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Want Dinner on the Table Fast – Try Paleo Slow Cooking!

Life moves fast.  It’s in constant motion from the time you wake up until you go to bed.  Balancing the kids, school, work, activities, etc; who has time to actually think about what’s for dinner?  It happens almost everyday – you get home after a long day, you’re hungry, tired Read more…

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“What the Paleo World Eats”: Call for Contributors – Round 2

Back in April we put out a blog post asking YOU to tell and show us what a week in your paleo food life looked like.  Some of you took us up on the challenge and sent some awesome photos and great supporting information: store receipts, food costs and family Read more…

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Hey Perky! Let’s Talk About That Coffee…

First it was the ‘paleo-fied’ desserts, then went the shaker bottle, next was ‘natural’ sweeteners followed closely by the artificial, and it didn’t stop there.  Nope, I even rained on your summer BBQ fun by putting a cramp in your grilling style.  Yep, that’s right!  It’s your favorite fun-hater back Read more…

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A Paleo Challenge Motivates Steve to Get Healthy

Food for thought: nutrition is paramount to optimal health and fitness. Whether it’s Zone, GOMAD, primal, or paleo, for better or for worse, I have witnessed the contagiousness of diet in many athletic communities: it’s mentioned, it peeks interest, it drives experimentation. After personal observation, experimentation, and even more observation, Read more…

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Everyday Paleo Family

Paleo Book Review: Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

Hey Good Lookin’!  What you got cookin??  If you said – chicken and broccoli – again…  Then I highly suggest you KEEP READING!!!  Let me be the first to tell you, there is more to life then a dry piece of plain meat and soggy vegetables or a bowl full Read more…

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Cracking the Code on Egg Labeling

Lately the media has been throwing out some ‘scrambled’ messages about eggs.  The headlines claim that eating egg yolks is as bad for health as puffing on a cigarette.  I know that none of you have ‘sucker’ tattooed on your forehead and that you aren’t believing all the hype – Read more…

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Paleo Helps Triathlete Qualify for Ironman 70.3 World Championships

I started triathlon 4 years ago as a way to “mix things up” from my normal running and strength training routine that I used to stay in ‘decent shape’. I have always been an active person, enjoying a variety of sports and outdoor activities, but through my 20’s I really struggled to Read more…

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Menu Board

Epic (Sustainable, Farm-to-Table) Meal Time: The Highlight of AHS 2012

This years Ancestral Health Symposium was one that attendees will not soon forget.  The speakers were excellent, the vendor booths awesome and for a venue, Harvard could not have been a better pick.  Robb did an excellent podcast highlighting some of what this years conference had to offer; and many Read more…

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Driving off Cliff

Going, Going, GONE – It all Started with a Handful of Chips…

Veggies, meat, good fats, some fruit, water and an occasional piece of high-quality dark chocolate – that’s what’s been going into your body for the past week or two. Seriously, you are on a roll. This paleo thing – it’s in the bag. I’m talking EASY. You totally can’t understand how some Read more…

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KP before paleo

Paleo puts Keratosis Pilaris in Remission

For as long as I can remember, I have been plagued with a red bumpy rash on the back of both of my arms along with an occasional flare up on my back (see photo below). Since I was in high school, I have seen a variety of doctors and been prescribed Read more…

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