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CrossFit Football Omelet!

  If your goal is some kind of mass gain and/or you are not overly concerned about Bikini season (think Greg Everett) you may need or want to do some BIG eating. Although liquid food is a good option in this regard, you CAN get in some serious cals by Read more…

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Dutch Lowy Training Seminar

We have been running a crossfit facility for close to 6 years now. We have learned a lot along the way on topics ranging from training to business to small group dynamics. Interestingly, I’d say less than 50% of what I’ve learned over the past 5 years came about in Read more…

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The Road Forager: San Francisco Airport!

Sorry about the lack of updates on The Road Forager. I have a WordPress app for my iPhone but it has dumped about 5 blog attempts into the either…just fracking gone, so I am resorting to the clunky process of downloading the photos, then doing a post. Hopefully subsequent updates Read more…

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CrossFit and Performance Menu Message Board Docs.

Hey there! In an effort to get more information out to folks I paid someone to mine the CrossFit Message board and the Performance Mneu message board for old threads I’ve participated in. It’s a boat load of information and I think will help to answer a lot of the Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Catalyst Athletics-Sunnyvale, CA!!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the fun this past weekend! Greg and Aimee have put together a phenomenal facility and I can not wait to go back and get some more OL coaching! Two weeks off, then Chicago!

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Crossfit Nutrition Cert: Austin TX!!

Thank you to everyone who came out for all the fun yesterday!! Thanks in particular to Jeremy Thiel and his crew for having us out. Crossfit Central is a great facility and we are looking forward to coming back! Next stop: Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale CA!!

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Seattle WA!

A big thank you to Dave and Nancy of CrossFit Seattle for hosting this event! Seattle was just like I remember it: Cold, rainy…a little snow and boat loads of coffee! Thank you to everyone who braved the weather! Next stop: CrossFit Central in Austin, TX…Yeeeeeeeee haaaawww!

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Paleo+Intermittent Fasting+CrossFit works.

I Just received this email, thought I’d pass it along. A key feature I;d like to point out is that Mike got his food quality squared away, made sleep a priority and used intermittent fasting in measured, smart doses. The result? Better performance and health. This is BTW, the order Read more…

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Urban’s Blog

Just wanted to pass along a link to Melissa Urban Excellent blog. She is pretty damn funny and SMOKING HOT! What can I say, I have a thing for feisty brunettes. She interviewed Chemistry-ubber-stud Matt Lalonde on the varied topics of Paleo/Zone nutrition. It has some great information and Matt is Read more…

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CrossFit Endurance+Paleo=Ass-kicker!

Hey y’all! I have a nice example of the power of smart programming and solid paleo eating. Our “Littl Runner Girl” Angela Horswill has affected quite a transformation in the past 2 years. She started working with Nicki to deal with some overuse injuries and of course, we went after Read more…

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