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Lonely Mountain Chuckwagon Chili

By: Mike Dugan Servings: 4 Ingredients: 1 lb. ground beef 2 med. onions chopped 1 cup chopped green pepper 1 can (8 oz.) tomato sauce 1 large can (28 oz.) chopped tomatoes 1 med. sweet potato, sliced and quartered 2 tsps. chili powder 1 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper 1/8 tsp. paprika Instructions: Stir… Continue Reading


Spicy White Chicken Chili

By: Suzanne Robertson Servings: 6-8 Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Bacon fat 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 medium brown onion, chopped 2lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1″ cubes 3 carrots, peeled, halved longways and chopped 4 celery stalks, chopped 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped 1… Continue Reading


Chipotle Chili

By: Sean Coonce Servings: 6-8 Ingredients: 2 lbs grass-fed ground beef 1 Tbsp bacon fat 1 large yellow onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, minced 4 stalks celery, chopped 1 bell pepper, diced 1 can diced tomatoes 1 small can tomato paste ¼ C 100% cacao powder see note 2 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp red… Continue Reading

Paleo Chili Deliciousness

By: Lauren S. Servings: 10+ Ingredients: a)    1 large onion chopped b)   2 slices of bacon c) 1 bell pepper chopped (I like yellow) d) 3 garlic cloves minced e)    1 lb ground mild chicken sausage (any sausage will do) f)   1 lb ground turkey or beef g)     2… Continue Reading


Turkey Chili Verde

By: Julie Anderson Servings: 6 Ingredients:     ½ lb. Chorizo (pork, turkey or chicken) 3 cups chopped onion 2 TBS chopped garlic 2 TBS chili  powder 1 teas cumin salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 2 cups chicken or turkey stock 6 fresh (or canned if you must) tomatillas finely chopped 1 can… Continue Reading


Spicy Chorizo Chicken Chili

By: Adam Street Servings: 4-5 Ingredients: 2 8oz Cans El Pato (or similar) tomato sauce 1 12oz Can Diced Tomatoes 1 Cup Diced Onion 1 Cup Diced Green Pepper 1 Diced Jalapeno Pepper 1/2lb Diced Chicken (Fresh or Cooked) 1/2lb Fresh Chorizo 1/2 Head Coarsley Chopped Cauliflower 1 TBS Cumin 1-2 TBS Chili powder 1/2… Continue Reading


For the Love of Chili

By: Jacquie O. Servings: 8-10 Ingredients: 1 large carrot diced 1 green bell pepper chopped 1 yellow bell pepper chopped 1 red bell pepper chopped 1 yellow onion finly chopped 1 cup mushrooms chopped 2 tomotoes diced 4 cloves garlic minced 4 celery stocks chopped 4 fresh jalapenos chopped finely 1 large can beef broth… Continue Reading

Game Day Hearty Chili

By: Laura Speck Servings: 8-10 servings Ingredients: 2 pounds extra lean ground beef 1 cup onion, finely chopped 1 cup celery, finely chopped 1 cup carrots, finely chopped 1 red bell pepper, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped 2 (4-ounce) cans chopped green chilies 2 (14-ounce) cans diced tomatoes 2 teaspoons finely minced roasted garlic… Continue Reading

3 Alarm Paleo Chili

By: Kristin Schlemmer Servings: 10+ Ingredients: 2 lbs. grass fed ground beef 1 lb. ground chicken or turkey 2 medium onions- diced 2 green bell peppers diced 2 jalepeno peppers-seeded and chopped 4 cloves garlic-minced 1 large can tomato sauce (check that you use one that is paleo and has no sugar) El Pato is… Continue Reading