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The Road Forager: Boston!

Boston has some pretty damn good food. Not too surprising I guess considering the size and complexity of the town but I was impressed. When I staggered off the plane and hit the hotel I was starving. I had the breakfast at Max’s The Greek in the San Francisco Airport at like 6am and it… Continue Reading


CrossFit FootBall- Tennessee Tech!

Just wanted to let folks know that the CFFB certs are up and running! If you have the chance, try to get out this event. If you coach football, participate in the strength & conditioning of football players or simply have a predilection towards strength, power and speed, you will LOVE this cert. I’ve been… Continue Reading

Paleo vs. Zone: Does Food Quality Matter?

Update- I’ve been taken to task on what I wrote and I need to address that. I mention below a “50-60% adherence” number and really tore it apart. When Tony wrote that originally he qualified that as being an arbitrary number, not a claim of accuracy. I was pretty spun up about all that and managed… Continue Reading

MMMM Good Meals!

Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know about an amazing service in the San Diego, CA area called MMMM Good Meals. Luckily, Dutch Lowy did a great interview with Michele Vieux, crossfit games competitor, CrossFit Invictus trainer and Big Cheese behind MMMM Good Meals.  If you live in the San diego area and have… Continue Reading


CrossFit Football Omelet!

  If your goal is some kind of mass gain and/or you are not overly concerned about Bikini season (think Greg Everett) you may need or want to do some BIG eating. Although liquid food is a good option in this regard, you CAN get in some serious cals by constructing your meal in a… Continue Reading


Dutch Lowy Training Seminar

We have been running a crossfit facility for close to 6 years now. We have learned a lot along the way on topics ranging from training to business to small group dynamics. Interestingly, I’d say less than 50% of what I’ve learned over the past 5 years came about in our gym in some kind… Continue Reading


The Road Forager: San Francisco Airport!

Sorry about the lack of updates on The Road Forager. I have a WordPress app for my iPhone but it has dumped about 5 blog attempts into the either…just fracking gone, so I am resorting to the clunky process of downloading the photos, then doing a post. Hopefully subsequent updates deal with this issue as… Continue Reading