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Low-Carbs and CrossFit

I received an email from Nicholas Hahn last week in which he described his experience using a VERY low carb diet with a CrosFit template. His results are interesting and pretty impressive as he appears to run better on less than Zone levels of carb intake. Whooda-thunkt-it? Some of the other benefits appear to be… Continue Reading

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta, Day 1

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta!!

I LOVE Atlanta! Awesome town, great food and now lots of good friends. A huge thank-you to everyone who came out and a thank you specifically to Jeff, Melissa, Jules and Charles for not only hosting a kick-ass, back-to-back nutrition freak out, but for also making some damn good  curry on Saturday night! The NorCal… Continue Reading

Type 1 Diabetes: More Info

Amy Kubal shot me an interesting link talking about the dramatic increase in type 1 diabetes. It’s both scary and sad. The increase is going to be dramatic, the fix is completely in our control. Avoiding grain and dairy exposure in our kids would virtually eradicate this disease. these bozo’s are hand wringing about a… Continue Reading


My Training and Adrenal fatigue

I had two questions that are sufficiently related that I can tackle them in one post. One relates to training, the other to adrenal fatigue Here are the two questions: 1- I noticed you posted on coach rut’s site about doing the wendler 5-3-1, which i had heard of before. i looked it up, and… Continue Reading


More Type 1 Diabetes

Here is an interesting comment. One of two things is at work here: 1-As she notes, this may be a  bounce back period in which the pancreas is not completely destroyed and is still working in spurts. or 2-They have removed the environmental irritants that CAUSED the Type 1 in the first place (gluten, grains)… Continue Reading