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If it works for a SEAL…

Good word from DR. Harris at Panu. I don’t want to just copy and paste that piece here but I do want to throw in some observations. Dr. Harris’ Brother in Law, Jason (who is a SEAL): 1-Started doing CF and saw dramatic improvements in his work related performance. Not too surprising, swapping out flutter… Continue Reading


Low-Carbs and CrossFit

I received an email from Nicholas Hahn last week in which he described his experience using a VERY low carb diet with a CrosFit template. His results are interesting and pretty impressive as he appears to run better on less than Zone levels of carb intake. Whooda-thunkt-it? Some of the other benefits appear to be… Continue Reading

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta, Day 1

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta!!

I LOVE Atlanta! Awesome town, great food and now lots of good friends. A huge thank-you to everyone who came out and a thank you specifically to Jeff, Melissa, Jules and Charles for not only hosting a kick-ass, back-to-back nutrition freak out, but for also making some damn good  curry on Saturday night! The NorCal… Continue Reading


Type 1 Diabetes: Update And PROGRESS!!

Just got this update from Joanne aka “MomOFType1”: Robb – Just checking in to let you know our little girl is still going strong! We visited with the new endo on Friday. He reviewed her last few weeks of blood sugar readings from her glucose meter on his computer (very cool how he jacked it… Continue Reading


More Type 1 Diabetes

Here is an interesting comment. One of two things is at work here: 1-As she notes, this may be a  bounce back period in which the pancreas is not completely destroyed and is still working in spurts. or 2-They have removed the environmental irritants that CAUSED the Type 1 in the first place (gluten, grains)… Continue Reading


The Zone: Better with Paleo Foods

  I received this first comment from Julianne a few days ago and asked if I could post her experience. Part two I received this morning and added to the post. Here is the basic order of operations: She adopted the Zone and saw significant improvements in a number of issues including blood sugar regulation… Continue Reading

Paleo: It's almost like it works!

A Note From Coach Rut!

I just wanted to share a nice success story from one of Coach Michael Rutherford’s Athletes. A common counter argument about eating paleo is that people “Can’t get enough carbs” to fuel elite level activity. I’m going to do an extensive deconstruction of that notion in a few days. The funny thing about facts, they… Continue Reading