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CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Toronto Day 1!

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Toronto, Ontario CA!!!

I LOVE Toronto! I had the good fortune of spending almost 2 weeks there back in 2004 and I love the city. Great food, beautiful architecture and great people. We did back-to-bak days for the Crossfit Nutrition Certification this past weekend and it was fantastic! Both days ran over due Read more…

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Isn't it Genetics?

I received the following comment from Aaron and it’s an important point I’ve been meaning to make. As biotech makes it’s way into our lives there is a growing tendency to attribute EVERYTHING to genetics. Thousands of times I’ve heard the fatalistic refrain: “Well, my parents had diabetes (or heart disease Read more…

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CrossFit 305 Paleo Challenge!

Just received a super cool email about CrossFit 305’s Paleo Challenge. It’s almost like CrossFit + Paleo works!

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Paleo Brands Seminar!

The launch of the inaugural Paleo Brands seminar went down this past weekend in San Diego, CA! O-lifting Studdette, Kelly Frankson was one of several hundred attendees of the event and had this write-up. I don’t have much to add with regards to the content of the day, I think Read more…

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Laura DeMarco: The Whole Enchilada!

Most of you know Laura DeMarco from her remarkable achievements at the Dirty South Qualifiers and the CrossFit Games. I first met Laura at the CrossFit Nutrition Cert in Atlanta and all I can say is she is impressive in every way. Smart, direct of thought and an absolute ass-kicker Read more…

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The Zone and Athletic Performance

Amidst yesterdays comments the question was asked “Where is the science for the Zone or paleo with regards to improving athletic performance?” as both a scientist and coach I would have normally told this person to go pound sand as my gym is full of people who are performing FAR Read more…

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Barry Sears IS Paleo!!

I receive a lot of email from folks asking a variety of questions. Two questions tend to about send me over the brink: “How many blocks should I eat?” and “should I eat Paleo or Zone?” Both questions are troubling for several reasons but it’s actually the later question that Read more…

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Paleo Brands Seminar!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let y’all know about an upcoming Paleo Brands seminar featuring Prof. Loren Cordain, John Welbourn and myself. Here are the event details and and registration form. This is going to be AWESOME!! If you are interested in elite human performance, reversing metabolic derangement and autoimmunity Read more…

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Book Update and Testimonials

Hey everyone! I’m hammering on the book. I’ve decided to split the book into two parts, not just 2 books in 1. The first will be appropriate for the weight-loss/health and fitness crowd…something you could give to your mom or aunt and it will help them avoid metabolic derangement and Read more…

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Post Workout Nutrition: High or Low Carb?

My previous post seems to have stirred some interest and a fair amount of confusion. Should one use carbs post workout or not? If so how much, and when? Like a great number of situations, how we manage our post workout nutrition depends on where we are and where we Read more…

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