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Soulja & Prez

Framework Matters

I’m generally an optimistic guy. I see the good in people and I USUALLY think we can change the world for the better. A few recent events have seriously shaken my faith in both the goodness of people and the ability for us to “crowd source” our way out of a serious pickle. I’m going… Continue Reading


Paleo Comfort Foods!!

I need to tell y’all about a book, Paleo Comfort Foods. Here is the Foreword that I wrote for the book, check it out and then meet me at the bottom. I’ll bring brownies.   I had an idea for a cookbook. Once. Then a set of circumstances proved to me that my cookbook would… Continue Reading

Missing 4th Gypsie?

Expedition Impossible: The Modern Gypsies!

I’ll admit it. I kinda dig reality shows. Well some of them. Anything with “Jersey” in it I prefer to wait for The Soup highlights to catch all the bronzed-boobs, nip-slips and cat-fights. But adventure shows, I am “in.” Now, what if we had an adventure show that had a pretty cool premise (run around… Continue Reading

PSS Vancouver

Vancouver, BC Paleo Solution Seminar

Just wrapped up a great seminar in Vancouver, BC. Nicki and I got to hang out with a bunch of friends we have not seen in a looong time. It was fantastic. We also went to a dinner at Lupo  (which means “Wolf” in Italian oddly enough) with the winners of the CrossFit Canada Paleo Challenge. It was one of the… Continue Reading

MMA Books

Here to help you

Hey everyone! We have a ton of cool stuff in the works including site updates, webinars and other goodies. All that stuff is intended to help you on your journey to Paleo Bad-assery. My goal is to make all that support material as accessible and practical (even fun?) as possible. The site has grown incredibly in the past year,… Continue Reading

I-5 Live!

Howdy folks! This is an interview I did with Northern California radio personality, Nancy Weigman. The introduction is a little rough, some music and then me talking…not sure what happened with that but this is the CD made of the show by the NPR sound tech. I was on the show with Marsha Vernoga, MS, RD… Continue Reading

Eva 1


Hey everyone! I hope y’all are well. I’m finally done with the batch of talks I had to give and I’m excited to get in and start writing for the blog, doing some Road Foragers and developing the Liberty Garden concept. Here is a little update on what’s been shaking: Anthropology Forum Talk The California State University Anthropology Department… Continue Reading