The Paleo-Perfect Omega

Eating Paleo?

Then consider MightyOmega as the perfect supplement to the perfect human diet.

Paleo: The Perfect Human Diet

The Paleo diet is the perfect human diet because it is the ONLY nutritional approach to work in harmony with your hunter-gatherer genetics — make you lean, strong and energetic. And Paleo is easy – eat real food to get real results.

MightyOmega: Perfect For Paleo

MightyOmega is the perfect omega-3 to add to your Paleo Diet because it gives you the undamaged active omega-3’s fatty acids EPA and DHA in a convenient, concentrated dosage form.

Although it’s always best to get your omega-3’s from fresh, wild food sources, supplement with MightyOmega when you need an extra punch to resolve inflammation and promote healthy tissue formation.

What Makes MightyOmega Different?

No Heat Damage

MightyOmega uses a low-temperature extraction process called Supercritical Extraction (SE). This unique process protects the delicate EPA and DHA molecules from heat damage.

Sustainable and Solvent-Free

Unlike conventional, molecularly-distilled fish oils which use harsh solvents and high heat, MightyOmega uses only eco-friendly and sustainable carbon dioxide to gently extract and concentrate EPA and DHA molecules.

Effective Omega Ratio

Published omega-3 research shows that EPA to DHA ratios greater than 3 to 1 better support the process “healthy inflammation” and healthy tissue formation. MightyOmega contains an effective omega ratio of 6.5 : 1 EPA to DHA.