Unwrapping Health: Great Holiday Gifts for Everyone


There’s only 14 shopping days left until Christmas!!  Okay, don’t freak out. Everything is going to be okay. There’s still time and same day shipping is a thing (and a damn handy thing at that…). If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person in your life or for yourself – here’s a whole bunch of helpful and HEALTHY ideas.

Books To Help You Feed Your Belly – Seriously, who doesn’t love a good cookbook (even if it’s just for the pictures). There’s a whole library of new paleo food porn just waiting to be explored. Here are some of the latest and greatest additions:

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods – By: Julie and Charles Mayfield

If you haven’t checked out these guys and their first epic book (um, there’s fried chicken…), you need to get on that one. If you have, you know what I’m talking about. Well, Julie and Charles have done it again – this time they’ve catered to those of us that don’t necessarily enjoy being or have time to spend in the kitchen. These recipes are QUICK (like 30-minute meals, folks) and EASY (as in I can successfully make them). They’re also pretty darn delicious. I HIGHLY recommend the Roasted Butternut Squash Dip, Jalapeno Poppers (there’s shrimp and bacon happening in these bad boys), Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie, Pan-Fried Okra, Curry Noodles and the Molasses Ginger Cookies. I honestly haven’t met a recipe in here that I haven’t liked or that I’ve messed up (a major first for me…). This is a great gift for friends, family and most importantly – yourself!

Well Fed 2– By: Melissa Joulwan

I gotta tell ya, Melissa completely rocked my world with the original Well Fed. I wasn’t sure the sequel was going to measure up in comparison (as was the case with Wayne’s World 2), but I was wrong. Well Fed 2 is just as good, if not superior to the first. With 50 pages of great bonus information like, ‘stuff to put on eggs’, breakfast ideas, and cooking terminology defined; you’ll be a culinary genius in no time. Some of my favorites so far include the BBQ Sauce (no sugar, no honey and still freaking awesome), Taj Mahal Chicken, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Sesame Cucumber Noodles and the Banana Pecan Ice Cream.  Every single recipe in here is grain, sugar, dairy and legume free and Whole 30 approved. This is a good one folks.

Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans – By: Michelle Tam (Nom Nom Paleo) & Henry Fong (the camera man & husband)

All I can say is – IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Nom Nom Paleo (Michelle) has been cooking great paleo food and blogging about it forever (well, actually only since 2010 – but still…). If you like what she’s been doing on her website then you’re going to want to own her brand spanking new cookbook. It’s hardcover, has awesome step-by-step photos, fun cartoon animations with cooking tips and there are jokes! This is a beautifully done book and even for those ‘non-cookers’ it would be a great kitchen counter, dining room or coffee table book.  With inclusions like Big-O Bacon Burgers, Paleo Sriracha and Egg Foo Young, you’ll be dining in style. Your mom is going to love this one and so will you!

Paleo Happy Hour: Appetizers, Small Plates & Drinks – By Kelly Milton

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor… It all started with the famous Norcal Margarita and what the heck, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Although alcohol, in and of itself, isn’t ‘paleo’ there are sometimes reasons to celebrate and doing so without getting ‘glutenned’ or ending up in a simple syrup sugar coma is a bonus.  The Paleo Happy Hour can help any aspiring or part-time bartender mix a few good drinks (and if alcohol isn’t your thing – there are plenty of alcohol free options too!). It doesn’t end with drinks though – there’s LOTS of appetizer and small plate recipes, in fact 2/3 of the book is dedicated to food. It’s the perfect resource for planning a casual get together, hosting a Super Bowl or other party, holding a tapas feast or just kicking back with a drink and some good food.

The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook– By Kelly V. Brozyna

You had me at ‘Chocolate’. I mean really, there’s like 20 people in the world that don’t like chocolate – and they’re all borderline insane… For some, the rich, dark, sweet stuff, is a treat and for others it might be termed an addiction.   Taking that into account, this cookbook probably isn’t one that you should reach for on a daily basis – but if you’re looking for a treat or need to quench a killer cocoa craving, it’s definitely the answer. Breakfasts, desserts, drinks, puddings, cheesecakes and even a few savory main dishes – you’ll never be without a cure for a serious chocolate fix.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox – By Diane Sanfilippo

If The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook makes your wish-list you should probably stick this one on there too. After chocolate donuts, whoopie pies, and hot chocolate a serious sugar detox might be exactly what you need. Diane’s 21-Day Sugar Detox has 3-levels and there’s a helpful self-quiz to help you find your level. She also includes special instructions for athletes, pregnant and nursing moms, fish-only eaters and autoimmunity. With great instructions and guidelines, sample meal plans and recipes this book will help you tame your sugar demons for good – or at least until the next time you pull out the chocolate cookbook…

Books To Feed Your Brain – Now that your stomach is full it’s time to concentrate. If you’re hungry for information or know someone that is be sure to check out these two pieces of mind-candy:

Your Personal Paleo Code – By: Chris Kresser

So, as of today, this one still hasn’t hit the shelves – but you’re not gonna want to miss it when it does! If you’ve been running in the paleo crowd for any length of time then you know that Chris Kresser is one SMART (paleo) Cookie. You’ve probably heard about, saw or even have his Personal Paleo Code program. While that in and of itself is pretty darn awesome, now he’s got a book coming out (it’s launching on December, 31st). I happen to have been fortune enough to get a review copy and let me tell you – it’s good. (And I am not a liar.) From what to eat, how to move, manage stress and optimize sleep – Chris covered it all and then some. It’s a 3-step plan to help you lose weight, reverse disease and/or stay fit and healthy for life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom For Lifelong Health – By: John Durant

If you’ve got major questions about our Paleolithic ancestors and history then you’ve got to read this book. John explores our evolutionary history and sheds light on how understanding our past can make us healthier now and in the future. This isn’t just another rendition of a Paleo diet book – it’s a history lesson told through stories of the past and visions of the future. I highly recommend this excellent piece of literature – and not just because John was on the Colbert Report, although that definitely got him a few extra points (I joke…).

E-Books For Everyone! (AND a KILLER Coupon Deal!) – By: Robb Wolf  

If you’ve got family or friends that are just delving into this paleo thing or that could use some handy, easy to read and understand information about how to make all of it work, then this is the PERFECT option. Whether it’s the 30-Day Paleo TransformationPaleo Dining Guide, Paleo Diet on a Budget Guide or all three of Robb’s eBooks the gift-getter is not going to be disappointed.  All of these eBook guides are packed with information to help YOU or your recipient be successful. AND if you’re a sucker for a deal (or just cheap) you are in luck because we’re having an eBook Extravaganza! Just use the coupon code HOLIDAYS at checkout and you’ll get 40% off your purchase now through midnight on Sunday, December, 15th. Now that is some wicked smart shopping!


Food For Your Belly (No Cooking Required) – If you’ve got some REALLY difficult people to shop for – case in point, I have gotten my Dad pliers of some sort every year for the last 20 years (this is not a made up story…) – I’ve got the perfect solution. Everyone eats, right? And being healthy is kind of a big deal. So, why not gift some healthy, delicious, paleo snacks? If you haven’t checked out the epic Well Food Co. product review post, get on it. These guys have got something for everyone – grass-fed beef jerky for dad (and probably some pliers too – old habits die hard…), grass-fed whey for the brother, some soy-free dark chocolate for mom and a gift basket for the sister (she’s really poor…). It’s one stop shopping and everyone will be happy on Christmas day.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got 12 days and with this list of ideas, you should be able to wrap-up your holiday shopping before Santa leaves the North Pole.

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    I love this! THANK YOU! I always want things like this for the holidays and no one ever understands! Now I can give my family some ideas and have some facts to back the gifts up with! Thank you!!

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