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Consumed By Food…

There are these two guys. I LOVE THEM. They never ask me to bring them a beer or steal the remote control. They make me feel good and comfort me when I’m having a bad day. They are both totally cool with each other; in fact they’re even in business together. I guess some people… Continue Reading


What Kind of Hungry Are You?

  Repeat after me, “Ice Cream (or food/drink of your choice) is NOT the miracle cure for (insert current life problem here).”  Come on- say it with me, “Ice cream is NOT the miracle cure for a bad day.” Okay, now let’s try this one, “I do not need to eat Breakfast at 7am, lunch… Continue Reading


Not So Smooth(ie) Moves…

It’s a hot summer day and you’re cruisin’ around town in your sweet ride trying not to melt. You glance up the street and THERE. IT. IS. The answer to your 120 degree problem – “The Smoothie King” is going to save the kingdom (well, maybe not but you get the idea). You pull into… Continue Reading


The ‘F’ Word…

“One of these days that mouth is gonna get you in trouble.” To say that this phrase is one that I’m familiar with would be the understatement of the century.  Yeah, let’s just say that I can tell you what flavor and type of soap tastes the best (yes, I got my mouth washed out… Continue Reading


C’mon Get Happy!**

I just have to get through this week of work… When school gets out for the summer… After graduation… Once I get a new job… When the kids are out of the house… If I get rid of this little bit of belly fat… When the scale hits that magic number… Once I hit 10… Continue Reading


Veggie Burgers, Meatless Chicken and Paleo Bread

Let’s take a trip to the grocery store.  We’ll start in the refrigerated meat and cheese section.  All the ‘usual suspects’ are present – Louis Rich, Oscar Mayer, Carl Buddig, the Kraft family has a nice showing and Applegate Farms even made it.  Looking a bit further there’s also some ‘foreign looking’ stuff…  “Smart Deli”,… Continue Reading


The Paleo Coach

Hey folks!   I wanted to let y’all know about an outstanding book by my good friend Jason Seib, The Paleo Coach.  I’m on page 187 of this 250 page book and just wanted to get this outstanding book on folks radar. Apologies for not waiting until I finished the whole thing but as I’ll… Continue Reading