Paleo Book Review: Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

Hey Good Lookin’!  What you got cookin??  If you said – chicken and broccoli – again…  Then I highly suggest you KEEP READING!!!  Let me be the first to tell you, there is more to life then a dry piece of plain meat and soggy vegetables or a bowl full of spinach.  AND, contrary to what you may be thinking, you do not need a culinary degree or non-paleo ingredients to achieve a higher level of dining.  There are quite a few really great paleo cookbooks on the market – Paleo Comfort Foods, Well Fed, Make it Paleo and of course the cookbook that started it all – Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso.

Well, Sarah’s at it again and she has definitely raised the bar with her new Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook.  Seriously,  just paging through it is enough to make your mouth water.  From the very beginning it’s awesome – I’m not joking – the Table of Contents is done in PICTURES!!!  It’s genius!  There are thumbnail photos of EVERY recipe on the very first pages of the book!  There is also an extremely handy “Basic Food Guide” that breaks down the different options in each food category (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, fats and spices.  Talk about an EASY way to make a shopping list!

Recipes, we’ll get to those in a second, aren’t all you get though.  If you have a family and kids you know that getting everyone on board can be tough (if not seemingly impossible!).  Sarah offers some great tips and strategies on how you can ease the transition and make the paleo lifestyle (not just the food) work for your entire family.  There are also some really eye-opening statistics about the current state of our ‘entertainment’ habits – Did you know that the average American child spends 1500 hours/year watching television?  Compare that with the 900 hours/year they spend in school.  Um, yeah…  Sarah also tackles quick and easy meal ideas, lunch box menus, pantry and refrigerator stocking, and provides a one week meal plan sample with a shopping list.  There’s a lot of good stuff going on here!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…  THE RECIPES!!!  What kind of deliciousness can you look forward to? Oh, where to begin!  Here are some of the highlights from each section:

Sauces and Dips:

  • Ranch Dressing (I kid you not!!)
  • Cauliflower Hummus (Not a chickpea in site and it’s awesome – I tried it!!)
  • Ketchup, Mayo, and BBQ sauce

Soups, Stews and Slow Cooker Recipes:

  • Family Style Short Ribs (This is a slow cooker recipe!)
  • Scrumptious Seafood Chowder (Shrimp, clams, sweet potato and coconut milk – need I say more?)
  • Hungarian Stew (It’s enough to satisfy even the ‘Hungar’ianest of appetites)
Meaty Meals:
  • Best Ever Chicken Wings (Look out Hooters!!)
  • Savory Salmon with Peach Salsa
  • Sloppy Joes (and there’s a bun – that part’s a surprise, but there are no ‘alternative flours’ involved!!)
  • Vietnamese Lamb Lettuce Wraps
Sides, Salads and Small Plates:
  • Kale and Sweet Potato Chips (I betcha can’t eat just one!)
  • Sushi Rolls (Rice Free!!!)
  • Carrot French Fries and Zucchini Sticks
  • Roasted Beet Salad
Fruity Creations and Sweets:
  • Pumpkin Pie!!!  (No alternative flours needed and it’s got a crust!)
  • Fruit Parfaits (There is ‘whipped cream’ involved and ZERO dairy!!)
Are you hungry?  That’s just a ‘taste’ of what Everyday Paleo’s Family Cookbook has in store.  So if you’re looking to expand your culinary repertoire, want to add to your cookbook collection, or you just don’t feel like ‘chicken tonight’ (the dry kind with soggy broccoli); then order this book!  Your family and your taste buds will thank you!
What you got cookin’?



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  1. Primal toad says


    Your passion for this lifestyle shines through your words and punctuation! Keep it up!

    I can definitely see how you would randomly dance at ahs12…

  2. Joan Winter says

    Hi Amy,

    I am trying to book a 1 hour appointment with you but the shopping cart won’t let me. It says, “Scheduling is currently closed for a class in the shopping cart.”

    Can you help?


  3. Rhona says

    I am new to the Paleo diet. I found the “Everyday Paleo” cookbook, at my local book store, and started with the guidelines and meal plans. As if the presentation and layout of the book, in itself, wasn’t enough…the recipes are fantastic!! I am truly impressed with the book and use it “Everyday”!
    This is my second week of being Paleo and using the book. I have already dropped 7 pounds and can’t wait to explore the rest of the recipes. I don’t like fish, typically, but found the seafood recipes to be awesome as well.
    I look forward to purchasing the family cookbook also. I recommend this book to everyone I come in contact with.

  4. Kaye says

    I bought the cookbook but can tell you that eating Paleo is not boring, boring
    food is what caused me to go from size 6 to 20. Unhealthy and miserable, Just into my 4th week and havent weighed but have droped a size in jeans and lost 3 inches in my belly. I do miss my dairy and can’t find raw milk in my area. Sara has some great ideas and I look forward to trying them all.

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