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US News Ranks the Paleo Diet: 2014. Deja Vu All over again!

Howdy folks! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been consumed with getting the cert done and working at the Specialty Health clinic. Things are motoring along but this stuff just takes time. Add in a few brazilian jiu-jitsu classes and being a dad and I’ve not Read more…

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The Shelves Overfloweth With New Paleo Reading (and Cooking) Material…

Remember when the only paleo books on the market were “The Paleo Diet” and “The Paleo Solution”? It was a time before iPads and smart phones, back when we still had to read books with pages… Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how we survived… Well, lucky for us we are Read more…

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Debunking the Paleo Diet: A Wolf’s Eye View

  Hey folks, Sorry I did not get to this sooner, both for you AND for me. I’ve received a truckload of emails, tweets, and Facebook questions asking for my opinion on the Tedx talk by Prof. Christina Warinner titled “Debunking the Paleo Diet.” My response to many folks has Read more…

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Evidence Based Medicine: Fraud, Double Standards and Ignorance

Ok, as a caveat up front, I am NOT saying there is no credible Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). I am not Anti-Science. I know a few nut-swingers will say this. If you fall into this trap you clearly have poor reading comprehension and your mama dresses you funny. What I Read more…

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Paleo Craziness: What’s With This Carbofastcycliccoffeeloading Thing??

You’re in the market for a new car – you find an awesome deal on a really sweet brand spanking new ride and you jump on it.  You drive the car home and you like it a lot – it rides smooth, looks great and is, yeah, pretty much perfect.  Read more…

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Top 9 ‘BLOW YOUR MIND’ Reasons to Attend Paleo FX 2013

Okay Folks, it’s time to make plans and get your paleo on! Paleo FX 2013 is fast approaching and if you haven’t heard about it or got your tickets yet – don’t wait! This event is for YOU.  Paleo FX is all about the practical application of ancestral/paleo principles – Read more…

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Top 10 In Paleo 2012 – The Top Buzz From the Year that Was

It’s been another exciting and groundbreaking year in the paleo world, and like last year, we’ve rounded-up the top 10 paleo highlights from the past 365 days.  If you’ve been a hardcore paleo follower all year, reminisce on all the paleo goodness that was; and if you’re relatively new to Read more…

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Epic (Sustainable, Farm-to-Table) Meal Time: The Highlight of AHS 2012

This years Ancestral Health Symposium was one that attendees will not soon forget.  The speakers were excellent, the vendor booths awesome and for a venue, Harvard could not have been a better pick.  Robb did an excellent podcast highlighting some of what this years conference had to offer; and many Read more…

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Paleo Diet Risk Assessment

Normally we have a testimonial on Mondays, but I have something to share with you that is important enough to break tradition a little. If you’ve listened to the podcasts you might have heard me mention a risk assessment program sponsored by the City of Reno. I did a radio Read more…

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I can't believe it's not butter - funny

What the "Paleo" World Eats – Call for Contributers

Get your carts ready and your cameras out.  We want to see what foods you and/or your family buy and eat in a week including photos of the purchase receipts.  Confused, wondering why and what for?  The inspiration for this assignment/project comes from my favorite coffee table book: Hungry Planet: What Read more…

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