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Feeding The Machine 1

Hey y’all. I was asked to put together some information on a few of the top competitors heading into the recent CrossFit Games. Somehow the three articles never made it to the site but I think there are some interesting points so I’m going to throw them up on the Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert!

Hey y’all. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have several in the pipeline and will get them out soon. I just wanted to mention that I have started a nutrition clinic for CrossFit and things seem to be cooking along pretty well. We did a dry run in Read more…

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The Butterfly Kip and Stored Elastic Energy

I first saw an example of the butterfly kip (BFK) about a year ago while perusing some videos of AFT. At first I was incredulous about the movements’ legitimacy. The problem was, I could not DO the BFK so I had an opinion but no real experience on the matter. Read more…

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Evolutionary Fitness & CrossFit

Here is a great question on the compatibility of EF and CF: SD_Mikey Hi Robb, Sorry, I couldn’t find a better place to post these questions. There a bit deep so I’m just hoping for any golden nuggets of wisdom. Are Devany’s Evolutionary Fitness and Glassman’s CrossFit programming mutually exclusive Read more…

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Fitness Rx For Men

Hey! We are featured in the current print edition of Fitness Rx for Men magazine. I was interviewed for an article on CrossFit. The proof I read was pretty good so we shall see how the real deal goes! I’ll pick up a copy on the way to the gym Read more…

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Zone And Other Resources

Sorry for the late posting on this as I promised to get this up for the folks who attended the GSX seminar. The documents below are what we usually provide new clients at CrossFit NorCal. One is a 30 day food log that includes time, day, measures and how the Read more…

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Almost Famous!

I was interviewed by Tony Budding of CrossFit HQ a few weeks ago at the North Santa Cruz certification. You can check those out here: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  And you can see Nicki and i get our fanny’s waxed here.

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Lactate Threshold

I received a great question this morning and I thought the response might be of interest to some folks. Thanks to Phil for the questions: Robb, do you know the relationships between: 1. Oxymetry and aerobic states 2. Oxymetry and anaerobic states 3. Lactate thresholds and HR 4. How to Read more…

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I thought I’d kick off the Crossfit section with an interesting link to a cheap and effective recovery aid: Contrast hydrotherapy. Recovery has been a step-child subject in CF circles. There are techniques and modalities that help beyond simply The Zone. We have noticed significant recovery improvements with just an Read more…

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