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Paleo Helps Triathlete Qualify for Ironman 70.3 World Championships

I started triathlon 4 years ago as a way to “mix things up” from my normal running and strength training routine that I used to stay in ‘decent shape’. I have always been an active person, enjoying a variety of sports and outdoor activities, but through my 20’s I really struggled to Read more…

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olympics cartoon guy

Pale-‘O’-lympics: Go for the Gold

It happens every two years alternating between summer and winter.  It’s when the World’s best athletes come together for the ultimate competition.  Records are broken, dreams are realized, and medals are won.  At some point in our lives we’ve probably all had “Olympic Dreams”.  Unfortunately, if you’re like me, the Read more…

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Pro Powder

‘Whey’ing In: Are Protein Powders Paleo?

This is a story about a guy I know – we’ll call him ‘Magnus’ (he’d like that).  He likes to lift heavy things and has been known to grunt and swear while lifting these heavy things.  When he opens his (massive) gym bag it’s like taking a trip to GNC Read more…

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Paleo Fueled Adventure

In early Spring 2012, I’ll be heading north from Washington State through British Columbia, NWT, and Yukon to the Arctic Ocean. From there I’ll be connecting the dots of a 7,000 mile loop through Alaska and back to the starting point. I’ll be paddling 7 rivers, and burning zero fuel Read more…

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New Year = New You!

Bulky sweaters, sweat pants, sweat shirts, elastic waistbands – it’s winter.  Not only is this the season for comfort foods – but it’s also the season for ‘comfort clothes’.  Unfortunately, when spring rolls around and it’s time to shed those layers of cloth we don’t always like the ‘permanent layers’ Read more…

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Caroline Nichols, USA Field Hockey

This is an awesome story and it is definitely a big deal when an elite athlete steps away from mainstream dietary advice to explore the benefits of Paleo.  Thanks Tim for sharing Caroline’s story.  Please make sure to check out more of Tim’s work at My Athletic Life.  – Robb Read more…

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Sean’s Story: Paleo, Type 1 Diabetes & the Endurance Athelete

Hey guys, Diane from Balanced Bites here! Many of you know me from my blog, around the web on Facebook and Twitter or from my Practical Paleo Seminars that I teach in gyms around the country. Well, what you may not realize is that I also coach clients 1-on-1 in Read more…

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Off season

Make the Most of the ‘Off-season’

The last ‘big’ races/events are over for the season – triathlons, cycling, marathons, the Games – all done for another year.  It’s officially the ‘off-season’; the time for our bodies to rest, recover, and start preparing for the next go.  While the ‘off-season’ is commonly associated with athletes, it truly Read more…

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Myra’s Story: “You don’t have to be perfect…”

The only thing I can see as a “starting factor” to my eating disorder is that I began taking birth control about the same time and started dealing with depression off and on. I have been battling with bulimia, bingeing and purging, since I was 19. Now, almost 32, I Read more…

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Fish Oil

Ahhh…fish oil. A whole industry built around supplying us with something that should be a natural part of our food supply. Prior to the 1970’s meat and dairy in the United states was still grass fed so we received ample amounts of the main constituents of fish oil, EPA and Read more…

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