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Top 9 ‘BLOW YOUR MIND’ Reasons to Attend Paleo FX 2013

Okay Folks, it’s time to make plans and get your paleo on! Paleo FX 2013 is fast approaching and if you haven’t heard about it or got your tickets yet – don’t wait! This event is for YOU.  Paleo FX is all about the practical application of ancestral/paleo principles – Read more…

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Are your goals working against you?

What are your goals?  We often hear that question, think about it for awhile, and then plan to think about it later as we carry on with our busy lives.  It seems like one of those questions that we are always asked, but don’t give enough thought to.  We know Read more…

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Cholesterol and Mental Health

Written by: Kevin Cann             More often than not when we are addressing problems related to cholesterol we are referring to its affects on heart health.  Cholesterol, for one, is important for maintaining the structure of our cells.  It is also the precursor for our steroid hormones, serves as a Read more…

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The start of a beautiful friendship. Despite the ugly sweaters.

Wanted: RD Preceptors for Two Eager Grad Students

Calling all Registered Dietitians! Laura and Courtney are two highly motivated, passionate students, pursuing their Masters in Public Health and Registered Dietitian degrees at UNC Chapel Hill. They are looking for registered dietitians around the country who would be interested in taking them on as interns next fall for their Read more…

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Sepsis and Type 2 Diabetes: Cut From The Same Cloth?

Written by: Judah Boulet As we learn more and more about disease states, there tends to be more and more overlap between the pathology of acute inflammatory conditions and the pathology of 21st century chronic disease.  At his SUNY New Paltz lecture in February, Robb introduced some correlations between Sepsis Read more…

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Paleo Diet Risk Assessment: Update

Hey folks, just wanted to provide a bit of recent media coverage on the risk assessment program here in Reno, NV. If you missed my first piece on this, you can find that here. You might remember Dr. Kim Mulvihill and her 5 part news piece on paleo, looking at Read more…

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Red Meat: Part of a Healthy Diet?

Red Meat Scare There I was, minding my own business. Just getting my talk ready for PaleoFx, washing clothes and chasing Keystone around the house on my mobility breaks. Then…the Meatpocalypse began. It started benignly enough. A few folks posted links to Facebook and twitter about a new study claiming Read more…

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Paleo Diet Is The Prescription – A Physician Gets It Right!

I am a rehabbed 50 year old ex ole fat, unhealthy guy that had a life changing expirience in December of 2009 during a weight loss challenge at a global gym. Paleo and crossfit are a part of my everyday life. Recently a highschool girl friend of mine, in St. Read more…

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Paleo By Profession – Is it Possible?

This week I received an email from a current dietetic student wondering how it is ‘possible’ to be a Paleo  dietitian and promote the lifestyle, even though it doesn’t exactly ‘jive’ with the USDA Food Plate and dietary guidelines.  I often receive emails and inquiries like this from students, current registered dietitians, Read more…

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‘RD’elusion – Nutrition Pro Questioning Paleo…

As a Registered Dietitian (RD) that is openly paleo and advocates a paleo lifestyle in practice, I often get inquiries from other RD’s questioning the efficacy, safety, recommendations and/or overall idea of paleo.  I recently received an email from one such RD and am going to take this opportunity to Read more…

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