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Cutting Out Gluten Cuts Out Kids’ Asthma

Written by: Elize van der Merwe Ever since my oldest son was a toddler (around 2yrs), he would grow short of breath fast. He was a very heavy boy, strong and muscular, but not fat, and definitely not overweight. Come winter time he would be almost continuously on bronchio-dilators, double dose, Read more…

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Clay - before and after paleo

Paleo For The Whole Family!

Written by: Andi Cohen My husband was the first to switch to Paleo- after experiencing a heart attack and heart catheterization….and realizing he’d put on close to 40 pounds. I think his moment was in the ER when his blood pressure was skyrocketing and some 12 year old doctor came Read more…

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Nestor - Before and After Paleo

Paleo: AWESOME for Teens!

Written by Laurie: I went paleo myself about 7 years ago and lost over 100lbs and reversed diabetes and a whole host of other ailments. But my youngest son is a vegetarian who eats little else other than grains. So after a miserable summer of food battles a few years Read more…

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Jan '13

We Lost Weight, Though We Gained So Much More

Written by: Leanna Cappucci About 12 months before I went Paleo, my brother started Crossfitting, and I drowned out every word he said about it. But, as a good brother does, he understood my stubborn side better than anyone in the universe, and as such, he let it sink in Read more…

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Healing from Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism – Charlotte’s Paleo Journey

Written by: Joy Dvorak Our second daughter, Charlotte, was born a week early with no complications. Her first few days and weeks were non-eventful as she nursed well and slept fine. At about 3 weeks old, confusion and disillusionment set into our world. I was certain we were the only Read more…

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Ketogenic Diet Changes Little Kailey’s Life With Epilepsy

January 23, 2009, after a perfectly normal pregnancy, my daughter was born and immediately displayed seizure symptoms. I was not even able to hold her before she was swept off to the NICU, and we were informed she would be transferred directly to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – and there we Read more…

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