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Your Child’s Health Starts in the Gut

ALL DISEASES BEGIN IN THE GUT -Hippocrates,460-370 BC Many children and adults have digestive problems that they are not even aware of. Colic, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, feeding difficulties,  trouble sleeping, and many other “chronic” but accepted maladies.When looking at a child with digestive problems, the majority of cases will have started at or around… Continue Reading

Clearing up Kidney Confusion: Introduction

From Kon-Tiki to Kidneys: Let the Evidence Speak I’ve been talking about and studying this paleo nutrition/evolutionary medicine idea since late 1998 when I first ran across the topic. It’s impossible to describe how much the landscape has changed and how much more we know…Holy CATS…13 years later! If you’ve read my book or just… Continue Reading

Healthy Guts and Paleo en Espanol!

I wanted to let folks know about a new up-and-comer in the Paleo education scene, her name is Consuelo “Chelo” Werner and her site is Healthy Guts. Chelo is Dave Werner’s daughter in law, she is a mother of 3,  was born in Mexico, speaks 6 (that’s SIX) languages and she has an amazing story… Continue Reading

Paleo Solution Seminar Toronto, Ontario Canada

Wylde On Health!

Hey there! Just wanted to share the links to our recent TV appearance on Wylde on Health. A huge thank you to Dr. Bryce Wylde for having me back on the show and thank you to Greg Carver of Strength Box for allowing us to film a segment in his Toronto facility. Dr. Wylde did… Continue Reading


Hey Robb, this person said gluten free diets are bogus!

Abraham had a common question the other day, here it is: I recently came across this post on the website This guy named Brian Dunning says that gluten-free diets aren’t the gato’s meow (on this podcast: ). He says that there is no sound evidence for avoiding gluten for general wellness, your thoughts? I’m drawing a… Continue Reading

I am your Sadwich Eat'n Daddy!!

Neanderthal A-Go-Go!

Ah, our pesky ancestors! Why can’t their remains fit into a simplistic pattern that we can all just agree on!? Why do they force us to think? Remember the Paleo Bread “scare”? Early humans collected TUBERS, ground them into paste and COOKED them! This changes everything!!! Grok at Panini and Subway! Jared was right after all!… Continue Reading

TweetChat with Prof. Art Devany!

Hey everyone! I’ll be participating in a Tweetchat with Prof. Art Devany on December 16th at 1pm (PST). We will discuss his forthcoming book the New Evolution Diet and anything else that seems fun or interesting. If you have Questions make sure to post a few here and to also check out the tweetchat. I’ll… Continue Reading