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Of Mice and Morons

I’ve received a number of questions about this recent paper, the official title being “Pathway to diabetes through attenuation of pancreatic beta cell glycosylation and glucose transport” but the popular media title usually running something like: “High fat diet causes diabetes.” The only thing I’ve seen popularized more in the media, only to be subsequently proven… Continue Reading

Big ‘FAT’ Blog Post – Part 1

Fatt – in the minds of many it’s a four letter word (that’s why there’s the extra ‘t’…).  We’ve been told that eating too much fat will result in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.  There are said to be ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’ – but which is which and does it really matter?  Look… Continue Reading

US News “Best” Diets: Rebuttal 2

Thanks you to everyone who reposted and spread via social network the previous post. Below you will find an updated rebuttal with contributions for Pedro Bastos and Maelan Fontes. Additionally you will find a list of the experts who reviewed the diets, and linkes to Portuguese language sites which have translated the rebuttal. We will have Spanish… Continue Reading

US News “Best” Diets

So…I’ve received a ton of emails, FB pings and twitter inquiries about the recent US News piece that ranked Paleo dead last in a list that included SlimFast, MediFast and Weight Watchers as contenders in this Diet Battle Royale. The whole thing is as sad as it is funny, but the most important feature to all of this is… Continue Reading

Clearing up Kidney Confusion: Introduction

From Kon-Tiki to Kidneys: Let the Evidence Speak I’ve been talking about and studying this paleo nutrition/evolutionary medicine idea since late 1998 when I first ran across the topic. It’s impossible to describe how much the landscape has changed and how much more we know…Holy CATS…13 years later! If you’ve read my book or just… Continue Reading

Paleo Physicians Network is LIVE!!

Well, It’s off life support anyway. It has a few buggs and I’m getting used to the back-end, but it’s finally rolling. For a simple front-end you would not believe the back-end that went into this thing. What we need from y’all We need doctors, pharmacists, PT’s, Nurse practitioners, DC’s, ND’s, DO’s, LAC’s…you know, primary care health providers to… Continue Reading