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Big ‘Fat’ Blog Post 3

Well folks this is it.  The time has come for the third and final installment of the Big ‘Fat’ Blog Post series. If you haven’t seen them, check out Part 1 and Part 2. I hope you’ve all found the information helpful or at least slightly entertaining.  The aim was Read more…

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Big “Fat” Blog Post 2

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… It’s time for the release of the second installment of the 3 part Big “Fat” Blog post!  We received lots of great comments last week and are looking forward to hear what you’ve got to say this time around.  Now, without further adieu Read more…

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Big ‘FAT’ Blog Post – Part 1

Fatt – in the minds of many it’s a four letter word (that’s why there’s the extra ‘t’…).  We’ve been told that eating too much fat will result in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.  There are said to be ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’ – but which is which and Read more…

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Paleo Comfort Foods!!

I need to tell y’all about a book, Paleo Comfort Foods. Here is the Foreword that I wrote for the book, check it out and then meet me at the bottom. I’ll bring brownies.   I had an idea for a cookbook. Once. Then a set of circumstances proved to Read more…

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Expedition Impossible: The Modern Gypsies!

I’ll admit it. I kinda dig reality shows. Well some of them. Anything with “Jersey” in it I prefer to wait for The Soup highlights to catch all the bronzed-boobs, nip-slips and cat-fights. But adventure shows, I am “in.” Now, what if we had an adventure show that had a Read more…

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DIY: Maple-Sage Beef Jerky Recipe

Less is more. People tend to over-complicate making beef jerky. I have found that if you’re dealing with good quality meat (ideally grass-fed), when it comes to a marinade, less is more. The very first time I made jerky it was from elk and I basically tossed the meat in some Read more…

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Why Movnat Matters

Outside Magazine names evolutionary fitness the trend of the year. Paris Match, a huge French weekly, covers Erwan Le Corre’s Thailand workshops for a week for a European exclusive. Movnat begins working with NASA scientists and hires trainers for Thailand and the United States. Greg Carver opens a whole gym in Read more…

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Phood Philosophy: Nutritional Relativism

People love to subvert the dominant paradigm. These days, “conventional wisdom” is virtually synonymous with “small-minded” and “outdated”. Initially, CrossFit was an underground, unconventional fitness program that left even seasoned (often shirtless) athletes gasping on the ground. Then, as CrossFit, Inc. grew to the enormous company that it is today, the exercise protocol has become common, accepted, even “normal”. [...]

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The Road Forager video series

The Road Forager: Palo Santo-Brooklyn, NY

This is one of our favorite restaurants anywhere. Apologies for the dark video quality.

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Paleo-Quick: Beef & Tomatoes

Folks tend to over complicate cooking. Have some good, basic ingredients on hand and keep it simple. This meal was delicious and easy as can be. I browned some grass fed ground beef in a pan with some diced green onions.  I put about 8oz of this into a bowl, toped the meat with Read more…

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