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The Five Foundations of Health for Children

Guest post written by: Kathryn Kos At a recent conference I attended, Robb Wolf spoke of five foundations or pillars needed for optimal health: sleep, microbiome, nutrition, exercise, and community. How can we foster these foundations in our children, in the context of a modern culture? We fear dirt and bacteria, and tend to over-sanitize… Continue Reading

Evolutionary Psychology for Kids – Part 1

Hi Everyone, Here’s a great article from our friend Glenn Geher, Ph.D. of State University of New York at New Paltz that we would like to share:   Teaching kids about the importance of evolutionary mismatch in life! by Glenn Geher, Ph.D. Evolution and Human Behavior – Thoughts for 6th Graders In late 2011, my… Continue Reading

Halloween Candy Pie Chart

BEWARE!! Halloween Treats are Tricky…

This post went out in last week’s newsletter that you should ALL be subscribed to.  I mean, it’s delivered directly to your inbox – talk about convenience! In case you did, for some reason miss it; here’s your chance to catch up!  ENJOY! Another year, another October 31st – that’s right, it’s almost Halloween again.  The… Continue Reading


The State of School Lunch…

School lunch, I remember it well.  Some days were good, other days the menu held items referred to as “S**t on a Shingle  and “Barf on a Bun”.  The lunch ladies were always kind and knew our names (I grew up in a VERY small town) and I gotta give them gals some mad-props because they… Continue Reading


Baskets of Health: The Easter Bunny Goes Paleo

Oh yeah, it’s Easter.  The chocolate bunnies are out in force – ready to attack.  Jelly beans, peanut butter filled eggs, robin eggs (the ones that turn your lips funky colors – don’t ask how I know this…), and who can forget PEEPs…  Easter is the second largest sugar soaked holiday following Halloween.  It’s estimated… Continue Reading