Paleo Book Review: Teach Your Kids to “Eat Like A Dinosaur”

One of the most common questions/complaints that I get from paleo parents is, “but my kids won’t eat this way”.  This results in said parents bringing less than paleo fair into their homes and often times eating it themselves.  These often too familiar actions are not benefitting anyone involved from a physical, mental or emotional standpoint.  Our country and world are currently facing an obesity epidemic and unfortunately, the kids are not all right.  Luckily, we’ve got some pretty awesome people and resources to help us get, and keep ourselves and our families healthy in paleo style.

Kids seem to be either the easiest or the hardest to sell on the paleo way of life.  They’re either young enough to control or old enough to have had far too many encounters with the likes of Tony the Tiger, Little Debbie, Ronald McDonald, Wendy, and that King of Burgers…  But, fortunately we’ve got some awesome competition in our corner too!  Recently, Sarah Fragoso released Paleo Pals – Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship, an awesome paleo kids book to help bring them on board.

Well, now you can add another great book geared at families and kids to your paleo library!  This one comes from The Paleo Parents – Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry.  With over 100 recipes and projects for you and your kids to make and do together, Eat Like a Dinosaur has something for everyone in the family!  The book begins with a quick primer on introducing ‘dinosaur’ eating.  Next there’s a fun, colorfully illustrated story to read to the kids and after that – HOLY RECIPES!!!  Seriously, this stuff will make everyone in your family happy!  Dad is going to go T-Rex on the 50/50 Bacon Burgers.  Mom is going to blow her Triceratop over the section on packing lunches.  And what little boy wouldn’t Pteradactyl into some ‘Rats on a Stick’?  If your little girl is an outdoor diva, let her get down with her Parksosaurus self in the garden or at the farmers market; Eat Like a Dinosaur has tips and tricks for all that too!

I know – you’re thinking; “But my kids are going to completely go completely Wanna(sweet)nosaurus when they see all their friends chowing on candy and cookies.  Well, no worries!  There is a great section of ‘treat’ recipes for just these occasions!  Remember, these are treats – not everyday foods!!  There’s chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream (made with coconut milk), Samoa cake balls, and Lava fudge cupcakes to name a few of the indulgent goodies.

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to expand your paleo library, family’s menus, and healthy way of life!  It’s time to “Eat Like a Dinosaur”!


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  1. Brenden says

    Amy I think you had TO much fun writing this post haha! Sounds like a great book, can’t wait to have kids, that way I have a reason to eat like a kid – a – sourous!

  2. says

    We just got this book last week, and my son has asked me to read the story three times. :-) I made the Grain-free Granola two days ago, and it is almost gone. So far, a successful purchase!

  3. says

    Hey Amy
    This book sounds great. I am researching about paleo and kids for when i start a family. I really want to continue my paleo lifestyle but my partner isn’t completely on board as yet but hopefully by the time we have kids, he will be full paleo.
    The book sounds great! Thanks
    Angeli Yuson

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