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New Year = New You!

Bulky sweaters, sweat pants, sweat shirts, elastic waistbands – it’s winter.  Not only is this the season for comfort foods – but it’s also the season for ‘comfort clothes’.  Unfortunately, when spring rolls around and it’s time to shed those layers of cloth we don’t always like the ‘permanent layers’ (um, yeah, that’s fat…) we… Continue Reading


The 12 “Do’s” of Christmas

During the hectic holiday season it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement (or stress) and get thrown off track.  Here are 12 tips to help you stay healthy, sane and the same size this holiday season: 1.) Deck your appetizer buffet with vegetable and fruit trays, shrimp platters, nuts that are still in… Continue Reading


Health in a Package…

As of today there are only 43 shopping days left until Christmas!!  Okay, whatever you do – DON’T PANIC!  I get it, you have like 50 people to shop for and know what you’re actually getting for maybe 3 of them.  Seriously though, don’t sweat it!  Let’s look at this logically.  Coworkers, teachers, hair dressers,… Continue Reading


ADA Conference Day #1 In Pictures

Robb’s Angel’s had an AWESOME first day at the American Dietetic Association Annual Conference.  We’ll have a post with all the details soon – but we want to let you see some of what’s going on here now!  Here’s a look at day #1  from the Expo floor – ENJOY!   Stay tuned for the… Continue Reading


Look Out! Here We Come!

This coming Saturday marks the kick-off of the American Dietetic Association’s Food & Nutrition Conference in San Diego and guess what??  There is going to be a Paleo presence!!!  Yep, “Robb’s Angels” (Sorry Charlie…), the paleo dietitian dream team, is heading to the conference.  But, we’re not just going to the ‘big show’.  Oh, no. … Continue Reading

Paleo Solution Seminar: Summer Schedule

Hey folks! Here is the Paleo Solution Seminar schedule for summer, 2011: Vancouver, BC Canada- July 9th Boston, MA USA-August 20th We have a few events we are trying to pin down, specifically the Italian release of the book and the potential of a European, Australian & New Zealand tour in conjunction with the Italian release. I’ll… Continue Reading