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Perfect Human Diet Trailer.

Hey folks. I’d like you to watch a movie trailer and then we can reconvene lower on the page. Here it is: Pretty cool, no? I’ve mentioned the movie, In Search of the Perfect Human Diet before and I know a number of you have contributed to this project and for that I and many people thank… Continue Reading

EColi anyone?

Sh*t Fox News Says

I always knew the “battle” would not come from the vegan crowd, but from corn fed middle-America and all the entangling alliances therein. The recent Fox “News” piece (Fair? Balanced? Objective?) on grass fed vs grain fed beef was likely the first shot across the bow of what will be quite an interesting showdown between… Continue Reading

From Telomeres to Australian Radio!

Hey there! Just wanted to share a couple of interviews I’ve done recently. the first was with Dr. Dave Woynarowski, expert in telomere research and the effects of Telomere degradation on aging and disease, and the co-author of The Immortality Edge. Perhaps 5-6 podcasts back I talked about telomeres and their role in aging. If/when… Continue Reading

2011 Paleo Community Survey

If you have not noticed, the term, movement and concept, generally referred to as “Paleo” has absolutely exploded of late. This is the “30 year long, overnight success” starting with Boyd Eaton’s original New England Journal of Medicine paper, and culminating (at least as of today) with the nearly 20K downloads of the Paper by… Continue Reading

Eva 1


Hey everyone! I hope y’all are well. I’m finally done with the batch of talks I had to give and I’m excited to get in and start writing for the blog, doing some Road Foragers and developing the Liberty Garden concept. Here is a little update on what’s been shaking: Anthropology Forum Talk The California State University Anthropology Department… Continue Reading


Welcome, Nightline viewers!

To all the folks who caught us on Nightline last night or hit this site coming over from’s story Meet the Caveman Dieters, welcome! Here are a few highlights and goodies on this site you might want to check out: If you are brand new to the Paleo diet concept, be sure to dive… Continue Reading

TweetChat with Prof. Art Devany!

Hey everyone! I’ll be participating in a Tweetchat with Prof. Art Devany on December 16th at 1pm (PST). We will discuss his forthcoming book the New Evolution Diet and anything else that seems fun or interesting. If you have Questions make sure to post a few here and to also check out the tweetchat. I’ll… Continue Reading

NY Times List: Thanks Everyone!

Well, here is a link to the list. The Paleo Solution is in the “hardcover advice” category and the competition the week of Sept 14-19th was fierce. I barely made the list but there is a little back story to that: Amazon failed to ship a LARGE number of books. Enough in fact that I’d… Continue Reading


Paleo In Space!

Just wanted to let folks know that Erwan Le Corre and myself have been invited to speak at NASA! The event will happen at the Wyle Laboratories adjacent to the Johnson Space Center on October 29th. The topic will likely be “Can an Evolutionary perspective on training and nutrition benefit astronauts in long duration space flight?” We… Continue Reading