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Paleo Bus Accident – The Wheels Fell Off…

December 26, 2012 – BREAKING NEWS!! There are reports coming from all areas of the country regarding what seems to be a ‘bus accident epidemic’.  It appears that the wheels of a select fleet of ‘Paleo Buses’ have simply been ‘falling off’ over the past several weeks.  No fatalities have been reported, but there are… Continue Reading


Low Carb and Paleo: My Thoughts Part 1

I often wonder what it is in me that is drawn to conflict, because truth be told, I actually hate conflict. Long ago I tinkered with veganism, and suffered the consequences of what was for me, a very pro-inflammatory diet. The concepts of paleo and low carb (LC) got on my radar, and to say… Continue Reading


Holiday Help: Dealing With Non-Paleo Peer Pressure…

“But Grandma made it just for you.” “Have a beer with me – one won’t kill ya.” “Why aren’t you having any (insert non paleo food item here).” Yep, it’s that time of year again – time for the seemingly endless holiday parties, gatherings, and holiday celebrations. We’re all painfully aware that the season’s food-laden festivities often result… Continue Reading