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Paleo-Quick: Beef & Tomatoes

Folks tend to over complicate cooking. Have some good, basic ingredients on hand and keep it simple. This meal was delicious and easy as can be. I browned some grass fed ground beef in a pan with some diced green onions.  I put about 8oz of this into a bowl, toped the meat with Read more…

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Protein deebate

The China Study: Junk Science and Lies

Sorry for the re-post, but this is too important not to pass around. Free The Animal has an outstanding post on the misleading pile of dookie that is The China Study. Here is the original analysis that Richard is referring  to which was generated by Denise Minger. If you recall, we Read more…

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Table 4

Kids, Paleo and Nutrient Density

I really do need to Sexify my blog titles like Dr. Harris does! Ok, This needs to be a quiky but I’ve been deluged with this question of late and I want a singular place to address it. The question? “Will my kids “miss anything” nutritionally with a Paleo diet?” Great question Read more…

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Do High-fat Diets inhibit Load-Induced Muscle Hypertrophy in Humans?

By Matt Lalonde To the uninitiated, making sense of the vast and ever-expanding nutrition literature may appear to be an incredibly daunting, if not impossible, task. Where does one start and what is the best way to identify legitimate research? Having a scientific background certainly helps but I’d argue that, Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Albany, NY

CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Albany, NY

I think I speak for both Bobbi and myself when I say we were truly pleased with the turnout at the Albany nutrition cert. The welcoming and organized crew at Albany CrossFit made this a memorable weekend. We had a great crowd with excellent energy and some thought provoking questions. Read more…

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More Type 1 Diabetes

Here is an interesting comment. One of two things is at work here: 1-As she notes, this may be a  bounce back period in which the pancreas is not completely destroyed and is still working in spurts. or 2-They have removed the environmental irritants that CAUSED the Type 1 in Read more…

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Mat Lalonde

CrossFit On a Low Carb Paleo Diet: Mat Lalonde Reporting

He everybody! Here is an interesting piece from Mat Lalonde. if y’all do not know, Mat and Bobbi are the new East Coast CrossFit Nutrition Certification Crew. They kick ass! I’m working on the back-end of the site (actually, Craig is!) to make it easy for Mat and Bobbi to Read more…

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The Zone: Better with Paleo Foods

  I received this first comment from Julianne a few days ago and asked if I could post her experience. Part two I received this morning and added to the post. Here is the basic order of operations: She adopted the Zone and saw significant improvements in a number of Read more…

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Paleo: It's almost like it works!

A Note From Coach Rut!

I just wanted to share a nice success story from one of Coach Michael Rutherford’s Athletes. A common counter argument about eating paleo is that people “Can’t get enough carbs” to fuel elite level activity. I’m going to do an extensive deconstruction of that notion in a few days. The Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Toronto Day 1!

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Toronto, Ontario CA!!!

I LOVE Toronto! I had the good fortune of spending almost 2 weeks there back in 2004 and I love the city. Great food, beautiful architecture and great people. We did back-to-bak days for the Crossfit Nutrition Certification this past weekend and it was fantastic! Both days ran over due Read more…

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