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Iron fortified infant cereal: A formula for health problems?

This is a guest post by Catherine Shanahan, MD Author of Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food and Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating If you are a young mom, there’s a good chance your pediatrician has recommend that you provide an iron-fortified formula or cereal to your baby. But are these iron-fortified products Read more…

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The 12 “Do’s” of Christmas

During the hectic holiday season it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement (or stress) and get thrown off track.  Here are 12 tips to help you stay healthy, sane and the same size this holiday season: 1.) Deck your appetizer buffet with vegetable and fruit trays, shrimp platters, Read more…

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PolyPhasic Sleep-Part Deux

If you missed part one, here ya go. SLEEP 101 (probably more like 102) “If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process has ever made” Allan Rechtschaffen University of Chicago Sleep Laboratory Smithsonian, November 1978 Why do we sleep? The Read more…

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PolyPhasic Sleep- Part 1

This is a submission from my good friend Dr. Dan Pardi. I’ve received questions about polyphasic sleep for years. Well, here is a sleep experts  thoughts on the topic. Enjoy! Also Dan is a PhD candidate at Leiden University working with the departments of Neurology and Endocrinology. He lives and Read more…

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Thanksgiving – Don’t be a Food Hangover Victim!!

The day has arrived.  The hour is approaching.  The table is set and look out – we’re HUNGRY!  It’s been a whole year since we’ve sat down to a feast of this caliber and damn if we’re not going to take FULL advantage of it.  Am I right??  Okay, now Read more…

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vainglory-268 - After

Testimonial: “I’ve officially lost over half of my original body weight.”

  I used to weigh over a quarter of a ton. The last weigh in I did before I started my weight loss campaign showed 538 pounds on the $250 scale my wife had to buy me with our tex return in March of 2010.  As of today, I weigh Read more…

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Meat & Potatoes: Back on the Menu

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention lately, meat and potatoes are okay to eat again. It’s a pretty comical situation, really. Meat and potatoes used to be the basic chow of every American – at a time when Americans were the healthiest and tallest people in the world. Read more…

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Paleo and Testosterone

To say that this paleo/ancestral life-way has saved and dramatically improved my life would be something between spot on and a complete understatement. I was really sick when I came on all this back in 1998 and for being almost 40 I feel like I’m doing pretty well. But I Read more…

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Type 1 Diabetes: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Editors Note: Paleo eating appears to benefit quite an array of health conditions. Many are autoimmune in nature, all appear to share characteristics of systemic inflammation. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most devilish conditions to address because of the dual activity of autoimmune disease and increased systemic inflammation due to glucose dysregualtion. Standard of Care dictates that Read more…

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Paleo Pumpkin Chili over Spaghetti Squash

One  un-intended but very cool outcome of writing a book and doing all this blogging has been contact with old friends from high-school and growing up. The following recipe is from my pal Brandy who is an avid CrossFitter and pretty damn good Paleo-Chef-in-training.  Pumpkin Paleo Chili on Spaghetti Squash w/ Butternut-sage Drizzle. (It Read more…

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