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KCHO/NPR interview!

Here is a link to the interview I did with Nancy Wiegman a few days ago. Nancy is a super cool woman and I really enjoyed the interview. She has interviewed some heavy hitters including T. Colin Campbell John Mcdougal MD. Continue Reading

What rhymes with “Cave Dweller?”

How about “BEST SELLER”!!!!!!! Yep, we did it folks! I received word yesterday that we made the New York Times best seller list!! From here on I’ll be a “NY Times Best Selling author.” AWESOME! You guys made this happen…I cannot thank you enough for the support, well wishes and most importantly, buying the book. The details… Continue Reading

#1 In Nursing?!?

Paleo meets the Four Hour Work Week!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to direct you to a recent post made by Tim Ferris of Four Hour Work Week fame. Tim was kind enough to review the Paleo Solution and post an excerpt from the chapter on leaky gut and autoimmunity. Comments have been brisk! Check it out. Wylde On Health! Not sure how… Continue Reading


Wylde On Health!!

Just wanted to let folks know hat I will be on the Toronto based health television program Wylde on Health, hosted by Bryce Wylde. This will air tomorrow (Friday, September 17) from 7-8pm EST. This is a live show (CP 24 in Toronto) but it will be archived and available for later download if you… Continue Reading