The Paleologix Total Transformation Program

The Paleo Diet is a great starting place…but it’s just that – a starting place. Why? Because there’s a lot of confusion about what a “Paleo” diet really is.

  • Some sources recommend avoiding dairy, others don’t.
  • Some are very strict on eliminating sweeteners, others say they’re okay in moderate amounts.
  • Some say calories are important, others say only protein, carb and fat ratios matter.
  • Some say certain grains like white rice are okay, others say they should be strictly avoided.

It’s not customized for your unique circumstances, needs and goals

  • Should I follow a low-carb diet, or is a higher-carb approach better for me?
  • What about nightshades? I’ve heard they’re bad for people with autoimmune disease and joint problems.
  • I’m an athlete.  Will the Paleo diet work for me?
  • What’s the best way to lose weight on a Paleo type diet?

It can be hard to put into practice without the right support

  • I need recipes and menus and shopping lists to make this work
  • What if I can’t follow it exactly? What are the most important parts?
  • I can’t just eat nuts and steak all day. I need some more variety and ideas for meals and snacks.
  • What can I snack on? How do I deal with eating out?

Discover how the Paleologix Total Transformation Program makes it simple to find & follow your personalized diet plan

The Paleologix Total Transformation Program is a 3-step program:

Step 1: Reset

This is like hitting the reset button on your body.  You return to the basic human genetic template by removing the foods we’re not adapted to eat and/or those that most commonly cause problems.

Step 2: Reintroduce

Once you’ve given your body a chance to restore itself, you reintroduce some of the foods you removed in Step 1 to see if they work for you.

Step 3: Refine

In this step you fine-tune and personalize your diet right down to the macronutrient ratios, meal frequency, and tweaks for weight loss, thyroid and blood sugar problems, autoimmune disease and more.

What you will end up with is a diet that is personalized exactly for you – a diet that is comprised of foods and guidelines based on your own experience and your own experimentation. You’ll have the solid foundation of a time tested, genetically sound, and scientifically proven philosophy, but with the added personalization that really makes it fit your body, your goals and your life.

The Paleologix Total Transformation Program also includes a variety of resources and tools to make your transition to the Paleo diet as easy and successful as possible:

  • The ACTION Workbook – my ‘at a glance’ guide giving me instructions for how to best use this material to take action toward my health goals today.
  • The SUPPORT Workbook – like having a personal health coach right beside me helping me figure out what my motivation is, and what challenges might keep me from successfully sticking with the program.
  • The Paleologix Total Transformation Progress Tracking App – An absolutely critical part of success with any new habits, is tracking progress. With this online progress tracker, I’ll be able to record my progress through the three parts of the program and record my own personal results as I reintroduce foods back into my diet in phase two, and refine my diet based on measurable factors in phase three.
  • 10 Paleologix Total Transformation Program Guides – (printable PDFs) these essential guides are designed to give me important food preparation secrets, info to bust some of the most common myths and misconceptions, and cutting edge information about which kinds of fats, nuts, condiments and supplements to use and why. Armed with this information at my fingertips, the most unique parts of this program are made easy.
  • Cheatsheets, worksheets, planning guides, shopping lists – all the most frequently referenced information has been pulled out of the program and organized into easy to find, easy to use, printable pages.
  • A free, 30-day trial to the Paleologix Total Transformation Program Meal Plan Generator, which allows you to create highly customized meal plans with a few clicks of a button.

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