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Paleo and Testosterone

To say that this paleo/ancestral life-way has saved and dramatically improved my life would be something between spot on and a complete understatement. I was really sick when I came on all this back in 1998 and for being almost 40 I feel like I’m doing pretty well. But I wonder at times if I’m… Continue Reading

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Type 1 Diabetes: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Editors Note: Paleo eating appears to benefit quite an array of health conditions. Many are autoimmune in nature, all appear to share characteristics of systemic inflammation. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most devilish conditions to address because of the dual activity of autoimmune disease and increased systemic inflammation due to glucose dysregualtion. Standard of Care dictates that one should eat ample carbohydrates… Continue Reading


Sugar Obsession And Childhood Obesity

VER ESTE ARTICULO EN Español It seems like every now and then I stumble across studies related to Children’s health, Women’s health… you know, pretty much the stuff that I deal with every single day as a mother and each new study seems to disproves everything the so-called “experts” had been trumpeting up to that… Continue Reading

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Framework Matters

I’m generally an optimistic guy. I see the good in people and I USUALLY think we can change the world for the better. A few recent events have seriously shaken my faith in both the goodness of people and the ability for us to “crowd source” our way out of a serious pickle. I’m going… Continue Reading

Paleo Solution: As College TextBook!

The following post is by professor Risa Stein of Rockhurst University. For over 25 years I have counseled others in weight loss, researched weight loss interventions, and taught college students about obesity and weight loss strategies.  For about 23 of those years I practiced and taught what I was taught – fat is evil and… Continue Reading

Of Mice and Morons

I’ve received a number of questions about this recent paper, the official title being “Pathway to diabetes through attenuation of pancreatic beta cell glycosylation and glucose transport” but the popular media title usually running something like: “High fat diet causes diabetes.” The only thing I’ve seen popularized more in the media, only to be subsequently proven… Continue Reading

Big ‘FAT’ Blog Post – Part 1

Fatt – in the minds of many it’s a four letter word (that’s why there’s the extra ‘t’…).  We’ve been told that eating too much fat will result in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.  There are said to be ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’ – but which is which and does it really matter?  Look… Continue Reading