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A Paleo Challenge Motivates Steve to Get Healthy

Food for thought: nutrition is paramount to optimal health and fitness. Whether it’s Zone, GOMAD, primal, or paleo, for better or for worse, I have witnessed the contagiousness of diet in many athletic communities: it’s mentioned, it peeks interest, it drives experimentation. After personal observation, experimentation, and even more observation, Read more…

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Driving off Cliff

Going, Going, GONE – It all Started with a Handful of Chips…

Veggies, meat, good fats, some fruit, water and an occasional piece of high-quality dark chocolate – that’s what’s been going into your body for the past week or two. Seriously, you are on a roll. This paleo thing – it’s in the bag. I’m talking EASY. You totally can’t understand how some Read more…

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Stress and The Food Reward System

Written by: Kevin Cann   Understanding the dynamics of weight loss has always been a hot topic in the literature, and will continue to be until we can fully understand the dynamic components of the disease.  Most people will attempt various diet and/or exercise programs in feeble attempts to shed Read more…

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Pale-‘O’-lympics: Go for the Gold

It happens every two years alternating between summer and winter.  It’s when the World’s best athletes come together for the ultimate competition.  Records are broken, dreams are realized, and medals are won.  At some point in our lives we’ve probably all had “Olympic Dreams”.  Unfortunately, if you’re like me, the Read more…

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Maintaining Weight Loss – The Recent JAMA Study

Written by: Kevin Cann             Recently there was an important research project published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA).  Researchers are trying to understand the mechanisms behind the obesity epidemic that is seen in this country.  One area that we fail to grasp a solid understanding of is Read more…

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PWO meal

No Whey!! ‘Powder-Free’, Convenient Post Workout Fuel Options

There seems to have been a ‘bit’ of resistance to my recent post about the use of protein powders and liquid nutrition.  If you missed that whole show let me give you a quick recap.  Amy said: “Real food is always the best option and protein powders aren’t necessary.”  This Read more…

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Gut Health and Obesity

Written by: Kevin Cann So many people are told to eat less and exercise more when weight loss is the ultimate goal. We often assume that the greatest problem we face is lack of physical activity and easy access to high calorie, low quality food. In some cases this definitely Read more…

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Pro Powder

‘Whey’ing In: Are Protein Powders Paleo?

This is a story about a guy I know – we’ll call him ‘Magnus’ (he’d like that).  He likes to lift heavy things and has been known to grunt and swear while lifting these heavy things.  When he opens his (massive) gym bag it’s like taking a trip to GNC Read more…

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Daily food ingredients that most people eat

The “Additive Effect”: Artificial is NOT Intelligent

Pop-tarts, Doritos, Go-gurt, Vitamin Water…  The grocery store is loaded with artificially flavored, sweetened, and colored ‘franken-foods’ and we’re eating them up!  Waistlines continue expanding and the obesity epidemic is out of control.  What’s behind the increasing “weight of the world”?  Is it EPIC portions, constant access to food, lack Read more…

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How Inflammation Affects Our Hypothalamus and Hunger Response

Written By: Kevin Cann             Our lifestyles are much different than those of our Paleolithic ancestors.  Our ancestors had to worry about predators, food shortages, and droughts.  They had plenty of down time to relax and unwind and had to be active to forage for food.  Currently, none of this Read more…

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