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Amy Kubal is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in the Paleo Diet and performance nutrition. She holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University. Amy works with both serious and recreational athletes as well as with individuals looking to improve their overall health and performance through diet and lifestyle.

She is the consultant dietitian for Joe Friel’s TrainingBible Coaching, The Whole9, and Boot Camp Pasadena. She works with a broad range of clients including Olympic rower Ursula Grobler, two time Kettlebell World Champion Lorna Kleidman, numerous IronMan triathletes, professional bikers, marathoners, CrossFit games competitors, MMA fighters, and everyday athletes. Additionally, Amy has helped many clients optimize body composition and manage or recover from autoimmune and diet related diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, renal failure, lupus, and more.

Amy believes that “real food” is the key to optimal health and performance.  She is a firm believer in and advocate of The Paleo Diet. The Paleo eating style has the ability to prevent and reverse many disease processes, enhance athletic performance and increase quality of life.  She has observed its effects on health and performance not only in her clients but also as an endurance athlete herself.

Amy understands that everyone has unique needs and responds differently to diet, training, and recovery.  Her nutrition plans and counseling techniques are tailored to meet individual needs, schedules and lifestyles.  She will do everything she can to help you reach your full potential!


“The Trouble Shooter” – Nutrition Evaluation & Recommendations

  • Review and evaluation of your current diet.
  • Suggestions to improve or modify it to help you meet your goals.
  • This is great for those who are already Paleo and just need to fine tune things to get it all dialed in.
$200 Book Now

“The Road Map” – Meal Planning

  • This program is designed for those needing structure.
  • Includes a ‘flexible’, easy to implement meal plan that can be tailored to fit your preferences!
  • The plan and recommendations are based on information you provide (goals, lifestyle, etc.)
  • You will also receive a helpful information guide detailing how to use the plan and some great, simple recipes to get you started.
  • This plan is tailored to fit you and give you control!
$300 Book Now

All That And a Bag of Grass-fed Jerky

  • This program is designed for those with special diet concerns: feeding the family, complex health issues, frequent travel, serious athletic goals, or who are implementing Paleo for the first time.
  • It includes everything listed above plus a 60 minute consult call and additional materials based on your unique situation.
$500 Book Now

Get Low-Carb: Ketogenic Protocol and Meal Plan

  • If you or someone you love is facing a serious and difficult health situation such as cancer, neurologic disorder (epilepsy, Parkinson’s etc.), autism, ALS, PCOS, or would like to implement a ketogenic protocol for another reason; then this is the plan for you.
  • It includes a ketogenic meal plan template, 7-day sample menu, and the guidelines and information that you need to make it all work.
  • All recommendations are based on your unique situation and needs.
$600 Book Now

“But I Need a Gatekeeper…” – 3 Month Nutrition Coaching/Counseling Program

  • Sometimes it helps to know someone is looking out for you!  If you need some accountability and extra help getting started or keeping you honest – look no further!
  • Weekly 30 minute Skype or phone consultation.
  • Three question, concerns, follow-up emails per week.
  • This package is designed to help you get going, stay on track, and trouble shoot day-by-day!
$900 Book Now

30 minute Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype Consultations

$80 Book Now

Got Accountability??

Once weekly email check-ins for 1-month

$100 Book Now

“I’m a Nutrition Student/Professional/etc. (or aspiring to be) and I’ve got questions!!!”

This option is designed for those that are interested in the paleo nutrition field and have questions! Provides guidance on how to put a ‘Paleo swing’ on recommendations and provides support via twice weekly emails to help answer your questions and guide you on the ‘paleo path’.

Perfect for:

  • Registered Dietitians and/or ‘Nutritionists’ with questions or looking to move in the paleo direction.
  • Current nutrition students wondering, “what’s next?”
  • Those interested in pursuing an education in the nutrition field.
$125 Book Now

Mentor Program

$200 Book Now

60 minute Face-to-Face, Phone or Skype Consultations

$125 Book Now

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