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Testimonial: Bringing My Thyroid Numbers Back To Normal!

Written by: Brenda K. I am 62 years old female and have a family history of Hashimotos’s hypothyroiditis. My mother had her thyroid removed.  My uncle had MS and my son is a Lymphoma survivor. Huge autoimmune history in my family. I did Paleo for only three months before I Read more…

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60lbs down and a whole lot of health

Written by: Sylvie Hi Robb, Your book and Mark Sisson’s have most definitely changed my life. I’ve lost 60 lbs with paleo but really that’s just the cherry on top. I didn’t find this lifestyle to lose weight. I’d sort of given up on the weight front, assuming that after Read more…

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“This Has Changed My Entire Life, Everything. All of it.”

Written by: Jessica Zaneis It seems strange that I am excited to type this story to you about what was a life changing illness for me considering how sick I was. It is even more strange that I am so willing to share such a personal story about what many Read more…

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I Will NEVER Go Back To “Before”!!

Written by: Pamela I developed Hashimoto’s (autoimmune) Hypothyroidism and was searching for a way to relieve the symptoms. I had suffered significant weight gain, severe fatigue, hormonal imbalance, sleep issues, and pain in my joints, muscles – essentially all over.  My doctors were of very little help beyond initial diagnosis Read more…

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Janelle Reverses Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

  Written by Janelle Pica               “You may just have to wait ten years, at which point we can arrange medication for you.” I can still hear those words echoing in my head even though it has been years since that day in the office of my endocrinologist (who, Read more…

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Gala 2012

Paleo Helps Suzanne Get Off Thyroid Medication

  People always ask me “why do you eat Paleo?” – I see why, “Your diet isn’t based on the strong foundation of 7-10 daily servings of grain!?”. No, quite the opposite. But my reasoning behind going the way of the caveman was a long time coming; as it turns Read more…

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How a Paleo Diet helped Kymberly kick her Hashimoto’s Thyroid symptoms

My husband & I married in 1994.  We immediately began trying to have a baby.  After a year of being unsuccessful, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during routine testing.  We headed off to the fertility doctor for help.  We spent the next four and a half years trying to conceive a child.  Finally in 1999, my Read more…

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Sarah J & Kids

Real life testimonial: Sarah’s Coming Back From Celiac With A Paleo Diet

This is part of an ongoing series of real life success stories from people all over the world who have been impacted by the Paleo lifestyle and The Paleo Solution. Read Sarah’s story below. I was someone who was always health conscious and always busy. Throughout high school and college Read more…

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