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Paleo+Intermittent Fasting+CrossFit works.

I Just received this email, thought I’d pass it along. A key feature I;d like to point out is that Mike got his food quality squared away, made sleep a priority and used intermittent fasting in measured, smart doses. The result? Better performance and health. This is BTW, the order Read more…

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Urban’s Blog

Just wanted to pass along a link to Melissa Urban Excellent blog. She is pretty damn funny and SMOKING HOT! What can I say, I have a thing for feisty brunettes. She interviewed Chemistry-ubber-stud Matt Lalonde on the varied topics of Paleo/Zone nutrition. It has some great information and Matt is Read more…

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CrossFit Endurance+Paleo=Ass-kicker!

Hey y’all! I have a nice example of the power of smart programming and solid paleo eating. Our “Littl Runner Girl” Angela Horswill has affected quite a transformation in the past 2 years. She started working with Nicki to deal with some overuse injuries and of course, we went after Read more…

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Update:This Shit Works!

Here is an update from Brian at Potomac CrossFit: Robb, just wanted to send another update and make sure people know that this stuff works! It’s Day 20 of my reduced carb Zone Diet and I’m down from 222 lbs to 206.5 lbs. I’d have never believed that anybody could Read more…

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Crossfit Nutrition Cert: Reno, NV!

A belated thank-you to the folks who braved the weather and came out for the cert last weekend. Sorry for the late posting of the photo AND sorry for the missing pages of the lecture guide. Let me know if you have not received that by tomorrow via email.

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Cherry Point, NC!

A big thank you to Mac and Dave for bringing us out to the Marines at Cherry Point MCAS. The facility was really comfortable and we will defenitely come back whenever you guys want. Thanks to all the folks who attended…be sure to let me know how I can improve the Read more…

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CrossFit Balboa

Happy turkey Day folks! Just wanted to throw a great resource to you, Crossfit Balboa. They have some kick-ass paleo resources…check it out!

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Poliquin Follow-up

The poliquin thread has generated a number of comments, all of them much appreciated. I’d really like to highlight this one from Saul who has a great insight: Robb – Awesome post, I have never heard of CP until now. More reading to do now. Thanks for taking the time Read more…

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Review:Poliquin Biosig Seminar & Other Fun

I recently attended the Charles Poliquin biosignature seminar (with Scotty Hagnas of CrossFit Portland) in Scottsdale, AZ. With the recent developments of Charles’ thoughts on CrossFit this has left me in an interesting position given my place in CrossFit. This review is my best effort at an objective assessment not Read more…

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NorCal Nutrition

I know there are a few affiliate owners and trainers who read this blog so I wanted to let y’all know about a pretty lengthy post I did for our CrossFit NorCal Blog. Our clients ask many, many nutrition related questions and it’s always an uphill battle to make the Read more…

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