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Easy Ways to Be a Sleep Viking in 2011

You would think being qualified to talk about sleep is a good thing. Often, it’s not. Just like Robb learned to be strict with gluten much quicker than most, it tends to be those who have the worst problems are who know the most about it. When it comes to Read more…

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Your Body is a System

This stuff seems so easy. So why is it sometimes so hard? We understand food and sleep. We know how it affects us. We know about input and output, and the impact of grains and fructose on the body. If you’ve been on this site a while, you know it Read more…

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Each year I do a collective “humping of the knees” to get folks to imporve their sleep quality. I usually kick that off by recommending the book Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar and Survival. I LOVE this book. Most folks either love it or hate it but the information is amazing Read more…

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CrossFit and Performance Menu Message Board Docs.

Hey there! In an effort to get more information out to folks I paid someone to mine the CrossFit Message board and the Performance Mneu message board for old threads I’ve participated in. It’s a boat load of information and I think will help to answer a lot of the Read more…

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Paleo+Intermittent Fasting+CrossFit works.

I Just received this email, thought I’d pass it along. A key feature I;d like to point out is that Mike got his food quality squared away, made sleep a priority and used intermittent fasting in measured, smart doses. The result? Better performance and health. This is BTW, the order Read more…

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or you might loose your marbles. If you have not read Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar and Survival, now is the perfect time to get it going.

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Sleep+Intermittent Fasting

Well…today is the first day back in the gym training folks in almost 2 weeks. We took the past 11 days off due to the holidays and upwards of 50% of my time off was spent sleeping! Left to my own devices I will sleep for 9hrs per night and Read more…

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