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Paleloithic Solution Seminar: CrossFit Oakland!

Paleolithic Solution Seminar: CrossFit Oakland!

Woot! thank you to everyone who came out for the Seminar today at CrossFit Oakland! A huge thank you to Mike, Connie, Moses, Candace and Sam from CF Oakland for hosting the event. CF Oakland is another outstanding gym with fantastic programing, coaching and culture. I always love going there. Next stop: Team CrossFit Academy… Continue Reading


Born to Run! Harlem to Brooklyn

If you are in New York (or there about) on Wed August 11th you need to peel your shoes off and RUN! John Durant and Born to Run Author Christopher McDougal have organized an 8 mile run that even my endurance-adverse-self would go for. This event is barefoot running oriented, but everyone is invited to participate. Continue Reading


Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Potomac CrossFit!

Thank you to everyone who came out last week and especially thank you to the folks at Potomac CrossFit for hosting this event. Folks came armed with a tone of questions and it was a fun day. The gluten-free beer that night certainly helped! The book is finally DONE! It’s off to the printer and we are planning book… Continue Reading

Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Hellerup, Denmark

We are taking Paleo shenanigans international! We will be at Welcome Fitness in Hellerup, Denmark on Saturday, October 9th 2010 from 9am to 5pm. Sign up here and come drink some cider with us. We are planning the book tour right now and it is unclear if this will be the beginning of a European leg of the tour,… Continue Reading