Personal Paleo Code

Chris Kresser

Hey folks, I know you are already familiar with Chris Kresser and the expertise he brings to the Paleo community (he previously appeared on Episode 83 and Episode 69 of the Paleo Solution Podcast).

But what you may not realize is that Chris has developed a service called the Personal Paleo Code to help people jump start their success with Paleo.

Here is how Chris explains it:

“I’ve combined over 10 years of education and thousands of hours of research with my experience working with hundreds of patients in my clinic – patients with problems and goals just like yours – and I’ve turned it all into a practical, easy-to-follow system that allows you to personalize your diet, test and measure your results, and get all the support you’ll need to make it work for you.  And I’ve done this with a level of passion and commitment that only someone who has had their own personal success story can do.


What is the result of all this work?

The Personal Paleo Code will help you move from confusion and uncertainty about nutrition to clarity and confidence. You’ll find that I’ve been able to simplify the process of starting the diet and transitioning into it with a simple 3-step process, workbooks, targeted support guides, cheat sheets, progress tracking tools, and more.”

So check out the Personal Paleo Code, and if you aren’t satisfied, Chris offers a 6 month, money back guarantee.