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6-Letter Word

Written by: Robert My pregnant paleo-wife ran into the bathroom crying. The phone call from the doctor’s office informed her she failed the glucose-tolerance test, looks like gestational diabetes. Second test will confirm this. If she can’t control her blood sugar through dietary changes or insulin injections, baby will be so big she will need… Continue Reading


60lbs down and a whole lot of health

Written by: Sylvie Hi Robb, Your book and Mark Sisson’s have most definitely changed my life. I’ve lost 60 lbs with paleo but really that’s just the cherry on top. I didn’t find this lifestyle to lose weight. I’d sort of given up on the weight front, assuming that after hitting 30 and having 3… Continue Reading


Testimonial – Female Hormones: Finding Balance

FINDING HORMONAL BALANCE When you hear the word hormone it often invokes images of once sweet, cuddly children who overnight turn into angry, irrational adolescents covered in acne. The truth is hormones affect every one of us long before we’re born and until the moment we cease to exist. They are like chemical text messages that… Continue Reading