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We received communication last night from CF Legal that our affiliate license was to be terminated today. Greg Everett (Catalyst Athletics) received the same notice.

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Spring Leaning: CF Seattle.

Dozens of gyms instituted various flavors of “Paleo Challenges” as a consequence of information folks gathered from the nutrition seminars I provided for CrossFit. People left the seminar armed with a solid knowledge of food quality, how to proportion that quality food for special populations and most importantly, how to Read more…

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Historical Revisionism: CrossFit Style

Well, I’d hoped this CrossFit situation would simmer down but HQ is between a rock and a hard place. People are demanding some kind of action regarding Dave Castro but HQ is, as ever, completely unwilling to admit any type of fault. So they are finally offering some commentary on Read more…

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Low-Carbs and CrossFit

I received an email from Nicholas Hahn last week in which he described his experience using a VERY low carb diet with a CrosFit template. His results are interesting and pretty impressive as he appears to run better on less than Zone levels of carb intake. Whooda-thunkt-it? Some of the Read more…

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The Black Box Summit Or How I Got Fired from the CrossFit Nutrition Certification

Grab a snack and some espresso, this may take a while. Black Box Summit Several months ago I was contacted, along with Michael “Rutman” Rutherford, James “OPT” Ftizgerald and the non-pseudonym fitness luminaries, Nicki Violetti plus Greg and Aimee Everett (formerly Anaya) to participate in The Black Box Summit: For Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta, Day 1

CrossFit Nutrition Cert: BTB Atlanta!!

I LOVE Atlanta! Awesome town, great food and now lots of good friends. A huge thank-you to everyone who came out and a thank you specifically to Jeff, Melissa, Jules and Charles for not only hosting a kick-ass, back-to-back nutrition freak out, but for also making some damn good  curry Read more…

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CF Marina

CrossFit Nutrition Certification: CrossFit Marina!!

Thank you to the Serranos for hosting the cert and a big thank you to everyone who came out for the day! Great questions and good energy make the day a lot more fun and educational for everyone. UPDATE: Here is the pre-cert reading that many folks did not get. Read more…

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Paleo + CrossFit: It might save your life.

Check out the email I received from Hans: Robb- I have had loads of clients lives changed from Paleo eating and CrossFit.  Much of it do to your site and work.  I have been stoked to get to see lives changed for real.  As for me personally, when I adopted Read more…

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CrossFit Nutrition Cert: Bozeman, MT

CrossFit Nutrition Certification: Bozeman, MT!!

A huge thank-you to all the folks who attended this cert and to Tyson and John of CrossFit 4800 for hosting the event. I have to say, this was one of he sharpest crowds I’ve had. Folks obviously did their homework as questions were focussed on the next step or Read more…

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Type 1 Diabetes: More Info

Amy Kubal shot me an interesting link talking about the dramatic increase in type 1 diabetes. It’s both scary and sad. The increase is going to be dramatic, the fix is completely in our control. Avoiding grain and dairy exposure in our kids would virtually eradicate this disease. these bozo’s Read more…

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