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Back From the Beyond: Updates and Musings

Well, I’m back. Most of me that is, I’m about 16lbs lighter than when I went off the grid and have a hell of a story to tell…but you may need to wait until early-mid September to get the full story. Not trying to be cryptic but I participated in Read more…

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Here to help you

Hey everyone! We have a ton of cool stuff in the works including site updates, webinars and other goodies. All that stuff is intended to help you on your journey to Paleo Bad-assery. My goal is to make all that support material as accessible and practical (even fun?) as possible. The site has grown Read more…

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I-5 Live!

Howdy folks! This is an interview I did with Northern California radio personality, Nancy Weigman. The introduction is a little rough, some music and then me talking…not sure what happened with that but this is the CD made of the show by the NPR sound tech. I was on the show Read more…

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Ido Portal: At NorCal Strength & Conditioning!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that my good friend (and coach) Ido Portal will be at NorCal Strength & Conditioning April 30-May 1 (Please note the Date change from the original post). Here is a description of the seminar: Join expert strength coach Ido Portal for this 2 day Read more…

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Hey everyone! I hope y’all are well. I’m finally done with the batch of talks I had to give and I’m excited to get in and start writing for the blog, doing some Road Foragers and developing the Liberty Garden concept. Here is a little update on what’s been shaking: Anthropology Forum Read more…

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Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

Hey Y’all! I get a number of emails related to training and the lions share of those involve the Olympic lifts. I cannot think of a better resource for the lifts than Greg Everett’s book Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches. If you tinker with the lifts Read more…

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Prof. Loren Cordain: Live! At Pikes Peak CrossFit!!

If you are in the Central US on Sunday, September 19th you MUST check out Prof. Loren Cordain’s talk at Pike’s Peak Crossfit. Paleo Shenanigans will run from 12:00-4:00pm and will cover: 1) The Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: Health Implications for the 21st Century 2) Implementing the Read more…

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Handling Shift Work

A HUGE thank you to Ehayes for this comment. It was too good not to share as it touches on the demands of shift work, heightened need for dialed nutrition, and a real need to be flexible with training. Ego driven, non-adaptive training will get anyone overtrained or injured, but the process Read more…

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Paleolithic Solution Seminar: CrossFit Oakland!

We will be with Minium’s band of hooligans on Saturday, August 7th from 9 am to 5pm. Sign up here.

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Table 4

Kids, Paleo and Nutrient Density

I really do need to Sexify my blog titles like Dr. Harris does! Ok, This needs to be a quiky but I’ve been deluged with this question of late and I want a singular place to address it. The question? “Will my kids “miss anything” nutritionally with a Paleo diet?” Great question Read more…

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