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2011 Paleo solution Seminar Schedule!

Howdy folks! We’ve had a lot of questions about where and when we will be on the road this year and I think we are finally getting that nailed down. Before we get to the schedule though, I want to tell folks about some changes to the seminar it’self and venues. Material I’m completely scrapping the white-board format of… Continue Reading


Paleo Solution Release Party: NY City!

Hey! Will you be in the New York City area on September 18th? Do you like Paleo-Shenanigans and gluten free adult beverages? Come hang out with us at the Paleo Solution release party sponsored by John Durant, Melissa Mcewen and the Eating Paleo in NY City Meet Up Group! Cost is $30 and includeds a… Continue Reading


Get Your Whole9!!

Are you into Paleo-shenanigans, seminars and well-coifed presenters? If so you GOTTA check out the Whole9 Workshop.  Melissa and Dallas have condensed their knowledge and experience into a beginning and advanced seminar. if you get a chance to attend do it. Continue Reading


Book tour and Seminar Update!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to do a little update on what we have cooking for the Paleolithic Solution Seminar and the Paleo Solution book signing tour. The currently scheduled Seminars are: Aug 28-Monrovia, CA Sept  4-Brooklynn, NY Sept 11-Atlanta, GA Oct 9-Hellerup, Denmark We will likely have 1-2 more seminars added to the list before… Continue Reading