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The China Study: Junk Science and Lies

Sorry for the re-post, but this is too important not to pass around. Free The Animal has an outstanding post on the misleading pile of dookie that is The China Study. Here is the original analysis that Richard is referring  to which was generated by Denise Minger. If you recall, we Read more…

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Entertainment Tonight + Life and Style Magazine

If you want to sacrifice a little of your life and tune into Entertainment Tonight at 7PM PST you “might” see some folks you recognize besides A-list TV stars. Possibly food geeks and football players. Depends on what hit the cutting room floor. Also, on Thursday and Friday you can pick up Read more…

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In Your Corner: MMA Marketing, Media and PR

I just wanted to let folks know about a project Yael has been working on: In Your Corner. Yael has been writing on a number of topics the past…almost 6 years I have known her. She LOVES MMA, nutrition and writing and has been a HUGE help in editing my Read more…

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Mat Lalonde: In the News!

Check It Out!

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In the News! Lou Mars update!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we were on local TV with Lou Mars a few days ago. If you recall we are training Lou in preparation for his bid to break the Guinness Book of World Records Marathon drumming record. This is a huge collaborative effort Read more…

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