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Why Am I STILL Broken???

We’re gonna start this mini-novel with a story about someone that I know very well (total nutcase, seriously).  This individual has been Paleo for about 3-4 years now.  She’s definitely not ‘militant paleo’ – but with the exception of an occasional, sane, off-road – pretty darn close.  Her training – well that’s kind of a… Continue Reading

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Paleologix is Live!

Hey folks! I wanted to let y’all know that Paleologix is now LIVE.  This project has been more than a year of planning and development and both Chris Kresser and I are pretty excited about it. Brief History In working with clients both Chris and I noticed that some folks experienced certain, predictable challenges when… Continue Reading


Paleo Bus Accident – The Wheels Fell Off…

December 26, 2012 – BREAKING NEWS!! There are reports coming from all areas of the country regarding what seems to be a ‘bus accident epidemic’.  It appears that the wheels of a select fleet of ‘Paleo Buses’ have simply been ‘falling off’ over the past several weeks.  No fatalities have been reported, but there are… Continue Reading