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Low Carb and Paleo: My Thoughts Part 1

I often wonder what it is in me that is drawn to conflict, because truth be told, I actually hate conflict. Long ago I tinkered with veganism, and suffered the consequences of what was for me, a very pro-inflammatory diet. The concepts of paleo and low carb (LC) got on my radar, and to say… Continue Reading


Holiday Help: Dealing With Non-Paleo Peer Pressure…

“But Grandma made it just for you.” “Have a beer with me – one won’t kill ya.” “Why aren’t you having any (insert non paleo food item here).” Yep, it’s that time of year again – time for the seemingly endless holiday parties, gatherings, and holiday celebrations. We’re all painfully aware that the season’s food-laden festivities often result… Continue Reading

Halloween Candy Pie Chart

BEWARE!! Halloween Treats are Tricky…

This post went out in last week’s newsletter that you should ALL be subscribed to.  I mean, it’s delivered directly to your inbox – talk about convenience! In case you did, for some reason miss it; here’s your chance to catch up!  ENJOY! Another year, another October 31st – that’s right, it’s almost Halloween again.  The… Continue Reading


Seven Shades of Paleo

There’s an episode of The Simpsons that Paul McCartney guest stars on and there’s a scene that goes something like this – Paul McCartney and Lisa are talking and Lisa tells Paul that she’s a vegetarian and she’s thinking about becoming a vegan; to which Paul replies, “I’m a level seven vegan.  I don’t eat… Continue Reading


Pushing Your Buttons…

It’s kind of like when you’re walking through the toy section at Target; you know – there’re those toys that have the buttons that say “push me”.  Now, it’s likely that you aren’t even remotely interested in buying that troll looking doll that sings AND dances; but not pushing the button is completely out of the question. … Continue Reading