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4 Quick Tips For Living a Frugal Paleo Lifestyle, plus Easy Thai Coconut Chicken Recipe

By Ciarra Hannah, author of The Frugal Paleo Cookbook: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Paleo Cooking and founder of the blog, Popular Paleo When I made my commitment to Paleo a couple years ago it did not come without its share of hurdles. I was at home with my 2 year old Read more…

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Scott and Zoe

Meals for the Week meets the Road Forager

If you don’t already know, Julie, Scott and I went on a 17 day book tour that had us city hopping from Charleston to San Francisco and all parts in between. It was an amazing trip with tons of inspirational moments, fun and truly awesome experiences. Our 10-month-old Paleo baby, Read more…

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paleo comfort southwestern shepherds pie small

More Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Style

You know the old saying, ‘Life provides you with everything you need in the moment.’ Honestly, these last few weeks have made us incredibly grateful for our new cookbook. The last year of refining and developing quick and easy recipes has armed us with the tools to make super tasty, Read more…

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paleo comfort chicken tenders

Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Some More!

Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Foods Style #3   You ever have one of those days when the kitchen just wasn’t calling your name and the thought of grabbing take-out Thai, or running out to eat at your local Mexican joint, or indulging a bit at your favorite Read more…

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pork chops with plum

Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Foods: 2

We’ve had a touch of the time crunch in our world lately. It’s times like these that only further drive home the importance of planning ahead and equipping yourself with healthy food so that you can maintain high energy levels and solid mood when life challenges you. At present, we’re Read more…

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Broccoli Casserole

Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Style

Whether you’re a parent hustling and bustling from one place to the next, single and working long hours and trying to make time for the gym and social time, or just someone who wants to eat a little healthier, finding time to cook can sometimes fall far down our priority Read more…

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