from “active recovery”. NASTY Workout!

    Here’s the weird part. Todays (tuesday 24 june)WOD.
    Run 400M + 2Min rest X 4
    After my first 400, legs gorged with blood there was absolutely no discomfort…except my lungs of course. the soreness didn’t return for maybe an hour.
    Anyone want to try and tackle this one. Is it the bloodflow, maybe endorphines?

  7. says

    Got my HbA1C since our previous discussion (I’m a type 1 diabetic and was experiencing high insulin resistance for a couple months) — 5.3% I took it as good news.

    That is pretty damn good! Low-normal…can’t beat that!

  8. says

    Hi Robb,

    I wanted to ask you about the Nutrition Cert you guys held this last weekend. I was fortunate to meet you in person at the Level I cert in Dallas/Ft. Worth last March (GSX Atheletics–Tucker’s gym).

    Ever since I your lectures, I have been like a maniac trying to stay on the zone and “crack” free! It has been an amazing journey to say the least.

    I have always been a sort of geek about health and nutrition. The human body fascinates me; and after the following life changes, I am more passionate about food than ever. (I am already in the “passionate about food” category being of 100% Latina ethnicity :-] ).

    1. My leg was disfigured by overly zealous doctors (oncologists) during a botched surgery.
    2. I opted to have both children at home with a midwife to avoid doctors.
    3. I gained 60lbs and 72lbs with 1st and 2nd pregnancies respectively.
    4. My sister was killed in a car accident at the age of 30.

    All these mind-altering events have led me to question everything; and to research, research, research. Also, #4 leads me to love as much as I can since life is short. One of the ways I choose to love my children is by feeding them a diet that is completely opposite of the American standard. (I know this first hand since I live in middle America–Tulsa, Oklahoma–and I’ve worked as a teacher and volunteer where feeding the children was a daily part of my job–that is feeding them foods packed by the children’s parents).

    What I want to say is that I love what you are doing for the Crossfit community and beyond. Also, I am looking forward to attending your next Nutrition Cert. Thank you for all you do. I know you are doing what you love and don’t require gratitude, but you are making a huge impact!

    When you get a chance check out my blog:

    I’ve just recently started it as a precursor to my new website: In following with my two passions: children and a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, I have developed a program to help people (especially busy moms), learn how to defend themselves against the onslaught of empty carbs and greasy fast food that wages against them daily.

    I will keep you up to date as my website progresses. I am also producing a DVD and (hopefully some kind of cooking show) to demonstrate how women and men (and moms, especially) can accomplish healthy eating on a daily basis for themselves and their families even in the race to achieve the American Dream.

    Although, I do not have a degree in nutrition, I have been researching ways of eating healthy for almost 18 years. I have never been able to get off the “crack” for the long term, until the zone. I attempted the zone last year and failed miserably because I did not have a long term plan. As a mother and manager of other people’s lives–specifically–their diets (Sophia-daughter, Sebastian-son, and Eric-husband), I realize that in order to live the zone for the long term, I needed a long term plan.

    After sitting in your lectures in March, I returned to Tulsa only to be hit with the Type A flu for three weeks. I had a 105 degree temp. for three days and was begging God to let me die quickly because the pain was so great (remember, I had home-births with zero anesthesia?) I couldn’t believe how broken-down my body had gotten. I wasn’t recovering as quickly as I had in years past. I knew that it had a lot to do with my addiction to sugar and empty carbs.

    The day I woke from the misery, I began to form a plan. A defensive plan, a strategy for eating in the zone. Not just for myself, but for my family too. Suddenly, life got easier and harder. The meals were a cinch to prepare, and everyone was getting healthier and stronger. I went through awful withdrawals, and battled through mental and emotional swings.

    Finally, I began to see and feel the physical and mental changes. No more PMS, no more bloated stomach, no more extreme mood swings, no more fatigue, no more depression, no more headaches, no more insulin induced side effects which I haven’t listed…

    I admit, I am still tempted by empty carbs and other “sexy” foods. But, only during social times. And as long as I decide to plan in advance, I am ready for the battle. As you can read in my most recent post (today’s), if I don’t plan, I plan to fail.

    The good news is that I crave the zone. I crave the crossfit wod’s. I also enjoy it immensely when a client thanks me for helping them cross over from the “carbs fest” into the “zone”.

    I apologize for the long winded message. But, when you get a chance, will update me on the status of the CF Nutrition seminars and when and how I can get involved?

    Thank you again for your consideration!

    Luila Barber

    WOW! I think that is the longest comment by a mile the whole history of the blog! You are very kind and I’m glad to be of service to folks…It’s fun and definitely rewarding. I’ve been invited out to crossfit Champions for a nutrition cert, I think Tucker might be open to hosting one as well so I will see you again sometime soon. Sounds like you are one HIGHLY motivated chica!

  9. Brad says


    Lemme know if I can help with that reference list. We sell enough Lipitor that I have some free time on my hands during the wee hours at work.



  10. says

    My wife just gave birth to our first 8 weeks ago. . . and Jax Jones is living up to his kick ass name.

    Very little to no crying (even when getting shots, etc). Born two weeks early (due to some liver complications with mom), 7lbs 10oz, 21.5in and breastfeeding he has put on almost a pound a week! He is also over 24″ long now, and just starting to get rolls in his legs.

    As a bonus, he started sleeping 7 hours through the night the last few days without any real prompting from us.

    (can you tell I am proud?)

    I believe a lot of this has to do with the Fish Oil she has been taking since about Month 2 of the pregnancy. I got her to start taking 2 – 4 Kirkland 1200mg pills a day (684 Omega-3s each).

    Mom has been doing great since the delivery, and started CFing about 2 weeks ago (finally). She gained almost 40 lbs from the pregnancy, and she has only got about 12 to go to get back to her ‘fighting weight’. No hint of postpartum depression.

    I call this Pregnancy “pwnage”.

    As a side note. . .BBC News just threw this up today about Antenatal Depression:

    I would bet my best donkey that these depressed moms to be are ‘sieving’ their few Omega3s to baby and suffering hormonally because of it.


    Congrats and you damn well better be proud!!

  11. Dutch says

    That Hba1c is awesome. I had mine done recently and came out with a 4.9. Are you sure you are diabetic?? haha.
    I’m in Cali so let me know when you get to santa cruz. I’ll be around all week and beyond!


    Will do Dutch! We are hitting Gilroy on Friday. I’ll ring you when we are driving down.

  12. BLAIRE says

    Hi Robb!

    I was curious what your outlook was on birth control?
    I have been off birth control since the beginning of this year right before I started crossfit and the zone.
    I have never felt better all around, but especially with my mood swings/bitchiness/hormones.
    I was first placed on birth control by my gyno because my period was so irregular. I decided to go off just because I have always felt a little weird being on it, especially having been on it since 9th grade til 6 years later. It just didn’t seem right. Plus I feel super stable in my relationship and we agree on what I am doing.
    What do you think? Do think I am just feeling better because of the zone and crossfit and a combination off getting of the pill?
    I still haven’t quite got a regular cycle but my doctor says I am fine.
    I hope this wasn’t to much info :)
    Thanks Robb!

    Hey Girl!
    I think that is pretty normal…careful though, you are a fertile-myrtle if you are CF’ing and zoning! We normally see a 10lb loss of water weight, energy increase and then the libido goes wild! Good times ahead!

  13. says

    Hi Robb,

    My fiance is pregnant and just had her third OGTT on Saturday. The results were “slightly abnormal”. This is the second 1 hour OGTT and she had previously had a 4 hour OGTT shortly after the 1st abnormal 1 hour OGTT.

    I dont know really what to ask advice on? I guess I’m just looking for some general guidance. She is currently taking Fish Oil caps with her prenatal vitamins.

    Should we insist on a Hb1AC test. She said if she has to do another 4 hour OGTT she will flip out, jk.

    I’ve been trying to stick to Paleo, recommending it to her as well, but its hard with all the snacks in the house. Should we do a premptive throw out of all gluten products? I assume this is what our doctor would recommend if she in fact has gestational dibetes.

    Confused and anxious,

    Keeping that home scene as pristine as possible really helps…just have to decide if that is worth it to you guys. I can think of no reason why the Hb1Ac should not be used in preferance to the OGTT. Keep me posted.

  14. says

    Hey Robb,

    We got the results back from the third OGTT and the Doc said it was fine. Anyway, I have another Question now. 2 days ago, Jenn said that she almost passed out at work twice. She is a stylist and is on her feet all day. That particular day she had been standing from 2pm-7pm no stop after lunch. We talked to the Doc yesterday and now he thinks she might be hyperglycemic and has recommended that she carry sweets with her in case of more such episodes. Thoughts/suggestions?

    Also, I have been making her take Omega-3 supps daily. How much is recommended? I’ve been suggesting 3 but she only takes 1 on her own and another at dinner if I remember to tell her. I only seem to find articles that promote intake of omega-3s but never any that say how much. How much is too much or is there such a thing?

    Thanks for your time and advice,

    Make sure she is getting in plenty of fat and protein at meals…giving her sugar is not fixing the hypoglycemia! 5g/day of fish oil is a good place for her to be.

  15. Ryan Holmes says


    We haven’t met yet, but I am sure we will! Thank you for your great focus and hard work in this arena. I am a Santa Cruz Crossfitter, and my wife is just entering her 3rd trimester. She just got a abnormal blood test for getational diabetes and will have a more extensive test asap…she is freaking out! From what I can tell a Paleo diet alone will stand a good chance of rectifying this, and if combined with consistent exercise even more so!? I want to tell her everything is going to be ok. But I also want her to get that food is our drug. She is part Latina, Chinese and African American and 35, so I guess that was the set up right?
    She can handle this with diet and exercise right? I hope to get her off the standard womens gym routine someday but this seems like a tough time for that. Any thoughts?

    • says

      Obviously not a doctor here, but I think gestational diabetes can be 100% controlled with diet. Get her doing fish oil even if you can affect no other nutritional change. Keep me posted!

  16. Lita says

    Hey Robb,

    Attended your nutrition cert in WPB, great stuff. I have been paleo since February, not 100% strict but pretty darn close, and have been taking 1g/10lb BW wild norwegian salmon oil (due to some gastrointestinal inflamation, which btw is getting much better now that i am gluten-free). And have been CFing about 2 days/wk since June.

    Just found out that I’m pregnant. Would you recommend that I stick with the 1g/10lb BW fish oil? Also any other recommendations on diet change during pregnancy? I would really like to get the diet right for the sake of self and baby.

    I have read a few different places that eggs, especially yolks are highly recommended during pregnancy. LOVE Eggs. Right now the thought of meat is less appetizing than before. Prefer free range eggs from the local farmers market. Should I be concerned about turning into a chicken??? Any concerns relating to one using eggs as a primary protein source during pregnancy??


    • says

      You are at the very top end of what “sick” folks need. You’d be fine running at half that dosage. Eggs are great! Track down omega eggs and you are set.

  17. says

    I asked my doctor about performing the Hb1Ac instead of the glucose. She said that the Hb1Ac is not accurate during pregnancy. Any thoughts, research or rant?
    As a paleo freak, I am not looking forward to the headache and nausea. I plan to sit at the doctor’s office during the entire test. If I throw up, they can clean it up.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • says

      that sounds WACKY to me. I read a few sites the claim “gestational diabetes may falsely elevate or decrease A1c” but then no reference, no mechanism given. THEN I found this which indicates women during pregnancy should have it MORE often:

      So, I’d ask your doc “DOES pregnancy change A1c or is there only a potential and of that potential, what are the causes of the discrepancy”?

  18. KLP says

    Hey Robb, this post is what I needed. I eat relatively paleo, I am an 80/20 eater for sure, and recently my glucose screening test, one hour after drinking 50 grams of sugar, showed an sugar level of 189, so, it was recommneded I take the tolerance test, which requires 100 g sugar drink and 5 blood draws over three hours, to diagnosis gestational diabetes. Devastating to go down that road, especially given my nutrition already supports steady,healthy insulin levels. Plus I had the same reaction to the 50 g drink, felt terrible for hours.

    I think I will shoot for an hb1ac test first, to see what is really going on,prior to submitting the the hell of a glucose tolerance test. Any other recommendations for moms to be? Thanks!

    • says

      Keep me posted on this. I have read that A1c is “inaccurate” during pregnancy but absolutely no mechanism or explanation behind this.

  19. says

    Well written Robb. I’ve heard nothing but great things about your site and thought I’d chec it out. I like your passion for accuracy and intelligence.

  20. majkinetor says

    Isn’t it well acknowledged that pancreas makes insulin stores based on carbohydrate trend of past week or so, which means that after prolonged paleo/lowcarb diet you need to prepare for OGTT ? After a week of preparation, OGTT should be repeated and it should, if you are not diabetic, give normal levels of BG.

    Also, HbA1c can be influenced by red cells turnover rate, so if your number != most of population, that doesn’t mean your BG was huge over past 3 months. It can mean other things, or none at all. With all hormonal systems out of place during pregnancy, I am not sure in what measure is diabetic marker relevant in that context.

    More on topic, I would suggest large doses of ascorbic during pregnancy as one prophylactic meassure against gestational diabetes. This is especially important in days before delivery to speed out wound healing, to handle stress of delivery and to minimise effects of notoriously inadequate hospital meals.

    • says

      A!C is not reliable, that’s well understood now. Gestational diabetes is bc folks are already TOO insulin resistant. Some insulin resistance is normal in pregnancy…what is not normal are current nutriton and lifestyle trends.

  21. says

    This post is so fascinating! I know its been awhile since its been active, but I thought I would reply to majkinetor’s post about Vit C. High doses of Vit C is actually contraindicated in pregnancy, it can cause uterine irritability. From natural food sources is totally fine.

    Found my way here because my morning fasting are high. Since before during Paleo and now. Looking to understand more. Thanks for all you do Robb!

  22. alicejanice says

    So, I am 14 weeks pregnant and my midwife was telling me about the gestational diabetes test that I’ll have to take. I’m not 100% paleo (morning sickness has really been kicking my butt and I’m happy when I can keep ANYTHING down) but I’m lactose and gluten intolerant (which is what led me to discover paleo eating) which means I have a lot of things out of my diet anyway. I’m not really a huge sugar person and I’m actually really worried about the test. I don’t drink sugary things, even my tea and coffee have been unsweetened for years. I am worried how the test will affect me. Is there an alternative I can ask for?

  23. Lindsay says

    Ok, I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I have my gestational diabetes test in 4 weeks. I got my bottle of sugar from my doctor today (it looks like a bottle of dayquil – yuck). But you say I should ask if I can opt for the Hb1Ac test instead? Is the Hb1Ac test the glucometer test you mentioned above? If not,is there a more, um, layman’s term for this? I would really prefer a different test, because I do tend to feel slightly uneasy after I ingest a large amount of sugar in one sitting. For me, a large amount is the 15grams of sugar that comes in my bar of dark chocolate (I’m pregnant, I have to indulge SOMETIMES). So I’m actually fairly worried about how I’ll feel and how my body will process the 50g of sugar ingested within 10 minutes. And I REALLY don’t want a false positive on my GD test.
    Is there anything sciency I can say to sway opinions if I’m met with resistance from my OB’s office?
    I apologize for all the questions, but I appreciate any insight you might have!

  24. Sarah says

    Interesting information & appreciated. I was so offended by the use of the word “retard,” however–that I found it difficult to process the rest. Some sensitivity would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Elissa says

    Thanks for covering this topic. I’ve been eating paleo for 4 years and now, at 30 weeks pregnant, received a positive result for GD. I’m a fit, active yoga teacher and eat an excellent diet of animal protein, good fats, veggies with no grains or processed foods. I’ve gained 22 lbs. since becoming pregnant and i feel so great and I have such good energy, to say I was completely stunned by the test result is an understatement. I kept telling my doctor that I didn’t understand how the test could be indicative of anything relating to my pregnancy since I would NEVER consume that much sugar in one day much less in the 5 minutes they gave me to drink the glucose AND after fasting for 9 hours. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with the paleo lifestyle that makes me feel so good. Thank you :)

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